3x The Best Weed Strains To Smoke On Movie Night

Movies and series are more popular than ever, with box office and streaming-records being broken every day. Though a lot of people enjoy binge-watching even more after consuming cannabis, not all strains are suited for a movie-marathon. So we’ve selected the three best weed strains to smoke for your movie night. 

Netflix No Chill

The recent release of Marvel’s Avenger-series final ‘Endgame’ broke multiple box office records worldwide. While streaming services like Netflix and HBO can’t keep up with enough interesting content for us to slay. Proven by the billions of people all over the world waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones to air, for example.

It is obvious that movies and series are as popular as ever. It appears our generation loves to either sit at home and binge-watch the latest Netflix-serie or regularly visit the cinema to be one of the first to say, ‘I’ve watched it’. Though many of us enjoy the action, drama, comedy or romantic scenes even more after a little smoke, vape or edible. It may even come as no surprise that many actors and big-shot directors themselves regularly consume cannabis, both on and off-screen. To better get in touch with their character or story they’re telling, amongst other more obvious reasons.

Movie-Night Weed

After all, cannabis influences the way we see and perceive things – and lets us get more in touch with our senses and emotions. Though not all cannabis strains are perfect to smoke before you go to the movies or while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix Original. Surely, nobody wants to fall asleep and miss the movie’s climax after smoking an heavy indica.

ted movie weed
Movies and series are just more fun after a toke

However, too much sativa influences could make you restless and lose focus so you can get distracted from what you’re (supposed to be) watching. With these next three strains though, you’d be balanced just right for the perfect movie-night or Netflix & Chill’? 😉

1. Strawberry Glue

The first strain we selected to compliment your perfect movie-night is our Strawberry Glue. Its pungent aroma with a sweet fruity finish provides this indica/sativa-hybrid with an ideally balanced effect in the right dosage. As long as you don’t overdo it, Strawberry Glue keeps you awake while you’re still chill enough to sit back and enjoy a night long movie-marathon.

Strawberry Glue feminized cannabis seeds are available from €25,-:

strawberry glue amsterdam genetics

2. Kosher Choco Kush

Another tasty hybrid for a flawless cinema-party is the one of a kind Kosher Choco Kush. An indica-leaning, though well-balanced hybrid which was recently featured in our ‘Home Grown’ Selection. With the pronounced and uplifting aroma of parent-strain White Choco and the relaxing vibes from the Kosher Kush; this strain is guaranteed to take any flick to the next level.

Kosher Choco Kush feminized cannabis seeds are available from €45,-:

kosher choco kush amsterdam genetics

3. Green Magic

The last – but certainly not least – cannabis strain to be featured on this list is our Green Magic. This unique cross between our prize-winning ‘White Choco‘ and ‘Green Manalishi’  became a firm favorite through the Boerejongens Coffeeshops. Thanks to the balance between its parents, Green Magic delivers a complex yet slightly uplifting body buzz. Ideal for a full day of binge-watching your favorite series.

Green Magic feminized cannabis seeds are available from €30,-:

green magic amsterdam geneticsWhat are your best weed strains to smoke during movie night? Let us know on social media: