biodegradable seal grip bag with cannabis bud

Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging Now Available In Selected Shops

The cannabis-industry in the Netherlands uses huge amounts of disposable plastic. As bud tenders give away billions of seal grip baggies with weed sales on a yearly basis. Though most customers throw out the bag within 24-72 hours after the purchase – and only a small percentage finds its way to a trashcan or recycle bin. Introducing our new BIODEGRADABLE Seal Grip Bags, we no longer have to worry about the environmental impact of this habit.

No More Plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest issues the world faces right now. But with countless efforts to try and decrease the ‘plastic soup’ in the ocean, we still have a long way to go. Mainly because big organizations from all over the world still use and produce incredible amounts of disposable plastic(-products). Why? Because there is still demand.

‘Get rid of the plastic’, is also one of the most common points of feedback for Dutch coffeeshops. As each customer receives a (free) plastic seal grip bag with every weed purchase. Is this ideal? Absolutely not. In an ideal world coffeeshops wouldn’t have to sell loose grams (with a max. of 5gr per customer). Like in dispensaries in the US, we’d rather offer glass jars with a larger content or other reusable containers.

Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging

Unfortunately it appears the Dutch cannabis consumer is not ready to make the switch. As most customers get a day’s worth of cannabis and consume it within a 24-72 hours. Making qualitative storage less important. Furthermore, cannabis use is still frowned upon by a lot of people. So not everyone wants to walk around with a big container filled with weed. But some consumers rather discretely stash a small bud in their jacket-pocket to smoke later.

Amsterdam Genetics introduces environment-friendly Biodegradable Seal Grip Bags

So instead of rolling out glass containers that would get thrown out immediately – or plastic vials like some US dispensaries do – we found a compromise: biodegradable seal grip bags. Providing a smooth transition into a more environmental-friendly cannabis packaging, while it continues ‘unchanged’ for customers. Apart from the cool Amsterdam Genetics logo with ‘biodegradable’ icon in the corner of the new seal grip bags.

Biodegradable Seal Grip Bags

With our Biodegradable Seal Grip Bags, we no longer have to worry about the environmental impact of the millions of plastic bags getting thrown out into nature. As according to their certificate, these baggies break down 80% within 2-3 years! In comparison, regular plastic baggies take hundreds of years to break down to that level. Of course, we still encourage you to throw the bags out in the trash or plastic recycle-bin; as trash does not belong in nature.

Is it the cleanest form of cannabis packaging or the most environmental-friendly? Probably not. But it’s a start – and a good one for the Dutch industry. Though we at Amsterdam Genetics will continue to look for even better ways of protecting nature while providing the best service in the business.

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