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Cannabis And Paranoia

When you are high or stoned, your brain works differently. This can be a good thing, for people who use cannabis to counter stress or to cope with negative thoughts. For others, cannabis can cause and trigger paranoia. This can be a very unpleasant side effect and for a lot of people, it’s a reason to quit cannabis or not to use it at all. One of the possible causes are high THC percentages, combined with very low CBD and/or CBG percentages. In this blog, we’ll explain how cannabis can cause paranoia and how you can prevent it from happening during your next sesh.

Cannabis Paranoia: What Is It? 

When someone is paranoid, they are convinced that others are against them. They become suspicious and look for reason behind everything. Some might think they are being followed or that there’s a big conspiracy going on. A person that’s paranoid, will always think someone or something is trying to bring them down. The most normal and harmless comments can suddenly be interpreted as an attack or a clue that suggests someone is trying to swindle them. 

Paranoia is not the same as anxiety. There are some similarities, but it’s important to explain the difference. Anxiety or ‘angst’ is a normal emotion, especially when someone has experienced something that was frighting or drastic. Anxiety can make people feel worried about what people think of them. This will likely make them even more stressed or fidgety. The main difference here is that someone who’s feeling anxious might doubt, stress, and feel insecure about what people think about them. When you are paranoid, you are not in doubt, but completely convinced by your own irrational thoughts. Paranoia can be seen as the extreme version of anxiety. 

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This is the case for paranoia in general, as a personality disorder. It also applies to paranoia that’s triggered by the consumption of cannabis. In this instance someone is usually not paranoid, but feels this way throughout their high. The paranoid thoughts will fade away as the high fades. When someone experiences paranoia from cannabis, it’s usually not a pleasant or happy time. They feel suspicious, anxious and stressed. Some people never experience these kind side effects, others can’t avoid them. How does this work and how can you prevent paranoia from taking over your high?  

Cannabis And The Brain: Why Does Paranoia Occur?

When consuming cannabis, the active components enter your bloodstream. Cannabis is rich in a variety of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. As most of you will know, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive substance and CBD (cannabidiol) has a calming non-psychoactive properties. When it comes to paranoia, THC is the most important component. 

When trying to understand where paranoia comes from, it’s good to understand a little about the endocannabinoid system in your body. This system in responsible for a lot of different functions throughout the human, and a lot of animal’s, bodies. It makes sure that endocannabinoids, produced by the body, can transfer information to cells. The ECS is in the nervous system, the immune system, the brains, and many organs. Paranoia is caused by the connection that THC can make within the brain, in particular, the neurons of the amygdala. 

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Cannabis And The Amygdala

One of the taks of the amygdala is to experience, process, and direct emotions, mostly anxiety and stress. Endocannabinoids are involved in this too. They are produced by your body to regulate certain emotions, like anxiety. These endocannabinoids are broken down by enzymes once they’ve done their job. Vegetal cannabinoids like CBD and THC can cooperate with the ECS in the same way. What stands out, is that these cannabinoids are not broken down by the designated enzymes. THC and CBD can stay connected with the ECS, much longer than is needed. This can be the reason why some people experience paranoia after consuming cannabis. 

Above all, THC connects with the GABA receptors in the brain. This causes the brain to stop releasing dopamine. This leads to an amplification of the dopamine levels which causes a euphoric feeling. When consuming cannabis for a longer period of time, the area in the brain that’s responsible for dopamine levels becomes overstimulated. This results in lower dopamine levels, which can result in social anxiety, which can lead to paranoia.

How To Prevent Cannabis Paranoia

Paranoia from cannabis has two sides: cannabis can also be used to battle anxiety. Research shows that THC has anti-anxiety properties within the amygdala. It can even be used in therapy against PTSS. For some people however, cannabis can trigger anxiety and paranoia. Luckily, there are multiple ways to prevent cannabis paranoia. 

Firstly, choose the strain you’re consuming wisely. The more THC that’s consumed, the more likely someone is to experience paranoia or other unwanted side effects. A strong strains or even concentrates can make dosing a lot harder. Apart from this, the ratio of CBD:THC can also be of influence. Not much research has been done on this front, but from experiences and some small researches, it looks like strains with more balanced CBD:THC rations can drastically decrease the psychoactive effects, therefore minimizing the chance of feeling paranoia. CBD:THC balanced strains are becoming more popular in the legal states of the US too. CBD can ‘mute’ the psychoactive effects of THC to give a more calm, relaxing, and body high. 

