Amsterdam United – Ieder1 Parade 2016

Ieder1 parade 2016 took place in Amsterdam on September 25th. Ieder1 meaning everyone is a parade which gives the people of the Netherlands a chance to voice their belief in a diverse community. As Amsterdam gives home to over 180 different nationalities it was the perfect place for the march.

Ieder1 parade 2016

From the moment the Mayor of Amsterdam first announced the Ieder1 parade 2016. We knew we simply had to join the march. With Amsterdam Genetics being a firm believer in a diverse society, our team took to the streets to voice their opinion. We joined forces on this walk for freedom with famous Dutch actors, sports stars and even the Mayor of Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

Amsterdam Genetics brings the genetics of many different cannabis strains from all over the world together. We are firm believers that to make the best products a degree of diversity is always needed.

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