The 5 Best Cannabis Strains In Amsterdam Genetics’ Seedbank

Every language has its own way of saying ‘you can’t argue with taste’, and it’s true. Especially with cannabis as there are thousands of strains – each with their own characteristic scent and taste – to fall in love with. If you come to think of it, we all know someone who adores pungent smelling weed strains like AK Choco Kush and probably also someone who finds these same strains repulsive. The exact same goes for the fruity aroma of a nice sativa-variety like our own Amazing Haze; some people absolutely love it and some just don’t. In this blog you’ll find out what Amsterdam Genetics’ best cannabis strains are the best.  

There is a reason to why we don’t all share the same favourites when it comes to cannabis varieties, though. Apart from differing tastes, the effects after consuming these individual cannabis strains can also vary. And after all, everyone consumes weed for his or her own reasons. To get more creative and social, calm down and relax; or perhaps you have a medicinal motive to use cannabis.

Every language has its own way of saying ‘you can’t argue with taste’, and it’s true.

Whatever it is you are after, there’s a strain for that. All due to the same aromatic components that make up each strains’ distinctive aroma: terpenes. But that’s a subject we’ll dive into on another occasion.

With all these different tastes and preferences, it would appear nearly impossible to determine what strains are ‘the best’ overall. But thanks to modern technology and 11.000 Instagram followers (if you’re not one of them, hit that FOLLOW-button now 😉 ) we were able to make an estimate of the five most popular strains in the Amsterdam Genetics seedbank at this moment:


5. Pineapple Kush

Pineapple kush cannabis strainOne of the five most popular Amsterdam Genetics strains is our tasty Pineapple Kush. A sweet tasting indica-dominant hybrid, specifically bred for its medicinal purposes. This cross between ‘Pineapple’ and the popular and stable ‘OG Kush’ provides consumers with a long lasting body buzz, perfect for battling pain and stress. Recreationally, Pineapple Kush is perfectly suited to unwind after a hard days work; as it relaxes the body and uplifts your mood.

Pineapple Kush plants are very easy to grow and need on average 8-10 weeks of flowering time before they’re ready to harvest; making it a perfect strain for beginners. Under the right conditions, these aromatic plants can yield up to 400-500Gr. per m2 indoors and 500-600Gr. per plant outdoors. Pineapple Kush cannabis seeds are available at our trusted resellers and can also be found in our webshop. Buy Pinapple Kush Seeds.


4. Blue Magic

Blue magic cannabis strainAnother one amongst the top five favourite strains of our Instagram followers is the indica-dominant Blue Magic. A true designer strain that could easily be mistaken for a Californian creation. This cross between the popular Headband (O.G. Kush x Sour Diesel) and our very own Green Magic (White Choco x Green Manalishi) packs a heavy body punch with somewhat of a magical taste and effect; according to many who have tried it.

Considering Blue Magic’s indica-heritage, Amsterdam Genetics advises a slightly longer growth-period (3-4 weeks) to ensure a full and satisfactory canopy. The plants will be ready to harvest after a relatively short flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Blue Magic is not necessarily a heavy yielder, but that is certainly compensated by the plants heavy cannabinoid and terpene-production; making it the potent and magical strain that it is.


3. Super Silver Haze

Classics never go out of style. Proven by the fact that this legendary sativa made it all the way to the number 3 on this list. A psychedelic hybrid that has been harvesting awards since the nineties, but is still widely regarded as one of the finest smokes Amsterdam has to offer.

Experts will know it’s not an easy strain to cultivate, but growers that put in the effort will be rewarded with huge resinous buds loaded with THC; after a short flowering period for a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Are you up to the task?
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2. Tangerine G13 (Cupwinner)

Tangerine G13 Cannabis Strain as grown from Amsterdam Genetics SeedsIt’s not surprising to see another multi-award winning cannabis variety in the top 5 of Amsterdam Genetics’ most popular strains. Tangerine G13 produces light green buds loaded with an unmistakable citrus aroma and heavy narcotic effect; balanced between a cerebral head-buzz and a physically relaxing aftermath.

The Tangerine G13 is perfectly suited to grow in an indoor environment, where plants may reach up to 120-150cm in height and yield between 400-500Gr. per m2. Outdoors this special strain can grow up to 250cm in height and produce a staggering 600 grams per plant. Buy Tangerine G13 Seeds


1. White Choco (Cupwinner)

White Choco as grown from Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis SeedsThe crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, our original and world renowned ‘White Choco’ made it all the way to the top of the list! This masterpiece is a hybrid-cross between ‘White Russian’ and ‘Chocolope’, providing a sweet and spicy chocolate flavour when consumed. Its effects are balanced between an energetic head high in lower doses, and a more relaxing body buzz when consuming higher doses.

The popular White Choco has a relatively short flowering period of 8-9 weeks due to her balanced lineage. Its seeds produce short and sturdy plants that are easy to control when growing indoors. Don’t be fooled though, when handled correctly they can yield up to 600 grams per m2! When cultivating outdoors, White Choco cannabis plants gratefully take advantage of the space they’re granted, and can grow up to 2-3 meters in height; where they produce around 500-600Gr. per plant.
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