Another import factor you should weigh in: your own mood. If you are sensitive for anxiety or even paranoia, cannabis can amplify these feelings, especially when using cannabis for the first time. If you are diagnosed with paranoia, we recommend talking to your doctor first, cannabis might not be the ideal flower for you. 

As discussed before, CBD can also minimise the chance of feeling paranoia or anxious. Using CBD Oil might be a useful and natural solutions to combat paranoia, because it defuses the functioning of the CB1 an CB2 receptors. THC, on the other hand, activates these receptors. You could choose to consume a more balanced THC:CBD strain, or mix a THC-dominant strains with a CBD-dominant strain like Blue Monkey CBD. This way, you can enjoy the psychoactive and relaxing effects from THC, while minimizing the chance that you get paranoid.

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What To Do When You’re Feeling Paranoid?

What if you used cannabis and you start to feel paranoid? First of all: ask help from a friend or someone you trust. Your brain is not thinking rationally, let them explain that to you! Also, don’t forget to remind yourself that the high is temporary, and so is the anxiety. Make sure to head to a ‘safe space’, put on some relaxing music and try to chill out. If you know cannabis can cause paranoia for you personally, make sure pick strains you’ve had comfortable experiences with, and keep some CBD Oil within your reach. This can help you with calming down whenever the high is a little too much. 

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How To Grow Cannabis Faster

There are many different kinds of growers. Some enjoy the slow, long lasting proces that the plants go through and just love the gardening. This has resulted in some awesome bonsai projects, where growers form and train their cannabis plants to create the most amazing structures. Some, however, don’t care so much about the proces, and are more result-oriented. They just want big buds in the shortest time possible. This could be because growing cannabis is still illegal in most countries, or they might grow commercially in countries where growing in cannabis is already legalized. Luckily, growing cannabis quickly is not so difficult! We’ll explain how to grow cannabis faster in this blog. 

It All Starts With Genetics

Some genetics need a longer flowering phase faster than others. Indica-dominant genetics, for example, flower for about 45-60 days on average. Sativa-dominant genetics can flower for 60-90 days! This makes a big difference, considering the total flowering time could differ up to 45 days. Sativa-dominant strains grow taller and bigger buds, but not as dense as most indica-dominant strains. Although sativa-dominant strains grow bigger and taller buds, the yield are usually comparable, since the buds are not that dense. For people who want to grow cannabis faster, strong indica-dominant strains are a good option. 

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With a total lifespan of 10-17 weeks, even indica-dominant strains require some patience. If you are a die-hard sativa fan, but still want to grow faster: autoflower strains might be the perfect solution. These plants start flowering when they reach a certain size, and are not dependent on a change of light hours. They usually start pre-flowering after 2-5 weeks of vegetative growth. Some very fast autoflowers can even be harvested within 10 weeks. Beside all this, since autoflowers are not dependent on the change of light hours, growers can keep their lights on a 18/6, 20/4, or even a 22/2 light schedule throughout the complete grow. This has a huge impact on the pace of the grow. 

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Indoors Or Outdoors? 

The ever-lasting debate among growers: is growing indoors is better than outdoors? When growing indoors, you will have much more control on your grow and the different phases a cannabis plant goes trough. You can easily change the lights, temperatures and humidity. With the right knowledge, it is definitely possible to accelerate the growth of your outdoor cannabis plants. Read on to find out more about this!

Changing The Light Schedule Indoors

Photoperiod plants start flowering as soon as the hours of light decline, this tells the plant that summer is ending, which triggers to plant to start flowering. This can easily be done indoors, by changing the light schedule from 18/6, 20/4, or even 22/2 to 12/12. This gives a lot of freedom: you could choose to keep your plants in the vegetative phase for just a few weeks, or for a very long time. This will result in bigger plants with higher yields. The SOG method is a technique that profits from this. With this technique, many individual plants are grown on a relatively small surface. Each individual plant will grow for just a few weeks before initiating the flowering phase. This is one of the popular methods to grow cannabis plants faster. Read more about this method in our blog:

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Another option, is to keep the lights on for 24 hours a day during the vegetative phase. This will make your plants grow way faster, as they are forced to constantly keep growing. This means you can initiate the flowering phase sooner. Be aware that a 24/0 light schedule can induce stress. Cannabis plants naturally need sleep, just like all living organisms!

