Block Doc Part II - How Hash Is Made

The Block Doc Part II – How Block Hash Is Made in Morocco

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Ever wondered where that delicious Amsterdam hash in your joint actually comes from? You’re about to find out! Meet Block Doc Part II: a sparkly new high-quality documentary by Amsterdam Genetics. Our second Block Doc gives you exclusive insight into just how the world’s best hash is made in Morocco. Join us as we travel deep into the Moroccan heartlands. Here, you’ll find out how ancient farming traditions, top genetics and the perfect climate are the key to making the world’s ultimate quality hashish.

The Secret Behind The Best Hash On The Planet

Best Hash Amsterdam coffeeshop

Have you ever found yourself staring at a half-finished hash joint wondering how this amazing, mouth-watering quality travelled all the way to you from a mountainside somewhere in Morocco? Well, don’t worry; we know the feeling – as will thousands of fellow cannabis connoisseurs in Amsterdam and all over the planet. Well, guess what: you’re in luck! We have all the answers for you, and we’re giving you a personal look. In fact, Amsterdam Genetics is giving you front-row tickets for free! Check out our all new Block Doc part II and take a first-hand, close-up look at the amazing process of producing top notch, prime quality, incredible hash the way Nature meant it to be.

Watch The Block Doc Part II Here:

Cannabis Gold Nuggets

We have to admit that we’re pretty proud of our new Block Doc. We think you’ll understand why as soon as you go check it out for yourself. It’s no wonder that we feel so smug about it: if you’ve ever had a taste of our scrumptious Hash Blocks, you know just what we mean. How on earth can anyone squeeze so much yum into such a tiny block of natural goodness? Well, just watch the video, and you’ll know exactly why these little cannabis gold nuggets make our Amsterdam hearts beat faster.

From Moroccan Farms To Your Amsterdam Spliff

In this ten-minute documentary, we take you on a grand tour past all the different steps it takes to produce our peerless Block Hash. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer amount of hard work it takes to give you that incredible cannabis experience in the comfort of your own home. Join us on a trip to the mountain ranges of Northern Africa, where Moroccan farmers have been perfecting their skills for centuries using time-tested rural tradition and an expert sense for the right moment to plant, harvest, and process their crops. See from up close how Amsterdam Genetics adds prime genetics to this ancient mix. Watch us combine modern science and ancient knowledge to create the most amazing hashish you’ll ever find in your spliff!

Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

You are cordially invited to come and have an exclusive look behind the scenes of our award-winning production process. Be sure to check out the new Block Doc Part II and enjoy a first-rate documentary like you never see on TV. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Oh, and while you’re at it, here’s a little insider’s tip from your friends at Amsterdam Genetics. If you have some popcorn ready, then so much the better. For maximum enjoyment of the documentary, though, you may want to pop over to one of our dispensaries and grab your own Hash Block before you tune in. You can bet that our first-rate footage will get your appetite going once you see all that Amsterdam Genetics goodness on your screen…

Bon Appétit – The Amsterdam Genetics Team

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