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cannabis in de uk

Cannabis In The UK

Despite the desire for independence marked by Brexit, as far as cannabis is concerned, the United Kingdom seems to be following the European trend of progressive legalization. British phlegm seems to prevail over repressive policy by raising public awareness and relaxing criminal law in some cases.  Where do the Brits stand on cannabis legalization? This blog takes you across the Channel to decipher the current status of cannabis in the UK.

Medicinal Cannabis In The UK

Since 2018, citizens have (in theory) been legally allowed to use medical cannabis in the UK for specific conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. However, in practice it is a different story; in 2018, only 3 children with epilepsy were able to receive a prescription for cannabis-based treatment from the NHS.

Access to cannabis products such as Sativex appears quite restricted due to Kafkaesque legal stipulations. And the most disturbing is that patients who can afford to pay for a private prescription are more likely to benefit from medicinal cannabis legalization. However, some citizen initiatives have helped to unblock a bogged-down situation to allow cancer patients or children with epilepsy to benefit from the virtues of medicinal cannabis.

cannabis in the uk

Consumer Power

The case of Andrew Baines in 2020, a patient himself, who illegally grew and supplied cannabis to a hundred patients who were unable to obtain it through the official medical channel, comes to mind. At the time of his arrest for growing 30 plants and distributing a Class B drug, he was loudly defended and supported by all the patients he had helped and the media chorus.

In the end, Baines got off with a symbolic sentence: six months of community service which is the lowest of the lowest sentence you can get in the UK. This verdict sends a very clear message that medical legalization should be an effective measure of helping patients and not an abstract political or philosophical idea.

In another redemptive ‘scandal’, the action of Charlotte Caldwell, the mother of a child with epilepsy, led to a change in cannabis prescription laws. After the authorities confiscated her son’s medical cannabis at Heathrow airport, Charlotte Caldwell sued to change the law. She won the case, allowing free access to cannabis-based medicines for severely epileptic children. This case was largely exposed in the media and showed that pressure can help to bend the tendency in a desirable direction.

british weed laws

It is worth noting that, although there is a UK-wide medical education program on cannabis for healthcare professionals, it is not officially considered as medicine and should not be promoted as such. Many doctors fear losing their license and prefer to avoid prescribing a cannabis product (Sativex, Nabilone, or Epidiolex) despite the ‘legalization’ of its medicinal use.

However, the struggle continues in the British Parliament to make it easier to prescribe cannabis-based medicines to patients who need them. The compassion and sense of justice evoked by the media and public opinion should soon improve the prescription and information on cannabis in the UK for specific treatments, possibly clearing the way for unnecessary legal hustle.

British CBD And Hemp

Hemp, the raw material of the British Isles for centuries, is of course legal, and CBD oil (at a maximum level of 0.2% THC) is freely available as it is throughout Europe. The first CBD event organized by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) took place in London in June 2019. Many producers and manufacturers of hemp products, such as clothing and cosmetics, were present to celebrate this market revival of a traditional product. Events like this bode well for the future of the hemp industry, a plant-based material that fits in with current back-to-nature trends.

And as a typically eccentric English anecdote, a young socially aware lawyer reportedly decided to swap his traditional horsehair wig for a hemp wig to defend animal rights. We can safely say that the new uses of hemp are still surprising and can ingeniously give a twist to established traditions.

Weed growing britain

The Delicate Case For Recreational Cannabis In The UK

Although the UK law on cannabis use is still restrictive, it seems that decriminalization is on the agenda. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, seems to be looking into the matter very seriously to find a modus vivendi that would allow especially young people not to be penalized as consumers of small quantities. He has even traveled to the United States, to California in particular, to learn from the American model of legalizing recreational cannabis production, distribution, and consumption and to identify the possible pitfalls and dangers of such a decision.

Of course, it is best not to possess too much cannabis in the event of a police check in the UK, as production and trafficking are considered a serious breach of the law. The larger the quantity, the more obvious the repeat offenses or suspicions of involvement in the black market, and the more likely you are to end up in prison for many years. Casual users are rarely penalized, however, and are subject to a warning or a £90 fine.

english cannabis law

Production, Export, And Distribution Of Cannabis In The UK

Paradoxically, although production of cannabis in the UK is prohibited, England is the world’s largest exporter of illegal weed, and one wonders by what miracle… Despite a production average of more than 100 tons/year of cannabis in the UK for medicinal or scientific use, the public concerned sees only a tiny fraction of it.

Analyzing all this contradictory data one can only look for the error without finding it. Licenses for the authorization of cannabis cultivation are granted sparingly, but we might wonder whether this is not an attempt to gradually bring reality into line with fiction or vice versa. The country is largely divided about legalizing recreational cannabis and there are political issues at stake, no doubt.

However, the British are not without a sense of humor and have unexpected and sometimes shocking ways of effecting change. At the end of August 2022, we noticed the spontaneous eruption of wild advertising (4x3m) in the London Underground for an illegal platform to buy cannabis online. This kind of bold and fun provocation can only generate a sense of “why not” in the mind of users and potential defenders of legalised cannabis in the UK. And the future will tell us the result of that kind of activism for the good cause.

cannabis in the uk

God Save The King

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles to the throne, one can legitimately wonder what the trend will be for the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis in the UK. A new era is beginning and although the UK Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC) are growing in number and becoming more vocal, it is still difficult to predict anything in a nation on the move.

If you live in the UK and perhaps have the honor of having been granted a legal license to grow medicinal cannabis, discover at once our seeds collection in our online shop to order the noble genetics of our own Dutch monarchy (the House of Green; not of Orange, mind you) and make sure you own the right kind of green pedigree. And of course, do not forget to check our grow blogs to master the secret science of weed gardening!

cannabis in duitsland

Cannabis In Germany

How does the German cannabis scene work, and what are the current prospects of of growing and consuming legal cannabis in Germany? This blog explores where the country is headed, weed-wise, as well as explaining the current situation when it comes to laws and legislation on hemp and cannabis in Germany.

The Steady Rise Of Cannabis In Germany

The legalization of cannabis in Germany has been moving slowly but surely since 2017 when the prescription of medicinal cannabis was allowed. And if the early signs are anything to go by, we should soon see this European country join the many nations where cannabis is fully legal.

Recreational use of marijuana and its large-scale cultivation should even be the subject of a set of laws by the end of 2022. Germany’s smooth transition to a truly green economy is underway, but as we will explain below, there are still some major hurdles to be taken before we can enjoy and grow legal cannabis in Germany.

german weed legal

Medicinal Cannabis In Germany

Germany with 82 million inhabitants is the largest market on the continent and the largest importer of cannabis in the world. About 128,000 people each year are currently prescribed cannabis-based medicines or cannabis flowers in Germany.

The physician prescribes cannabis or its derivatives such as Sativex, Dronabinol, and Nabilone, only to patients for whom conventional treatments do not work. The “negative” image of cannabis as a psychotropic and illicit drug with its adverse consequences is still prevalent in the German medical community. This is one of the reasons why doctors are often reluctant to choose this alternative.

However, cannabis is for instance indicated and prescribed for symptoms such as depression, chronic pain, migraine, and anorexia. Reimbursed by most insurance companies and exclusively distributed in pharmacies, medicinal cannabis prescription is increasing by 40% every year. And of course, this craze for the therapeutic benefits of weed inspires those who like to consume cannabis for pleasure.

cannabis in germany

Legalization Of Recreational Cannabis In Germany

Historically, cannabis is a plant that has always been part of the Germanic landscape. According to archaeological evidence, in ancient times, cannabis was a highly respected plant and used in rituals and for medicinal purposes. And yet, today, even if CBD is fully legal as it is throughout Europe, the recreational use of cannabis is dividing the public opinion among German citizens.

The democratization of medicinal cannabis on German territory has not been enough to convince those who are against legalization. Indeed, a large majority of conservative Germans (63%) and especially the dominant party (Christian Democratic Union) are against a lax attitude towards the consumption and cultivation of cannabis. The “opponents” are looking for “safety first” and prioritize the protection of minors regarding cannabis consumption. And they are irrevocably not in favor of the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Penalties For Use And Possession Of Cannabis In Germany

Although cannabis is the most frequently seized drug in Germany among young populations, possession for personal use is rarely punished. Consumption that is subject to a fine is considered a criminal act that is recorded in the criminal record of the person penalized. However, it can be said without undue optimism that there is a good chance that these repressive measures will disappear in the near future.

cannabis in germany

How Likely Is A 2022 Legalization Of Cannabis In Germany?

Burkhard Blienert, the federal government’s commissioner for addiction and drug issues announced in June 2022, that a plan to legalize cannabis will be presented before the end of 2022. A series of hearings of more than 200 experts in addiction, medicine, and law is currently taking place to set up the legislation for the project.

Unlike the Netherlands, where the sale of cannabis in coffee shops preceded the legal and controlled authorization of production, Germany is planning a total solution. Burkhard Bliener wants the production, distribution, and sale to be entirely under legal control. The production of cannabis for the recreational market should represent 400 to 600 tons of weed per year, which implies the necessity to import and involve other European countries in this huge network.

European Regulations

As more and more European countries are considering legalizing the consumption, production, sale, and distribution of cannabis, legislation will have to change drastically to find a consensus. The prospects for commercialization of cannabis in Germany and many other countries are extremely encouraging and stimulating, allowing the creation of jobs, and finding efficient systems of production and distribution with a focus on quality and public health.

cannabis in germany europe

Will the consequences be always favorable and homogeneous in all countries? Each country has different standards of living, structures, and cultures and will not face the same challenges. One can think for example of the level of criminality linked to drug trafficking and the social consequences for those who live from the clandestine sale of weed. Is the exposure of young people to cannabis loaded with more than 20% THC desirable and will legalization not facilitate access to cannabis for minors?

All those questions are carefully examined by experts in Germany but in all the countries where legalization is taking place. This will probably bring new insights to find the best way to legally include cannabis in modern society, enhancing the bright side and controlling the dangers of weed legalization.

Signs Of Impending Legalization

The unanimity of CBD legalization is a model that can serve as a basis for regulating the medical and recreational markets for cannabis in Germany. 2024 seems to be the first date on the horizon when Germany will officially start producing and selling recreational cannabis. In the meantime, the Hanfparade in Berlin in August 2022, a demonstration in favor of the legalization of recreational cannabis, was held to confirm the tug-of-war between liberals and conservatives.

It remains to be seen which way the balance will be tilted, but although Germany, like France and Belgium, is not in favor of cannabis decriminalization, there is hope for a happy ending. When we see the wave of cannabis legalization worldwide, the resistance against legal cannabis in Germany will probably not hold too long and compromises will have to be found.

ordering amsterdam genetics cannabis seeds from germany

Preparing For Legal Cannabis In Germany

If you live in Germany, or if you plan to do business with this changing country by 2024, follow the info on our blogs to be sure not to miss the boat! And above all, develop your know-how by growing the best cannabis seeds: visit our online store and stock up!

Order Your Seeds Online From Germany

If you are ready to grow premium cannabis in Germany, then by all means, go right ahead. We have been shipping first-class genetics to German clients for years, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see little pieces of Amsterdam growing in Germany if we looked closely!

cannabis in belgium

Cannabis In Belgium

If you are living in Belgium and you happen to love cannabis, you may wonder what the local legal and cultural status of weed is. This blog explores the current situation for our southern neighbours, as well as explaining whether it is possible and indeed legal to order Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds from Belgium.

Cannabis In Belgium

As part of the Benelux, Belgium is a close, close neighbor of the Netherlands. And we could assume that the cannabis regulations would be similar in both countries. But in theory and practice, the legal situation regarding cannabis is really different on both sides of the border. Although the Belgian government is examining the possibilities of weed legalization, it is not yet a reality.

Possessing, cultivating, and selling cannabis is still penalized by law in the whole country. Some gray areas exist though, and it is sometimes difficult to understand what is allowed or not regarding cannabis in Belgium. This blog will give you some directions in the labyrinth of Belgian cannabis regulations. And we will look for the signs of a Belgian weed legalization in the future.

cannabis in belgium

Is Cannabis Allowed In Belgium?

In Belgium, as in all European countries, CBD products are totally legalized, under the condition that the plant has a maximum of 0,3% of THC. Hemp is considered a legal substance and has been cultivated in Belgium for hundreds of years for construction materials and clothes, among other things. It means that you can possess, consume, and sell CBD in Belgium and fully enjoy the numerous benefits of cannabidiol for your health and well-being.

As you probably know, however, CBD is but one of the many useful and sought after compounds derived from cannabis, so we still have to figure out the situation for other weed-related consumer products and medicinal options.

Cannabis Above 0,3% THC

Once cannabis has more than 0,3% THC in its composition, this is another story. It gets more complicated, and when crossing that line, you risk being caught as an outlaw. Of course, there are nuances, and some situations have a minimum of consequences while you should absolutely avoid others. The quantity of weed you own is a determining factor for the penalization, but most importantly the disturbance of public order and the trafficking activities are severely reprimanded.

cannabis in belgium
Belgian beer? Yes indeed! Belgian weed? Not so much…

History Of Cannabis Legislation In Belgium

Let’s have a look on the relationship between cannabis and Belgium law through the different stages in history and we might get closer to the truth. Since 1921, several laws have been applied and changed to regulate cannabis consumption. Consequently, the whole picture has become rather ambiguous for the user as well as for the jurists. One thing, however, is quite clear in 2022, you may possess up to 3 grams of marijuana and grow one female plant for your own consumption without risking too much.

Evolution Of Belgian Cannabis Laws

Until 2003, having or growing cannabis in Belgium was not legal at all, and any consumption or possession was forbidden by law. In 2003, some flexibility was introduced: the police force did not have to systematically report the consumer up to 3 grams of weed in his/her possession. You could even grow one female plant for your personal use without risking anything.