The Right Nutrition Indoors 

Cannabis plants require different kinds of nutrition during the different growth phases. During the vegetative phase, it’s import to feed them nutrition with enough nitrogen. Nitrogen induces the production of chlorofyl, which is key to converting energy (light) to sugars, and helps the plants grow faster. Plants need nitrogen during the flowering phase too, but way less than during the vegetative phase. Be sure not to overfeed your plants with nitrogen, this can weaken the stems of your plants and gives the flowers a weird taste. Overall, bad nutrition will slow down the growth of your cannabis plants, good nutrition will help you grow your cannabis faster.

During the flowering phase, cannabis plants mainly need phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus helps with releasing nutrition for the plant, so the plant can absorb other nutrients efficiently. Potassium helps with many things, such as strong stems, the production of ATP for energy storage, a strong immune system, and sturdy buds. If you want to learn more about nutrition for cannabis plants, check out our blog that discusses this subject thoroughly. 

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Growing Hydroponic Indoors

Growing hydroponic means that your plants’ roots are not settled in soil, but directly in the water. This makes it possible to feed your plants more precisely, and uses less water. When growing hydroponically correctly, it can help with growing cannabis faster. Growing hydroponic is not as difficult as it might seem, which is why it’s becoming more popular among hobbyists as well. Learn more about hydroponic growing in this blog!

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Changing The Light Schedule Outdoors

For those who want to grow photoperiod plants outdoors, it’s a takes a lot of effort to increase the pace of the growth. An option is to put the plants under a light during the night, which is a hassle. Apart from this, it’s not a real outdoor grow anymore. 

What might be easier, is to force your plants to start flowering sooner. This can be achieved by covering your plants, or putting them in the dark somehow, before the sun sets. When the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, they will start flowering. You’ll have to check when the sun rises and sets, so you can time this trick perfectly and force your plants to start flowering sooner. This will shorten the overal time of the grow, and help you grow your cannabis faster. 

Pollinate Your Buds

The cannabis plant forms her buds to produce enough aroma’s, in order to be pollinated by a male cannabis plant. Usually, growers try to avoid this, because the plant will transfer her energy from producing big buds to producing seeds. When you manually pollinate your ladies about a week before harvest, this will accelerate the maturation of the buds. Make sure to harvest your plants before the seeds develop.

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Back To Genetics

It turns out that there are many things you can to make sure you can grow your cannabis plants faster. However, the main influence is the genetics you’re growing. With photoperiod, sativa-dominant plant, you’ll need to put in a more of an effort than with photoperiod indica-dominant plants. Autoflower plants remain the quickest of all. For a good results, without too much effort, our Blue Amnesia Autoflower is a good option. This sativa-dominant autoflower strain will finish her growing cycle quickly. Apart from this strain, we have many indica-dominant autoflower strains to choose from, such as: Choco Kush Autoflower, Milkshake Kush Autoflower, and many more! 

If you’d rather grow photoperiod plants, Dutch Duchess might be the perfect option for you! 

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Your Cannabis Horoscope

Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we tend to keep things scientific. But for today, we’ll explore the spiritual side. We’re going to figure out your cannabis horoscope! Some people despise horoscopes, others swear by them. Wether you believe in them or not, it can always be interesting. What did the stars tell us about you, and what kind of strain would suit you best? Let’s find out!

Which Cannabis Strain Suits Your Horoscope?

You might have never linked the lineage of the stars with what you like to grow or consume. Even though, many people base a lot of important decisions on their horoscope. So why not base you cannabis choices on your zodiac sign? We will not be discussing the logic or science about astrology, as there is not much to discuss on that front. Instead we’ll be heading straight into the cannabis horoscopes for every zodiac sign, so be sure to use it to your advantage!

Aries (21st of March – 20th of April)

Aries is definitely a spicy zodiac sign, and knows all about ups and down. Aries can be the very happiest zodiac sign, but can get extremely mad when things aren’t going their way. Aries is a real go-getter, which can have it’s down sides. Sometimes they just want a little too much, resulting in lots of frustration. Luckily, our cannabis horoscope can help!

