Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2016

Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag or Liberation Day is a free festival held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. It’s our chance to celebrate the international cannabis culture and to show how much this plant has to offer. Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag calls for better tolerance and understanding of the Herb. As well as encouraging the widespread use of hemp as a durable resource. Furthermore it aims to challenge the criminalization of the plant, the cannabis consumers, coffeeshops and cultivators. The festival is held at one of the greenest parks in Amsterdam called The Flevopark.

This years festival was held on the 12th of June and Amsterdam Genetics was proud to be a part of it. During the festival visitors where able to enjoy a variety of events. A main stage had been set up with various artists, speakers and music DJ’s from both home and abroad. There was a large Hemp market, a Cannabis Film Festival and Europe’s largest Mongolian nomadic tent had been erected. Around the festival special areas for people to enjoy different music genres including Reggae & Dub. Visitors were also able to experience a Vape Lounge as well as a mouth watering food and drinks area.

Live Music, Guest Speakers & our very own Hash Blocks on trial

As soon as the festival started our amazing team was immediately busy with informing people about our products and let them sample our new hash Blocks. Once people noticed the vaporisers and that they could smoke for free. Our stand was packed out for the rest of the day! The festival was filled with many different types of music. Everything from Reggae music to Latin House. Pop-Rock to Drum&Bass.

In between the musical performances visitors were able to listen specially invited guests. The famous Rick Simpson, Doede de Jong and our old minister Dries van Agt was among the speakers. Dries van Agt was the one responsible for the ‘gedoogbeleid’ law in Holland over 40 years ago. All of them were happy to share their opinions on the cannabis industry as it is today.

Amsterdam Genetics managed to interviewed people through the day about the festival and other political issues. You can find these interviews with such people as Dries van Agt and Doede de Jong and more are on our brand new YouTube channel: Amsterdam Genetics

Overall Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2016 was a great success and we definitely intend to be present in 2017!

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