In 2005, due to some disagreements among political members in the government, the reporting of cannabis below 3 grammes is reactivated. You only must pay a symbolic fine (up to 100 euros), the reporting is not anonymous anymore, but you still can keep your weed if you are reported.

In 2018, the reporting is still mandatory, and your cannabis, no matter the quantity, can be seized by the police.

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Cannabis In Belgium At A Minimum Risk

Following the actual regulation, it is relatively safe to possess up to 3 grams of cannabis with a higher THC percentage than 0,3% and grow one female plant at home for your own consumption. But, and this is essential, you must be above 18 years old. The other restriction is that you can have a personal stash of cannabis in Belgium of up to 90 grams at home but it should be from the same plant.

The police have the right to proceed with test analysis to make sure the stash is from the same plant. And if not you could face unpleasant consequences and be suspected of trafficking which is not advisable.

More Severe Consequences

In some cases, though, the law is more restrictive and punitive even for small quantities when:

  • Displayed in presence of children under age 18, within or around schools’ precincts, educational and leisure institutions for the youth
  • Possession of cannabis in a sports club or sportive structures
  • Consumption in any public place
  • Having at-home gear that suggests growing and trafficking weed with the intention to sell cannabis in Belgium
  • Any commercialization of cannabis, no matter the quantity

cannabis in belgium

So When Will They Legalize Cannabis In Belgium?

In July 2022, the Mayor of Brussels restarted the debate regarding the legalization of cannabis in Belgium or at least that it could be decriminalized. But it seems that the country is once more divided on the question: Wallonia is rather pro cannabis legalization while the Flemish part is against the idea.

The Mayor would prefer to free his police force to focus on hard drug traffic and possibly reduce criminality related to trafficking of cannabis in Belgium as a whole. With the elections coming in 2024, cannabis legalization is clearly a target of some political parties, pro or against, it cannot be avoided.

Hoping For The Best

Some people who wish to freely enjoy cannabis in Belgium are obviously envious of Canada and some states of the US that took recent steps toward legalization. Some cannabis lovers also wish that growing weed for medicinal or recreational use would be allowed in their own country. Numerous Belgian documentaries on the web show the great cannabis culture breakthrough in other nations compared to the old school restrictions of Belgium. That just about says enough…

The debate is also very passionate in France for similar reasons although the French law is much more severe. Belgium as a progressive country should win this race against the conservative voices or be taken into the international stream of cannabis legitimization soon enough.

ordering amsterdam genetics cannabis seeds

Growing Dutch Cannabis In Belgium

In case you travel through Belgium though, be careful with your cannabis consumption in public spaces. And if you live there, stay calm and grow your one and only plant until it gets better! Quality is as important as quantity, and if you grow one plant choose the best genetics in our online store.

Obviously, if you have only one shot at growing your beloved plant, you want the finest quality there is – and luckily, you don’t have to go far abroad for that living in Belgium. All you need to do is check the Amsterdam Genetics collection and pick your favourite seeds to order premium cannabis in Belgium.

Pick The Best Seeds For Your Belgian Grow

Buying cannabis seeds is allowed in Belgium as it is in France, so it is maybe the right time to collect cannabis seeds “best of” for the next 420 Day! The legalization of growing and selling weed is maybe not so far away, so get ready!

cannabis france

Cannabis In France

Amsterdam Genetics has a loyal community of fans and followers in France. But many people wonder whether ordering cannabis seeds and then growing them is legal under French law. Consumption is (still) banned, but change seems to be in the air, and after all, connoisseur has definite French roots… This blog explores the legal aspects of l’herbe and the lively cannabis culture in France today.

Cannabis In France: Liberté, Fraternité, Légalité?

With one of the highest numbers of consumers in the EU and paradoxically the most restrictive policy, cannabis in France is a delicate business. In the 19th century, cannabis was the recreational drug of the bohemian elite but is nowadays a highly controlled substance. Law enforcement can severely sanction consumers and growers. Growing hemp (under 0,3% THC) on an industrial scale and selling CBD is nevertheless legal. And, in February 2022, the French government officially authorized the consumption of medicinal cannabis under strict control. What does it mean exactly? Can you grow medicinal cannabis and sell it in France? What is legal and what is reprehensible as a consumer and/or grower? Although the legislation is not crystal clear, this blog will, for your own sake, guide you through the French cannabis jungle.

cannabis in france legal
Liberté, fraternité, légalité?

Is Cannabis Legal In France?

NO: consumption, possession, sale, and growing of psychoactive (above 0,3% THC) recreational cannabis is not legal in France. As a consumer, depending on circumstances and the quantity of weed in your possession, you will have to pay a lump sum and/or will face a short jail sentence, up to 1 year.  As a seller or distributor, the stakes are higher: you risk a prison sentence of up to 10 years, plus a fine of €7,5 million. And if you are growing cannabis illegally in France, you must be prepared to end up in an overpopulated dungeon for about 20 years. And the fine is still €7,5 million.

YES: you may use, grow, and distribute hemp on any scale and open a CBD shop. In 2021, the legislation authorized the production and commercialization of CBD products although you cannot sell hemp flowers and leaves. And to remain legal, CBD should have a maximum percentage of 0,3% THC.

In other words, THC is clearly the devil here. The psychoactive substance whose potency scares the French government is not welcome in France.

What About Medicinal Cannabis In France?

Recently, medicinal cannabis is on the rise everywhere in the world. Numerous scientific studies have proven the potent effect of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC to relieve many symptoms. As a result, many countries have legalized cannabis. Now, people who chemical drugs cannot treat can benefit from medicinal cannabis.

In February 2022, the French government launched an experiment for the use of medical cannabis until March 2023. This program is meant to treat a maximum of 3000 patients for specific conditions: neuropathic pain, epilepsy, spasticity, palliative care, MS, and chemo patients. A patient can benefit from a cannabis prescription of cannabis oil capsules and vaporized dried flowers, only if other treatments have no effect or undesirable side effects. The therapeutic impact of cannabis is thoroughly examined and the evaluation will determine the outcome of the experiment.

weed leaf seedling
Seeds, oui – plants, non…

Growing Medicinal Cannabis

Officially since the decree of 17th February 2022, it is legal to grow medicinal cannabis in France under precise regulations different from growing hemp due to the presence of THC in cannabis. Until March 2023 though, the legislation for the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis is still to be determined. It is not yet the moment for potential cannabis growers in France to make big plans.

The History Of Cannabis In France

Hemp seems to always have been part of the French landscape on an industrial scale for different purposes such as paper, natural oil, textile, building isolation, and much more. France is still today a leader in the market of hemp production with 50% of the world’s seeds.

Psychoactive cannabis, on the other hand, is forbidden since 1916. It was first mentioned in Egypt by Napoleon in 1800 and was consequently considered a narcotic substance.  The colonial past of France has promoted the illegal importation of hashish from north Africa, but domestic demand for ‘l’herbe’ was already present before those days.

Cannabis has inspired renowned French poets such as Baudelaire, Balzac, and Gérard de Nerval to write their prose. There was even a chic Club des Hashishins created in Paris in the 19th century where the intellectuals and artists of the time could experiment freely with the effects of cannabis and other substances such as opium. It seems cannabis had sadly suffered the same prejudice as absinth which was the favorite alcoholic beverage among European artists in the 19th century. It was subsequently forbidden in France due to obscure reasons in 1915.

Between strict regulations, pressure from the consumers, and the international legalization of cannabis, France seems to be at a crossroads that will determine the future of cannabis legalization on its ground.

cannabis seeds france amsterdam genetics
Nevermind the French proclivity for fresh herbs…

The Future Of Cannabis In France

Optimism must prevail, hang in there, as they say…But even with a good dose of genuine hope, let’s face it, the legalization of cannabis in France is not yet a reality. French president Macron persists in sticking to the actual legislation about recreational cannabis despite the out-of-hand criminality around cannabis in Paris suburbs and cities like Marseille.

Moreover, as everybody knows strict regulation does not curb cannabis consumption. On the contrary, the taste of the forbidden is attractive and it encourages underground traffic. We might think that the intolerance toward cannabis is an authoritarian decision of the government. But most of the conservative French are against legalization. Even the CBD “coffeeshop” must face complaints from the neighborhood.

The only solid hope lies in the full legalization of medicinal cannabis after March 2023. If the experimentation is successful, it will generate new opportunities for growers and seed banks as well as create employment. And the most important is that cannabis will be available to relieve many patients from pain and discomfort.

Ordering Cannabis Seeds From France

Okay, so we hear you thinking: “sure, but can I order Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds from France?” Well, YES, you can, but NO growing allowed: if you are in France, you are allowed to purchase any cannabis seeds online in the EU, for instance from Amsterdam Genetics in the Netherlands. But it is for collection purposes only. You may receive cannabis seeds per post, but it is not legal to germinate them or grow weed plants from them…

Theoretically, it is not possible for the French authorities to prove that the cannabis seeds you order are for growing purposes except if the “gendarmes” discover a hidden weed plantation, even if it’s just a little tent or personal garden project. And then you could be in big trouble. Obviously, we discourage anyone from violating their local laws, so there you have it: you can order, but you can’t grow cannabis in France!

order weed seeds from france

Growing Cannabis In France

French people have a reputation to follow the rules their own way, and regarding growing cannabis, especially since the pandemic, things have evolved. More and more people are growing cannabis for different reasons. And it is becoming increasingly complicated for the authorities to penalize a grower. You can even buy any grower gear legally in France.