For those moments, a nice indica strain would be very suitable. With a heavy bodybuzz, Critical Mass (Regular) can help you calm down to the fullest. Believe us, a few hits of this amazing strain will cool down your nerves and lock you to your couch. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to focus, so Aries can plan and analyse all their thoughts and idea’s. 

Taurus (21st of April  – 21st of May)

Tauruses just love their comfort. Laid back on the couch, with a Netflix show on, and lots and lots of snacks. Taurus won’t be needing an indica strain, that would just lock them on the couch forever! 

Besides all this, Tauruses are know to bottle up their feelings, resulting in an explosion sometimes. When Tauruses want to feel energetic to chat and socialize with friends, the Grapefruit Superstar will help with that. A whopping 90% sativa-dominant strain will help Taurus to be more social and active, as long as they don’t over do it!

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Gemini (22nd of May – 21st of June)

Gemini is an impulsive one, that’s for sure. Apart from being very social, Geminis love to take on new challenges and projects. Finishing them, however, is not their strong suit. Due to their short concentration span, Geminis will often loose focus before finishing something off. 

That won’t stop them from taking on a challenge, but since Gemini’s can easily lose their focus, we recommend a strain that won’t need as much time and attention. There’s not too much time for that in the busy and buzzing life of a Gemini. That’s why we would recommend an easy Autoflower strain. Our Choco Kush Autoflower won’t need too much care, and it’s effect is perfect for Geminis to relief their active brains and enjoy a nice calm down. 

Cancer (22nd of June – 22nd of July)

This is one of the most empathetic zodiac signs out there. A sensitive, sequestered type that can easily tell how people around them are feeling. Their shy characters prevent them from expressing their feelings, even if they’re feeling down. This makes Cancer a true homester, but one who won’t doubt to go out to support friends and family. Therefore, Cancer is one of most caring and selfless zodiac signs of all.

Taking all this into account, we hope that the Cancers out there reading this will excite themselves, which is why we would recommend our Sketch cannabis strain. The happy and uplifting effect this strains gives is perfect for fighting the blues. Beside this, it’s can help fight depressive feelings too.

Leo (23rd of July – 23rd of August)

Just like a movie star, Leos love their attention, and it won’t cost them much effort! With a social character and a great sense of humor, most people see Leo’s as pleasant company. When Leo’s aren’t getting all the attention they desire, or if someone disagrees with them, it can result in some repercussion. Sometimes even resulting in theatrical situations, where Leo’s can stay irritated for days on. 

Leo’s don’t like sitting about, and don’t really need much relaxation. They can, however, use a strain to cool down their spicy temper. Quicksilver is the perfect combination of being stress relieving, while keeping a cheerful and energetic effect for the perfect mix. With this strain, Leo will keep the social spirits high, whilst quenching their spicy temper. 

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Virgo (24th of August – 22nd of September)

Virgo is an earth sign, meaning they like to keep both feet on the ground. Besides this, they are friendly, tidy and economical. Because of their sobriety, it often seems as if Virgo’s are simple and straight forward people. This is not the case at all, Virgo’s remain a mysterious existence.

Virgo’s will only show their real selves to the people they let in, meaning not everyone knows them as well as they might think. Letting go of their control, if something Virgo’s find very hard to do. When it comes to cannabis strains, Virgo’s still cherish being in control. Spicebomb gives a perfect balance between a calm body buzz with a subtle head high. Thanks to it’s indica-dominant ancestors, this strain won’t give the trippy effects other Zodiac signs might be looking for! 

Spicebomb seeds
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Libra (23rd of September – 22nd of October)

This Zodiac sign, Libra, is the most diplomatic one of all. Thanks to their abilities to look towards situations from all angles, they are the perfect mediator to resolve conflicts of people around them. Libra is definitely not easily upset, and very hard to impress. This special look towards life sometimes make them forget other people can be more easily upset or hurt. Sometimes this can cause some unpleasant situations, when the Libra is mainly focussed on their own needs. Libra’s also like to joke around behind people’s back, and being surprised that people don’t appreciate that. Luckily, thanks to their happy en fascination personality, Libra’s are really easy to forgive. 

