Amsterdam Genetics STOPS Hosting Free Smoke Sessions

You might want to sit down for what you’re about to read. Because although we’ve had some great times with Tony and our guests at some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam and the Coffeeshopamsterdam Café. We’ve got some bad news about our free product testing events: Smoke Sessions.

Smoke Sessions

As cannabis enthusiasts from all over the globe discovered Amsterdam Genetics ‘gives out free weed’; our signature Smoke Sessions gained popularity fast. Indeed, we’ve had a good run with our product testing events dubbed ‘Smoke Sessions‘. These networking events were introduced in 2017 to bring unity into the community. But more importantly, to gain valuable feedback from consumers about our products.

With our own Tony Balboa as a quality host and some of the best products the city has to offer. We’ve filled Coffeeshopamsterdam, Boerejongens Center and (lately) Coffeeshopamsterdam Café with laughter and a whole lot of smoke. Though, as is the case with all good things, they come to an end. And if you’ve read our newsletter this month you may already know; Amsterdam Genetics will no longer host the Smoke Sessions in their known format.

Alternative Smokers Events

We, like no other, understand the gaping hole the Smoke Sessions may leave in the hearts and holiday-planning of many tourists traveling to Amsterdam for the cannabis community. So we’re working hard to create fun alternatives to cater to an even bigger audience. For now, we’ve already partnered up with the Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam for a fun and food-filled cannabis-experience in the Dutch Capital. Read all about this cool food tour, specially designed for cannabis consumers, in our blog: ‘The ‘Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam’: Highlight Your Trip‘.

Although we’re not hosting the event regularly anymore, this does not mean it will never happen again. As we’re still exploring the possibilities of exclusive events and other alternatives to the Amsterdam Genetics Smoke Sessions. Register to receive our newsletter below or keep a close eye on our website and social media channels. As more news and details are yet to be released.

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