According to the statistics, three profiles of growers are increasingly active:

  • the trendy people who want to grow their own cannabis and be able to have the best quality on hand for recreational use or medicinal reasons. They generally grow 3 to 5 plants at home for their personal use.
  • The cannabis lover who grows for his or her own consumption, and wants to spread the love by generating a secondary income, selling to friends and acquaintances: 20 to 30 plants.
  • The industrial ambitious grower who has solid distribution and buyer’s network: 100 plants and above.

In fact, although no one should go purposely against the law, each potential grower balances the risks and make his own decision. In France as in other countries, this game of cat and mouse on the verge of legality is puzzling and who knows how it will evolve…

Stock Up On Quality Seeds

Anyway, you may already build a beautiful collection of the best strains just in case, and order in our online shop your favorite weed varieties!  Our team is always there to guide your choice if you hesitate, but you can also read our detailed grow blogs with enlightening tips from the experts. The wind might change direction…and you will be ready to grow wonderful cannabis in France, too!

cannabis genetica

Breeding New Cannabis Strains

The breeding science behind the Amsterdam Genetics collection of cannabis seeds is an expertise that most growers dream to own. But the new weed strains with their incredible traits do not appear magically, do they? It is a long complex process requiring knowledge and caution. The good news though is that it can be learned. In this blog, you are going to discover the basic keys to breeding your own cannabis strains successfully. And who knows…you might be the next king/queen of cannabis breeding!

What Do Breeders Do?

Nowadays, we have almost forgotten that a cannabis strain charged with 25% THC is not natural: it requires sometimes decades of work and expertise. Weed in the ’60s had only 3 to 5% THC levels and there was not so much choice in terms of psychoactive effects, taste, color, and growing patterns.

Although cannabis plants are quite adaptable, before the start of genetics breeding in the ’70s, it was more of a challenge to safely bring a grow to maturity. The environmental conditions such as weather, soil, and pests combined with weaker plants brought more uncertainty into the equation. To improve the situation, breeders boldly went on a quest around the world to find cannabis landraces. And they brought them back to breed new generations of weed. Just to give you an idea, the famous OG Kush bred in 1992 has a multicultural family tree including Thai, Pakistani, and Indian cannabis landraces. And that was before the Amsterdam Genetics experts got their hands on these seeds…

ak-og kush cannabis breeding
Our AK-OG Kush seeds have quite the international pedigree…


The cannabis landraces, strains that originated in their natural environment, were originally related to sativa and indica strains until the autoflower characteristic of ruderalis landrace was acknowledged. Ruderalis could start flowering independently of light schedule! This was the beginning of breeding cannabis autoflower strains with sativa and/or indica traits which is a huge upside for growers.

From Grassroots & Landrace Cannabis To Breeding Modern Strains

Yet autoflower genetics were not the only improvement conceived by enhanced cannabis breeding. First and foremost, the crossbreeding of landraces and existing cultivars led to an explosion in available genetics around the globe. The incredible diversity available to growers today is all due to the hard work of pioneers breeding cannabis to suit increasingly sophisticated demands!

The process of cannabis cultivation is far from complete, though. Even today, new incredible strains keep popping up from all directions. Amsterdam is still a global hub of advanced cannabis breeding, but our colleagues in the US, Canada, and a growing number of other countries have joined us in the effort to make ever more potent, tastier, and stronger plants available to growers. Best of all, however, is the fact that ANY home grower can join the fun… Here’s a quick introduction to breeding your own unique hybrid cannabis strains!

Cannabis breeding
It’s in YOUR hands!

Picking Strains For Cannabis Breeding

As an apprentice breeder, it is essential that you get a good knowledge of the landraces’ traits (dominant and recessive) with an additional basic understanding of genetics and inheritance.  From there, you will need male and female plants of the desired parent plants. Breeders specifically define the characteristics they are looking for in the new unique hybrid:  you need a precise plan. You will make your choice among cannabis traits generally related to essential objectives:

  • Grow patterns: the size and allure of the plant, flowering time, and yields
  • Toughness: growing speed, resistance to pests, climate preferences, hardness of branches
  • Buds: psychoactive effect, color, aroma, cannabinoids, and terpenes

Once this is clear, you can roll your sleeves and light up your brain to start the delicate operation of breeding.

develop your own cannabis strain

How Does Breeding Cannabis Strains Work?

The first step is to test the phenotype, meaning the behavior of the plant genetics in a certain environment. If you plan to grow your plants outdoors, it will generate different results on a certain strain than growing indoors. That is why you will have to consider the factors influencing the growing processes such as temperature, humidity, nutrients, lighting, and watering.

