Bake It ‘Till You Make It

Bake It ‘Till You Make It – The Great Bonghead Bakeoff

Apart from smoking, cannabis edibles are the most popular way to use marijuana. The most famous recipe for edible weed and hash is the classic hash cake or space cake, which can basically be any cake or pie recipe you like with added cannabis as the mystery ingredient. So what are the world’s best ways to prepare any stoner’s favourite icing on the cake? Amsterdam Genetics tries to have your cake and eat it! A Truckload of Recipes

A quick tour of the Interwebs demonstrates that there are about as many recipes for space cake out there as there are smokers. Everyone seems to have a personal favourite or a golden tip to make that perfect bake, and so we are going to have a hard time deciding which one is the ultimate recipe. It seems to boil down to a matter of taste in the end.

This makes perfect sense, of course, and is as it should be. Just like everyone has their favourite strains to smoke, so will everyone have a different cake to bake. In fact, come to think of it, I’m suddenly wondering about the best kinds of weed (or possibly hash) to use for great cakes, muffins, or other edibles… I feel a strong urge to turn to our fanbase – yes, that is you – and figure this one out.

So let’s try and exchange some tips here, shall we? What are your favourite strains for making your fabulous homemade space cakes? As an Amsterdam genetics ambassador, I am inclined to go for White Chocolate, of course, but let’s collect us a truckload of recipes and baking tips as we set out on The Great Bonghead Bakeoff!

Come on then, don’t keep all of that goodness to yourself! Spread the love, spread the knowledge, and share your favourite taste through the Amsterdam genetics Facebook Community!