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5x Why Smoking Pure Is The Best Way To Consume Cannabis

From concentrates to edibles and cosmetics to designer-vapes. The options are endless when it comes to cannabis consumption methods. Though for the majority of cannabis consumers, smoking the (pure) flower remains their go-to option. We have to agree smoking pure weed is one of the best ways to go about it, and this is why:

1. Duration

One of the main reasons to smoke weed, instead of rather eating it or ‘dabbing’ a concentrate, is the duration of the session. Think about it, a dab is gone in a minute, three bites of an edible and it’s finished, a vape pen doesn’t even have to heat up nowadays and can be used instantly. But a joint takes a while to smoke. Moreover, most cannabis users often take breaks in between their hits. Providing some time to relax, contemplate major life decisions and come to peace with the inner you. While you take your time to take in all the good cannabis has to offer.

pure cannabis clock
The time it takes to toke a joint allows you to reach inner peace, amongst other things.

2. Rolling Ritual

To many weed smokers, the rolling ritual is as relaxing as the smoking itself. The process of grinding up your weed with a good grinder; or old-school with your hands. Then rolling a filter tip and packing it all up in preferably unbleached rolling papers, is already therapeutic in a sense. It’s a moment of your day you cannot (and will not) rush – and therefore helps you get in that chill-mode before you’ve even touched a lighter. If you’re not that used to rolling your own, and normally get pre-rolls or smoke bongs, get practicing! Because believe us, rolling the perfect joint is just as rewarding as growing your own.

rolling joint cannabis weed
Rolling a joint can be a therapeutic event – getting you into chill-mode before you’ve even touched a lighter.

3. Pure Flavor

When you smoke cannabis pure in a joint, without tobacco, you get to taste the strain you’re smoking ‘like nature intended’. No added terpenes or chocolate flavored cake to compromise the earthy goodness or fruity flaves the bud got from mama nature. Okay, you will also inhale smoke particles when you inhale cannabis. And although these particles won’t do you any good, breathing in the polluted air from any major city is way worse. To avoid breathing in unwanted smoke particles, we offer the Weezy Smoking Pipe. A handy pipe including an active carbon filter to filter as much unwanted components from the smoke as possible, without compromising the cannabis’ flavor. The pure flavor is the third reason why smoking pure cannabis is the best.

Tip: our Weezy Filters can also be used as filter tips for joints!

Weezy Carbon Filter pure cannabis
A replaceable active carbon filter in the Weezy takes most harmful components out of the smoke – and can be used as a filter tip in joints.

Weezy Filters

4. Availability

In some places you’ll find a bit of hash before you even smell cannabis flowers. Though most parts of the world offer a bigger variety of flowers than what you’ll find in terms of different edibles, concentrates or other modern forms of cannabis. Of course, the biggest reason behind this is the fact that cannabis buds only have to be harvested, dried and cured for the best smoking experience. Other forms of cannabis require processing, which can be difficult, costly or dangerous in parts of the world where weed is illegal.

weed in coffeeshop
In most parts of the world you’ll find cannabis buds before anything else, as it’s the ‘raw’ and unprocessed form of cannabis.

Grow Your Own

Last but not least, you can simply grow your own weed at home. Making it unnecessary to go out onto the black market for a smoke. Starting with good cannabis seeds, you don’t need much to grow good weed. So in theory, everyone is able to grow top shelf cannabis in the comfort of their own backyard. Read up on the few things you need, use your nose to select a tasty strain that suits your personal needs and start growing today!

pure cannabis
Want good cannabis? Get good seeds!