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5 Things You Can Do For A Cleaner Weed Smoke

Most of us love to light up a joint, regardless of the fact that smoking in itself isn’t the healthiest way of consuming cannabis. Still, it remains one of the most popular forms of weed consumption and we can understand why. Though in our efforts to create a cleaner smoking experience for all, we created this list of 5 Things You Can Do For A Cleaner Weed Smoke:

Clean Weed Smoke

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that smoking isn’t healthy. Inhaling any other substance than oxygen is not what our lungs are made for. So the tar, burnt particles in the smoke and other unwanted elements your joint might hold, are the last thing your lungs need. Nonetheless, smoking cannabis in a joint remains one of the most popular ways of getting high. And judging from these ‘5 Reasons Why Smoking (Pure) Is The Best Way To Consume Cannabis‘, it’s easy to understand why.

Still, we try our best to make the consumption of smoked cannabis cleaner. A clean smoking experience is better for your health and will also improve the effect you get from your weed! That is why we’ve put together a list of 5 Things You Can Do For A Cleaner Weed Smoking Experience:

1. Lose The Tobacco – Smoke Pure!

One of the most obvious things you can do to make the smoke you inhale cleaner, is to eliminate all things not-cannabis. So if you’re still smoking your cannabis with tobacco, it might be time to drop that. Apart from the toxic elements in tobacco, purely designed to keep you addicted and make you sick, tobacco also influences your cannabis’ effects.

roll pure joint smoke weed without tobacco
For a cleaner weed smoking experience, smoke weed pure without tobacco!

Tobacco is known to work as a vasoconstrictor, meaning it narrows your blood vessels. This results in a tiring, slow ‘stoned’ effect when mixed with your weed. Even when you smoke a supposedly uplifting sativa strain like Lemon Ice, the tobacco would steer it to a more indica-leaning effect. Instead of providing energy, like it should.

2. Stick To Unbleached Rolling Papers

Another easy way to clean up your act when it comes to cannabis consumption, is to stop using bleached rolling papers. In contrast to unbleached rolling papers, bleached ones are processed with chlorine to make them white. An unnecessary process, as the chlorine adds a sharp flavor to the paper and has no positive effect on the rolling paper or smoking experience whatsoever.

unbleached rolling paper for clean smoke
A clean smoke starts with clean papers – unbleached rolling papers are cleaner than chlorine-containing bleached ones.

Unbleached Rolling Papers do not contain chlorine. Therefore they leave less of a taste and provide an overall cleaner smoking experience as opposed to the bleached ones. So when it comes to the best rolling papers for a cleaner smoke: go for brown, it won’t let you down!

3. Grow Your Own Cannabis

Sure, there are still places where you can get clean and high-quality weed. Though a license to sell cannabis does not guarantee that the herb sold is any good. After all, growing cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world – including The Netherlands. Unfortunately this repressive attitude towards growers causes that cannabis is often grown, harvested and dried in a rush. Considering nature cannot be rushed, this may result in weed of lesser quality. Sometimes even laced with stuff to make it heavier or appear more potent – or not flushed properly – leaving consumers with a harsh feeling in the throat.

Nothing Beats Home Grown Weed!

Growing your own cannabis is not only a therapeutic hobby, it also guarantees that you know what’s in your weed. You get to take the time it needs to properly let the plant fulfill its grow cycle, flush it like it should be flushed and harvest it at the perfect time for maximum potency. After that, there’s enough time to give your harvest a good cure to ensure a long lasting aroma and smooth smoke.

4. Vaporize Your Cannabis

Of course there is also a way you can smoke cannabis without the smoke. Or should we say, vape the cannabis without the smoke? Because when you consume your weed through a vaporizer, there is no combustion. Meaning there is no smoke, containing all kinds of unwanted substances, only the vapor containing what you want to inhale: cannabinoids and terpenes.

vaporizer smoke session
Storz & Bickel’s ‘Volcano’ – used in our Smoke Sessions – is one of the best tabletop vaporizers on the market today.

Vaporizers use different ways of heating up ground up flower, to make the active components in the weed (cannabinoids and terpenes) turn into vapor. Instead of burning the plant material, and including elements from the combustion in the smoke you inhale. Consumers report they need less cannabis for the same effect using vaporizers. So apart from the health-aspect, it could also benefit your wallet to switch to vaping.

5. Use An Active Carbon Filter For Joints

Regardless of all the different vaporizers on the market, smoking weed from a joint remains one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods. Consumers worldwide are used to making a filter tip from thick paper / carton and rolling their herb in a rollin paper – big or small. Though there is an easy product you can use to make this ‘normal joint’ a ‘cleaner smoking joint’, without taking away the fun of rolling a joint.

mascotte active filter for joint
Mascotte’s Active Filters: Filters a lot, but not your high.

Mascotte’s Active Carbon Filters fit in any rolling paper and enhance the filtering function of your joint’s tip. After all, regular carton tips do not filter anything but big pieces of plant material from your smoke. Though Mascotte’s Carbon Filters contain active carbon in between two ceramic caps, to filter tar, burnt particles and other unwanted material from your smoke. As they say, Mascotte’s Active Carbon Filters ‘filters a lot – but not your high!’ Available for only 2,50 on

[Opening image by Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash]