The Best Spacecake In Amsterdam: The Chocoblock Bar

Edibles in the Netherlands
Weed infused brownies, muffins and rainbow coloured slices of cake – you’ve probably seen and tried it all; if you ever travelled to Amsterdam to experience our rich cannabis culture. In that case, chances are you’d also agree with the majority of cannabis consumers who are often disappointed by these so-called ‘spacecakes’.

Because of the Dutch legal maximum of 0,33gr cannabis in edibles – and most coffeeshops using cheap shake for this purpose – many spacecakes are considered weak and therefore very overpriced. Moreover, only few coffeeshops care about the taste and customers experience when eating the edibles they offer.

We guess it’s safe to say it’s not easy finding edibles in Amsterdam worth your time and money. Visitors to our lovely city often find themselves asking: ‘where do I get the best spacecake in Amsterdam?’

Best spacecake in Amsterdam
It will come as no surprise that we at Amsterdam Genetics aim for the highest standards when it comes to the products we offer. That reflects in our premium quality cannabis seeds and merchandise, but also in the quality of the flower and hash offered by our trusted resellers; like the Boerejongens coffeeshops.

So when we decided to offer spacecakes through these selected dispensaries, we just had to make sure it’d be the best damn spacecake in the Dam. And did we.

To guarantee the quality of these cakes, we now proudly call our ‘Spacetry’ (as in space-pastry), we made sure two very important components were not missing from the equation:
– A Michelin-star pastry chef
– Per serving 0,33gr of the strongest legal cannabis we could find

‘If it weren’t for the THC in it,
you would probably expect this type of pastry
when visiting the Queen in her palace!’


Chocoblock bar (with THC!)
Pulling apart the name of our newest creation, it’s not hard to figure out what actually went in to making this block bar so special. Unfortunately, due to Dutch laws, we cannot elaborate on the original ingredient that makes our Chocoblock-bar arguably one of the strongest spacecakes in Amsterdam. But solely focussing on its effect would sell this amazing creation short anyway; and after all it’s not that ‘choco’ you’ll taste when eating our Chocoblock bar. 😉

It takes years of practice and dedication to become the best, and only the best is good enough for our Spacetry. That’s why we hired the crème de la crème, a real-life Michelin-star pastry chef, to create the best spacecake ever: the Chocoblock-bar.

Our new and improved Spacetry, the Chocoblock-bar, consists of a crispy biscuit, wrapped by creamy chocolate ganache and a crunchy layer of milk chocolate; topped with dried cranberries, puffed hempseed and gold powder. If it weren’t for the THC in it, you would probably expect this type of pastry when visiting the Queen in her palace! Considering it does though, you can find this new Spacetry at the Boerejongens coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Be advised, the Chocoblock-bar is extremely strong. Some consumers found even half of it to be too much. Be careful when eating the Spacetry, preferably take smaller pieces and wait long enough for the cake to be processed by your body (+/- 1,5hrs), and thus the effect to kick in, before you eat more.


CBD Edible
Aside from the THC infused Chocoblock-bar, we also created a CBD edible for the non-THC consuming cannabis lovers. After all, the amount of people entering the cannabis community through the use of CBD is ever increasing. The CBD Chocoblock-bar contains 10mg pure CBD crystals (instead of 0,33 gr premium cannabis) and is topped with a Green Tea extract instead of the gold powder.

For quite some time, the CBD bars were only available at our Coffeeshop Information Center on the Prins Hendrikkade 10, right outside Amsterdam Central Station. But nowadays you can also get them at EVERY BOEREJONGENS location in Amsterdam. See their menu’s for availability HERE.

And it would be a good idea to get both though. Because the THC Spacetry tastes SO good, you would want to eat more than you can handle. And with CBD the sky is the limit; and it could even limit your high if necessary.

Get them now and let us know what you think on social media!