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10 Tips To Roll The Best Joint Ever (PART 2)

If you’ve never really rolled up, skinned up or built a fatty – get trying! After all, you will only learn to do it by actually doing it. And it will not come as a surprise that the way you roll your joint is of great importance to how it ends up smoking. Use the 5 tips from this blog and the ones from our previous blog, to practice your joint rolling skills. Before you know it you’ll impress your friends as ‘the guy’ or ‘the girl’ who rolls the best joints from the group.

In this previously published blog, we covered 5 tips for you to roll the best joint. We’ve covered some basics, like how to prepare your cannabis and lay it out perfectly spread for the best airflow. Though we haven’t covered the technical part of it. How to actually ROLL the perfect joint?

6. Take Your Time

Rolling the perfect joint requires a high level of focus, especially if you’re not that experienced. Logically, there’s a number of different steps to take before your joint is rolled tight, but not so tight the paper rips. This process becomes easier when you take all the time you need, though. Don’t let anybody rush you, take your time and roll on.

Take all the time you need to roll the perfect joint! [Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Unsplash]

Make sure you’ve spread the weed nicely throughout the length of your paper and use a firm filter tip. This makes it easier to roll a tight joint. First, roll the weed a few times before ‘closing’ it. It gives the joint a little bit of a shape and makes it easier to finish.

7. Tight At The Tip

One of the most important things to think of when rolling the best joint ever, is to roll it tight at the tip. After all, the last thing you need is the tip falling out when packing the joint with a pen of another fine object. Though a tightly rolled tip also helps roll in the rest of the paper. As soon as the tip is in, the rest is a piece of cake – or paper.

mascotte active filter for joint
If you roll the joint too loose at the tip, it may fall out!

To avoid the paper from folding at the tip, keep it between your finger and the filter tip with one hand. With the other hand, gently straighten out the paper. This alone should be enough to roll in the tip. Not working? Go back to step 5 of the last blog and make sure the cannabis is well spread.

8. Pack It Up

The perfect joint needs to be nicely packed. It ensures there are no empty spots in the joint that may hinder a smooth smoking experience. Or in the worst case, can make you break your joint. Though it also makes sure the cannabis is spread and packed in a manner that will provide the best personally desired airflow. After all, one can enjoy an easy toking joint while another person prefers a joint that requires a more powerful draw.

pack joint roll tip
Pack the joint with any object, as long as you don’t pack it too tight! [Image by]

For the perfectly packed joint, firstly tap your joint (tip side down) on a table or other hard object. A few taps will help gravity in perfecting the spread of the weed in the rolling paper. After you can use a pen, pencil, cigarette filter or any other small object to gently push the cannabis down to the right level of tightness to match your personal toke-desires. If you’re a fancy-pants, use this object to fold the left over paper at the top flat. Why? Because it looks cool! Never twist the top though, as that will hinder a good ignition later,

9. Less Paper = More Flavor

You may not be aware of it, but the paper you roll your joint in also affects the taste of your joint. That is why we smoke using specially designed rolling papers instead of an old newspaper, and preferably chlorine-free. But even the slimmer rolling papers we use, contain more paper than we actually need for the amount of weed we normally roll.

rolling paper inside out
To roll your joint inside out, make sure you start by laying out the paper the right way. [Image by]

That’s why it is advisable to roll inside out, or do a ‘back-roll’. With this method, you fold the natural fold in the rolling paper the other way; and roll your joint with the sticky side facing your way. When rolling in the paper, you have to lick through the rolling paper to get the sticky side wet. Then fold over the useless flap, make it nice and wet at the fold and gently rip it off. It requires a bit of practice, but is worth every minute of it!

10. Use The Best Weed!

The best joint ever obviously starts with the best weed ever! Bought at a good coffeeshop or even better, grown at home. From flower to hash and concentrates, whatever the source, make sure it is of good quality to ensure a good tasting joint and a comfortable effect.

Obviously the best way of guaranteeing the quality of the weed you smoke, is to grow it yourself. Growing your own cannabis is pretty easy too, and will reward you with more than just your crop to consume.