6 Steps To Control Your THC Tolerance

THC tolerance varies across users, depending on a variety of factors, including frequency of use and dosage. Many reasons can warrant the need to control your THC tolerance. Whether it is to save money or decrease the risk of any future health implications, learning how to control your use is very important. If you are looking to cut back on cannabis or control your THC tolerance, here are six steps to help you:

THC Tolerance

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a controversial compound, naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Doctors credit this cannabinoid for the euphoric and psychoactive properties of the plant. As you continue to smoke weed and use other cannabis products, your body and receptors become fond of the compound and your tolerance for THC increases. According to studies, this may lead to taking more THC to get the same high.

Obviously, this can be unnecessarily costly. Furthermore, regular consumption of products containing high levels of THC, without CBD, could potentially have a negative impact on certain health factors.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Usage

The most effective way to control any substance you use involves self-management practices. If you haven’t become dependent on THC, you can manage your tolerance by considering its main benefits and relevance in your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I use THC or cannabis – is it for medical or recreational purposes?
  • What amount do I consume?
  • How frequently do I use it?
  • Does it improve or compromise my health?
  • Is it worth the money?
When and why do you use cannabis? Be mindful about your consumption to avoid unnecessary use. [Photo by Alessandro Zambon on Unsplash]

Being mindful can help you naturally avoid unnecessary use and eventually reduce your tolerance. You can also practice self-management, such as taking one or two puffs in between several minutes of pausing. You will end up using less in your sessions and reduce your tolerance in the process.

2. Reduce Amount / Frequency Of Use

The easiest way to abruptly cut back your THC use is to take a break. If you smoke a joint every morning, skip a few morning highs from time to time. This will allow your cannabis receptors to recuperate and become more sensitive to the compound. You can also take a tolerance-break: stop taking THC altogether and resume a few months later.

Consider skipping some morning highs, to increase your tolerance to THC. [Photo by Grav on Unsplash]

Alternatively, you can gradually reduce the amount of THC you use or the frequency with which you use it. The more draws you take, the more tolerant you get. However, using a smaller amount will deliver less THC and drop your tolerance. Over time, your tolerance will diminish, allowing you to get high from a few puffs or draws. The first step should be to know how much you are using and then begin reducing the portion.

3. Work Out 

According to studies, physical exercise is crucial in the therapy of substance use and abuse. By working out regularly, your body will get rid of most of the THC. Physical activity also influences blood circulation, neurotransmitter pathways and the endocannabinoid system. Moreover, exercise can deliver some of the benefits you seek from THC-rich cannabis products, thus reducing the need.

work out cannabis
Working out on a regular basis could help you decrease your THC-tolerance. [Photo by Ev on Unsplash]

For instance, if you are using medical marijuana to relieve anxiety and depression or to help you fall asleep, exercise is a sound therapy that can provide these benefits. Therefore, adding a workout to your regimen can help you cut back on the amount of THC you need, thereby lowering your tolerance for the cannabinoid. 

4. Switch Strains And Varieties

Changing cannabis strains and types can help you control your THC tolerance. Different varieties have different THC levels and terpene-profiles. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in weed that determine each strain’s effect, as you can read here. So you will naturally build tolerance on the strain(s) you use most. Switching to another variety of cannabis can provide new experiences and reduce the regular dose you need to get high.

man weighing cannabis buds on scale
Always choose cannabis from a trusted source or grow your own, to guarantee the quality. [Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash]

There are several strains available when you visit any reputable weed dispensary or coffeeshop, so you can try out a couple of options before you rotate back to your initial strain. This method will also help you distinguish the different experiences – like the difference between sativa and indica dominant strains – and determine which varieties work better for your needs.

Since you are trying to lower your tolerance, it is recommendable to choose strains with lower THC concentrations when you switch. Make sure you choose high-quality products from reputable retailers though! Or grow your own, to guarantee the best quality for your own consumption.

5. Use A Vaporizer

Vaporizers are sleek electronic devices that bring convenience and safety into using traditionally smoked cannabis and tobacco products. Vaping eliminates all smoke and offers more heat control. You can easily find vaporizers that work with your favorite cannabis flowers. Because of their design, vaporizers allow you to use less cannabis.

vape pen thc
Vaporizers with THC liquid are hard to find in The Netherlands, but are gaining fast in popularity.

On the black market, you’ll also find cannabis vape juice, waxes and isolates with varying amounts of THC. These options make it easy to track your use and control the amount you need. If you are using pre-filled cartridges, make sure you read the label and determine how much THC is in the product. You can then begin to regulate with options that deliver less THC, but still sufficient to give you a high.

6. Go For High-Potency Strains

The Conversation identifies high-quality, potent cannabis as crucial for providing carefree highs. High-potency strains are ideal if you want quick relief for your medical condition. You only need a few draws to get high from potent cannabis strains.

high potency cannabis strain
High potency cannabis strains eliminate the need for high dosing

On the other hand, low-quality alternatives require longer sessions because of their slow offset. If you are looking to control your THC tolerance, you should make the change to high-potency THC products. Nonetheless, note that some high-potency products can come at the expense of the duration under effect. This means the results only lasts a short while, so you end up using cannabis more frequently. It is vital to review your offers keenly and find premium-quality cannabis products for your personal use. More importantly, you should combine the different strategies above to ensure you are controlling your tolerance from various angles.


There are various minor adjustments you can make to ensure your THC tolerance does not get out of control. You can even use other therapies to reduce the dependence on cannabis. Sometimes all you need is a short break from your routine. If you are finding it overwhelming to control your use and tolerance, it is advisable to consult professionals.

Over-indulgence in such mind-altering compounds can result in a myriad of adverse effects. Make sure you choose high-quality products each time, so you get better experiences. It is also essential to pay close attention to label indications, THC concentrations and dosage for specific medical conditions. Last but not least, make sure you balance your THC intake by adding CBD to your daily regimen. As research has shown, CBD may help prevent ‘negative’ effects from long-term use of high THC-products.

[Opening image by Wesley Gibbs on Unsplash]