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10 Tips To Roll The Best Joint Ever (PART 1)

You might be a natural; or experienced to the point that you can roll the perfect joint with your eyes closed. Though if you’re not that handy and simply don’t have it in your fingers – or haven’t really tried rolling a joint yet – this article might be useful to you. Because with these 10 tips – brought to you in two parts – and a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to roll the best joint ever in no-time!

Rolling A Joint

Practice makes perfect. So if you’ve never really rolled up, skinned up or built a fatty – get trying! After all, you will only learn to do it by actually doing it. And it will not come as a surprise that the way you roll your joint is of great importance to how it ends up smoking. Because let’s be honest, cannabis can be pretty expensive and home grown weed is also too valuable to mess up in a bad smoking joint. Although you might have a friend who always rolls for you and your smoking-buddies. The question is: who’s gonna roll when he/she is not around?

Use the 5 tips from this blog and another 5 from an upcoming article, to practice your joint rolling skills. Before you know it you’ll impress your friends, when you finally become ‘the guy’ or ‘the girl’ who rolls the best joints from the group.

1. Use Good Rolling Papers

There’s at least one thing you need to smoke your weed; good old rolling papers. Unless you’ve made the switch to a different form of cannabis consumption, that is. Where most cannabis consumers grab a couple of loose ones offered for free at their go-to coffeeshop. We suggest you stock up on the best rolling papers available in Amsterdam and never run out again.

unbleached rolling paper for clean smoke
A clean smoke starts with clean papers – unbleached rolling papers are cleaner than chlorine-containing bleached ones.

The best rolling papers to use for joints are somewhat different than the papers you’d use to roll a cigarette. Compared to those small yet thick papers, joint-rolling papers are thinner and sometimes made from rice or hemp-paper instead of wood-pulp. And while a lot of smokers are used to using bleached rolling papers, we suggest you use chlorine-free unbleached rolling papers. As they leave less of a taste and provide a cleaner smoking experience.

discount to roll joint

Whatever your preference, read up on rolling papers before you make a choice and don’t forget to use discount code ‘AGSG19‘ for 20% discount on the best rolling papers in Amsterdam.

2. Roll The Right Size

Some paper-producers make endless rolls of paper or huge cones (up to 50cm or even a meter) to fill with cannabis. Sure, big joints look impressive. Though when it comes to smoking, it’s a whole different story. The bigger the joint, the more smoke passes through the weed that is yet to smoke. Resulting in the fact that after a certain point, the joint starts tasting harsh. As opposed to smaller, pure joints, that stay tasty all the way through to the last draw.

Having a big sesh, and afraid that the small joint’s not going to cut it for all the participants? Why not roll a small joint for each of the smokers in the group – instead of passing around a big bat that doesn’t even taste well after the first hits?! We’ll bet you it will not disappoint.

3. Grind Up Your Weed In A Grinder

Another important element for a fine smoking piece of art, is a good grinder. Please note though, good doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! Cheap grinders can be as good as the more expensive models and grind your weed to the perfect structure for in a joint. Proven by our budget-friendly plastic grinder with Amsterdam Genetics-logo and Professor Harvest design.

grinder Amsterdam Genetics
Use a grinder to process your cannabis into the right structure for good airflow

Without a grinder, it is possible your weed remains chunky. Resulting in a loose joint with poor air-circulation, that as you might imagine does not smoke like you would want it to. Finely ground cannabis provides the perfect airflow for a nice draw every time. Guaranteeing a nice taste and avoiding uneven burning on the joint.

4.  Use A Filter Tip

Although some parts of the world roll their spliffs without, here in Europe we’re mostly used to rolling a filter tip in our joints. It gives the joint a firm base to hold on too, keeps it from getting soggy, provides a smoother smoking experience and last but not least: it makes it easier to roll the joint.

mascotte active filter for joint
Although filters make it better, smoking still has some health risks.

Of course, you can use the old school carton filter tip. This prevents pieces of weed from getting in your mouth and aids the airflow of the joint. Though the only thing it filters is the weed itself. In comparison, our new Mascotte Active Filters filter a lot – but not your high. The carbon-filled filters remove tar and other unwanted elements from your smoke. Providing a cleaner smoking experience – without influencing the high or taste from your cannabis.

5. Spread The Love

For a good looking – and above all good smoking – joint, it is important that you spread the cannabis nicely throughout the full length of the joint. Because if you come to think of it, a joint with a big bulb in the middle does not look good. But will probably not smoke well either!

roll joint
An even spread of the cannabis in the joint makes for a smoother smoking experience with every draw taken

If you’re planning to roll a straight joint, spread the cannabis evenly over the length of the joint. If you’d rather have a cone-shaped joint, start with a little bit of weed at the tip and slowly work it up to the end of the joint.

These 5 tips are the start to a good joint, but there’s more to think about when you’re planning to roll the best joint ever. Stay tuned for part 2, coming this Friday on