We’ve chosen a strain to help all Libra’s out there that seek a little more balance, and recommend our Magic OG Kush for this. This hybrid strain balances out evenly and will hit with a light head buzz first, followed by heavy stoned feeling that won’t allow you leave to your couch. 

Scorpio (23rd of October – 21st of November)

Scorpio is definitely the most intense Zodiac sign of all. That sure says something! With their mysterious aura and high intelligence, Scorpio has no trouble contouring the heart of people around them. Anyone who enters the life of a Scorpio will be shocked by what’s waiting for them. What’s guaranteed is a good dose of dark humor and immersion, and a Scorpio will remember everything.

The down side of all this is the possessive and jealous side of Scorpio’s. When a conflict occurs, they will do anything to be on the winning side. This doesn’t exclude verbal aggression. That’s why we’d recommend a strain that triggers the sensual emotions, and won’t make Scorpio’s too talkative. An indica dominant strain would be the most suitable for Scorpio’s, like our Dutch Duchess strain. With genes from sunny California, this plant gives a mellow effect along with a long lasting euphoric sensation. 

dutch duchess strain
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Sagittarius (22nd of November – 22nd of December)

Sagittariuses are adventurous by nature, and smoothly sways through life, thanks to their radiant optimism. This makes their cannabis horoscope extra interesting. Sagattariuses like to expend their knowledge and tend to have a passion for nature, animals and philosophy. They prefer to be around people with the same mindset, and talk about their passions for hours. Not all of Sagattarius’ traits are positive, they get bored easily and can’t stand obligations. Don’t expect them to be in time, Sagattariuses will arrive when they desire. 

If a Sagittarius is looking to make their friends as philosophical as themselves, some Super Silver Haze might do the trick. This strains gives an explosive creatieve and energetic effect, guaranteed to trigger some profound conversations!

Capricorn or Ibex (23rd of December – 20th of January)

The Capricorn is an intelligent and attractive Zodiac sign. Thanks to their perfectionism, Capricorns often look very fashionable. They demand the best of themselves, good is never good enough: it has to be perfect. This might give the impression that the Capricorn is very individualistic, they like to solve their problems on their own. Despite their blunt character, a Capricorn can be a great friend. They will always be there for you, no matter what. 

Even though the Capricorn won’t easily show their own emotions, they will always be there for others. We want to advice all Capricorns to reach out to others more often, and to open up. That’s why our strain recommendation is our very own Lemon Haze, a classic happy strain that will put life a in new perspective. Besides this, this strain is guaranteed to make you laugh and chatter. It might even trigger the romantic side of the rigid Capricorn. 

Aquarius (21st of Januari – 19th of February)

Just like a river stream, Aquarius has an unpredictable and eccentric personality. One thing is for certain, Aquariuses will not be bored easily. They are open for new ideas, as long as they contain fun. Because of their versatile personality, Aquariuses are keen to experience and learn new things. This, combined with their social character, makes a great conversation partner.

There is a downside to all this, Aquariuses can be incredibly stubborn and can even get mad when things aren’t going their way. During a situation like this,  Aquariuses can use some alone-time. The perfect company for this would be our Green Magic cannabis strain, which suits Aquariuses cannabis horoscope perfectly. Thanks to its indica dominant side, this strain will put the body and mind at ease in a pleasant way.

Pisces (20th of February – 20th of March)

A spiritual, soft hearted, and dreamy personality, that’s how we would describe the Pisces Zodiac sign. They usually have an artistic side to, that can result in beautiful pieces of art when accompanied by their profound way of thinking. Even though Pisces are very compliant people, they value their own strong opinions. They don’t necessarily feel like proclaiming their opinions all the time, but when someone goes over the line, they won’t hold back. Pisces have to learn how to do this in a calm way, they’d rather avoid harsh confrontations. 

The worst case scenario is that Pisces will avoid others. They are merciful, but don’t expect them to make the first move. To support their creative and social side, we would advice our Blue Amnesia Haze strain. Get your brushes and tools ready after smoking this strain, Pisces will bring them to use! 

beste wietzaadjes cannabis horoscoop

Your Horoscope And Your Perfect Personal Cannabis Match

And..? Can you feel the stars’ inspiration for your next grow? Take this Cannabis Horoscope and set sail to our webshop to shop the perfect cannabis seeds, for you! Or check out this blog to dive even deeper into the sea of personally matched cannabis seeds!