AK Choco Kush: Classic Indica Potency With Modern Aroma

Classics never go out of style, but they can sure use a little remix every now and then. Like AK Choco Kush – a unique cross between the classic AK-47 and our tasty Choco Kush. A chocolaty sweet tasting cannabis strain with spicy kush hints. That’s guaranteed to blow the minds of both growers and consumers.

Classic Cannabis Strain Remixed

At Amsterdam Genetics we appreciate the classics when it comes to cannabis strains. That’s why we produce most of our seeds with some of the best known genetics in the industry. Though these ‘old’ flavors do not always cut it for growers and consumers looking for some variety every once in a while. In fact, most cannabis consumers like to switch up their ‘potion’ from time to time. As it is believed switching strains every now and then surprises the body. Highly complimenting cannabis’ effects on the consumer.

AK Choco Kush seeds grow into relatively tall indica plants – with a classic potency and modern aroma.

Considering the cannabis industry is driven by innovation. We task our breeders to combine these proven genetics with more recent varieties. Creating new and potent cannabis strains with good germination rates, grow characteristics and last but not least: unique aroma. In this article we highlight one of our favorite ‘remixed classics’: AK Choco Kush.

AK Choco Kush

AK Choco Kush is a unique cannabis strain by Amsterdam Genetics. This cross builds on the  potency of AK-47. Mixed with our very own Choco Kush for a sweeter aroma. A true ‘remix’ of the classic potency from the AK-47 with the attractive smell and taste of the more recent, sweet and gassy kush-varieties.

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Seeds from AK Choco Kush provide a good germination rate and seedlings promise a rapid growth during the vegetative phase. AK Choco Kush weed plants grow into large plants with big, trichome loaded buds. How big? That depends on the room she has to spread her roots. As the saying goes: ‘the bigger the roots, the better the fruits.’

With possible cannabinoid percentages up to 21% THC – AK Choco Kush kept the potency of AK-47. All the while providing a more complex, gassy though sweet aroma for consumers to enjoy. The indica dominant genetics make AK Choco Kush a perfect strain to enjoy before bed – or to unwind with after a long day at work.

Whatever way you choose to consume your homegrown cannabis, AK Choco Kush will not disappoint. With a sweet, gassy and spicy aroma this indica strain offers an enjoyable smoking experience. Especially when smoked pure in combination with the Mascotte Active Filters to filter out unwanted particles from the smoke. Leaving you with nothing more than a good tasting smoke and a heavy body buzz. Learn more and discover the classic potency with a beautiful twist.

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