And of course, do not forget to record all the different operations and results from day one.

Getting started

Then comes the obvious: the selection of “good” parents meaning a female and a male exhibiting the qualities you wish in your hybrid. Just try to grow a few seeds of the strains you like and see how they do. The females are easier to pick because the buds say a lot. It is indeed difficult to know in advance how the male genetics will influence the buds of the offspring.

The next step is to marry the same male plant with a bunch of different female specimens (up to 20). Obviously, you can’t proceed to this step until both your male and female plants display the reproductive organs marking the start of the flowering phase. And then it’s time to let nature run its course and see what happens.

The marriage here means the pollination of the female by the male pollen. The pollen is released in the air from the male sacs and naturally lands on the female plants. This will cause the flower buds to sprout seeds, which is a marked difference from a regular grow in which pollination and seed formation is avoided at all costs to produce bigger flowers. When breeding new cannabis strains, however, seeds are exactly what we are after!

For your convenience, most of our strains are fully feminized, guaranteeing almost 100% female plants for maximum yields. However, if you want to try breeding your own strains using males, we have regular non-feminized seeds available, too!


You can always stimulate the pollination manually using a brush directly on the female or shake the pollen from the male onto the female. To avoid unwanted pollination though, it is mandatory to isolate the plants in a hermetic breeding chamber! Three to four weeks after flowering you will be able to harvest the mature seeds and let them dry. This is your first generation of hybrids: F1 with a clear phenotype and desired traits. Which traits these are is of course entirely up to the breeder – in this case, that’s you.

From this solid base, you can reinforce the genetics using the backcrossing technique and make sure the traits will pass to the following generations.

Weed growing

What Is Backcrossing?

The seeds that you order carry in their core history of years of crossing and backcrossing and phenotype experimentation to stabilize the traits. Far from a quick fix, they are instead a monument to the savoir-faire and breeding expertise patiently developed over many decades of trial and error.

The backcrossing technique is used to make sure the traits will be present twice in the male and female, increasing their chance of reappearing in the next generation. You do this quite simply by selecting a male from the F1 offspring and coupling it with the mother plant. This “incestuous” intercourse will ensure that the genetics is represented more strongly in the offspring. Traits such as taste, effect, or bud color will appear more often in the following generations. It all depends upon your own favourite cannabis flavours, grower’s preferences, and breeding objectives.


A less popular technique called selfing is to pollinate the mother plant with a clone of herself. This is done by mutating the clone into a hermaphrodite through stress. Pollen sacs appear and you pollinate the mother with the pollen of the trans-clone. But the risk of ending up with hermaphrodites in the next generation generally dissuades growers to use selfing breeding.

breeding cannabis strains

The Best Seeds = The Best Breeds

If you feel that you have the breeder gene in you and that you wish to dive deeper into growing cannabis, feel free to order your parents’ seeds in our online shop… and start creating your own strains! With the best genetics, you are bound to succeed.

Start Your Own Breeding Adventure!

Excellent genetics is the start of the journey, and your expertise will do the rest. Our grow blogs give you lots of solid and exhaustive information about phenotypes, growing techniques, and of course detailed strain descriptions.

No matter what you do, though, remember that guiding the evolution of weed takes a fair bit of patience.Breeding your own strains is a long journey of trial and error, but rest assured that there is something to be learned for every grower here!

cannabis en de munchies

Cannabis And The Munchies

Cannabis munchies relates to a well-known physiological phenomenon induced by the THC present in weed. Any cannabis gourmet is familiar with this irresistible compulsion to empty the fridge.  Although it seems innocuous, one might wonder about the side effects of those bulimic episodes on the body. Is there a risk of overeating, gaining weight, or disturbing the digestive system in the long run? Moreover, nobody likes “to be told” what to do by compulsion. Is it possible to have the munchies under control or avoid it altogether? We will explore in this blog how the cannabis experience is triggering the food craving and how it can be reduced. And we even dare to go further: What if it is not happening at all?

Why does cannabis cause The Munchies?

Although most cannabis aficionados are well-aware of the THC side effects, few people know what is really happening in their mind and body when the cannabis munchies strike. You know the feeling: a monstrous craving for anything carbohydrate-rich to appease the Hunger. And when finally, you have something to get your teeth into, anything, the pleasure of eating exceeds any gastronomic experience.

cannabis munchies craving
Candybars: one of the most popular cannabis munchies cravings!

