Best Sativa Autoflower: Blue Amnesia Auto Cannabis Seeds

Discover the best sativa autoflower ever, the tasty ‘Blue Amnesia Autoflower’. A cross between the most popular sativa from the US with The Netherlands’ favorite sativa strain. Now available as high-yielding autoflower seeds for the masses to enjoy.

Dutch Favorite Sativa

amnesia haze cannabis strain
Heavy-hitter ‘Amnesia Haze’ is without a doubt the Dutch’ favorite sativa strain

‘Got Amnesia?’ is one of the most commonly heard questions in Dutch Coffeeshops. As the majority of Dutch cannabis consumers appears to be on the hunt for that heavy kick the classic cannabis strain ‘Amnesia Haze’ provides.

After all, the less weed you need to reach a certain high, the cheaper your consumption is. Considering that buying cannabis is pretty costly – and the Dutch like ‘cheap’ – it isn’t strange that Amnesia Haze remains a sell-out strain here after all these years.

To be fair, there aren’t a lot of strains that come close to providing that same effect either. So Amnesia Haze, a cross between Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica, is by far and understandably the most popular sativa in The Netherlands.

US Favorite Sativa

In the US though, cannabis consumers massively choose a less heavy-hitting sativa: Blue Dream. This strain is specially big in legal state Colorado. Where Blue Dream is sold two times more than it’s follow-up strain according to research data from BDS.

blue dream blooming cannabis strain autoflower
One of the most popular sativa’s in the US: Blue Dream. [Picture: My 420 Tours]

Thanks to the Blueberry in this strain’s genetic make-up (Blueberry x Haze); Blue Dream provides swift relief without providing heavy sedative effects. Although the fruity and sweet weed strain may not hit hard, it does have some other great advantages. As Blue Dream is a big yielder, with possible harvests of 1KG under a 1000W light. Or a gram per watt, the goal most commercial growers try to reach.

Best Sativa Autoflower

Considering the popularity of both these strains, we at Amsterdam Genetics decided to combine the two. Creating a heavy-hitting yet fruity tasting sativa to cater to both locals and tourists coming to Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops.

blue amnesia autoflower
Blue Amnesia Autoflower is known to show beautiful coloring later in the flowering-stage.

Little did we know, Blue Amnesia would become an instant sell-out strain – like its parent ‘Amnesia’.

Having to keep up with a crazy demand, our breeder-team decided to turn this immensely populair cannabis strain into an autoflower. Crossing our Blue Amnesia – which we until then only had as regular seeds – with a ruderalis variety. Providing a shorter grow cycle, all the while preserving the strains’ unique taste and effect.

According to our friend and homegrower Yarista: ‘The effects are amazing, pain and stress melt away while your head stays clear. No panic attacks at all, which happens sometimes with sativas. Great one to share with friends, you’ll have amazing conversations, laughter and great ideas!’

Despite the difficult journey that our Blue Amnesia Autoflower had to pass through during the crossing with a ruderalis – our breeders have retained the authentic indisputable taste, exhilarating head buzz and sweet fruity aroma of Blue Amnesia. ‘So smooth and great flavour, hard to describe but sweet and a hint of spicy at the same time. No matter if you vape, smoke or make edibles… this is a great hitting strain’, Yarista continues in her review on

And luckily, this autoflowering cannabis strain remains a heavy yielder. Making it to number three on our list ‘Highest Yielding Autoflowers in Amsterdam‘.  Discover more:  blue amnesia Autoflower