Scientists, on the other hand, have been interested in studying this phenomenon and finding out what are the triggers and consequences of those huge food cravings following marijuana consumption. They eventually discovered that the interaction between the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid and the endocannabinoid system (ESC) activates the CB1 receptors.  This process contributes to increasing the appetite. CB1 receptors are disseminated throughout the whole body although the munchies effect is generated through specific interactions.

Four areas are essential

  • The hypothalamus: THC impacts the neurons related to the feeling of satiety stimulating the production of beta-endorphins. This is an essential indicator of appetite and cravings.
  • The olfactory bulb: THC stimulates the ability to smell food and enhance the taste of what you eat. And of course, you want more of those delicious sensations. A study led by Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux confirmed that the THC activates the olfactory bulb.
  • The basal ganglia: THC increases the production of dopamine which makes the eating experience even more pleasurable.
  • Stomach and small intestine: THC triggers the release of the ghrelin hormone in the digestive system responsible for the hunger sensation while speeding digestion.

The discovery of the complex interaction of THC with the “hunger mechanisms” of the body has promoted the use of medicinal cannabis in the case of chemo patients who suffer from a lack of appetite and nausea.

Nevertheless, the compulsive habit of stuffing your mouth with all kinds of junk food regularly can evidently lead to an unwholesome lifestyle with many regrettable consequences on the silhouette. But the consequences on health may include the heart condition, diabetes risks, and much more…That is why we recommend some strategies to be able to enjoy cannabis consumption without worries.

How to counter Cannabis Munchies?

Once you have framed “The Munchies”, there will come a day when you have enough of this predictable unhealthy occurrence. It is time to put some measures in place to avoid the whale effect to become a reality. Getting in shape while consuming weed is not a utopia. With some easy simple tricks, you can get the best of both worlds.

Food Intake Control

The first thing to do is to ensure that you have a regular schedule for meals with enough vitamins and nutrients. Especially before inviting marijuana into your mind and body. If your organism is satiated enough prior to consumption, you will be less inclined to surrender to the cannabis Munchies monster. And if it is too big of a step, you can always choose the right kind of food for tackling the munchies. And make a healthy tasty selection! First, you must get rid of any sugary and fatty junk food anywhere in the house. And instead, prepare some green stuff, yogurt, fruits, and grains. Maybe it is not at all your kind of diet. But thanks to the munchies you may educate your taste to enjoy those healthy treats as well!

hennep wietolie cannabis olie snoep
Discover the SupMedi CBD Candy Tablets: satisfy your cravings ánd counteract the THC-effect!

Get Busy

Of course, it is always a good idea to keep your mind busy while enjoying cannabis. In doing so, you may highjack the obsession for food onto something creative. Whatever your interests are, gaming, reading, solving philosophical problems, making art, music, collecting butterflies, and whatnot, go for it. While focused on the task, you will enter a flow where the body’s needs are secondary, and the hunger is fading in the background.

You may also choose to anticipate the extra calorie intake by going beforehand (or during the high) to your favorite dance or yoga class or completing your workout program of the week. In this way, you will have already burned the surplus and you can, without guilt, surrender to that divine strawberry cake.

Choose Another Cannabis Strain

Since the THC is the trigger, indica strains that are more body orientated in their effects will tend to stimulate your appetite. If you are concerned with the food intake after a joint, it makes sense to opt for a sativa strain lighter in THC level. The cannabis variety rich in THCV and CBD is more likely to inhibit the hunger sensation:  the Quicksilver strain, for instance, which despite its 23% of THC level (+ THCV and CBD), is an uplifting sativa that will probably eject you out of the couch and get you into activity. And, not to be forgotten, CBD is the ultimate weapon against the munchies and is also famous to tame the THC high effect.

Grapefruit superstar
Our Grapefruit Superstar is another good option with 90% sativa genetics!

Can CBD help stop the Cannabis Munchies?

As a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD is becoming increasingly popular to support a healthy lifestyle. By reducing the impact of many symptoms of serious conditions such as depression, chronic pain, and fatigue, CBD is a natural ally to your body and mind. The inhibitory effect of CBD on appetite is a good indicator of its possible capacity to fight cannabis munchies.

This wholesome cannabinoid is also used to counter the THC high when it gets too challenging. To be on the safe side, any cannabis enthusiast should always have a bottle of CBD oil at hand, just in case. Although studies have proven the appetite suppressant action of CBD, everyone reacts differently to the cannabis compounds. We advise you to try out what works better for you: either enjoy your favorite cannabis strains combined with CBD oil or go fully for our CBD strain Blue Monkey.

cbd oil
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Cannabis with its variety of effects and strains, conveys an array of possibilities matching your goals, either for gaining, losing, or maintaining weight. Everything depends on your choice and how well you react to a specific strain. Our team of experts is always there for you if needed. We are happy to help you find the exact strain or CBD supplement that will enhance your well-being!