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Cannabis Strain Review: Blue Amnesia Haze

Ah, the sheer privilege of sitting in my warm living room, fully focussed on relishing this exquisite weed! Outside in the streets, people weave around one another in anxious little social distancing dances, but with a pipeful of this Blue Amnesia Haze, I can’t help but greet passers-by with a cheerful smile. People react in surprise, answering my hails as if they forgot about how-do-you-do’s. I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if everyone were to embrace this peace-loving plant. For now, I’ll start by convincing you with this Blue Amnesia Haze review.


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Blue Amnesia Haze Review: Refined Like A Dancer

blue amnesia haze review

The effect is one I dare to label refined; without prejudice to the potent high that washes over me almost instantaneously. Blue Amnesia Haze does not reveal her power like a female Olympic shot-put athlete. She shows her strength more like a dancer would, spiraling her way towards my mind with deceptively nimble sure-footedness. The result? A relaxed-yet-gracious sense of elation, without the leaden step of more heavy-handed cannabis strains. Luxury is finding a high that massages the neocortex while still supplying the energy to walk out the door and make something out of the smoking occasion you were looking forward to. The image of the dancer is also reflected in the sense of balance lacing my Blue Amnesia Haze review, like a ballerina perched on her ballet slippers in perfect equilibrium.


From Lowly Ganja To High As The Himalayas

Blue Amnesia Haze is an heiress to the hugely popular Amnesia Haze genetics. A carefully balanced amalgamation of 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica history. In the here and now, we get to reap the rewards of marital unison between sativas and indicas, but 150 years back, the world was a different kind of place. Cannabis indica can be traced back to Asia, in particular to the areas bordering on and rising up into the Himalayas. As early as in 1874, a British explorer noted: “Upon the first shakedown of the half-dried flower buds, the best quality is obtained, which is called ‘nup’. The second shaking yields ‘tahgalim’, of a somewhat lesser quality. The third shaking, finally, provides ‘ganja’.” It is said that the finest quality never even hits the markets. It is reserved to persons of special status. Here in Europe, all we ever got was ganja, least among all three variants.

blue amnesia amsterdam genetics

An American Perspective Of A Blue Amnesia Haze Review

On the other side of the planet, America had its own kinds of wild hemp. This used to be called Cannabis Americana, which falls under the sativa family. The roots of the sativas therefore reach into American soil, even if all weed history eventually leads back to the Asian high plateaus. Indica, however, is more intricately entwined with India than even her name suggests. Initially, American weed was considered inferior to its Indian counterpart due to lack of potency. True to character, though, the industrious Americans started working on their plants. By 1898, experts had to admit that that well-grown and properly treated sativa was every bit as effective as the finest indica. There was another advantage: indica quality fluctuated, whereas sativa was far more constant in its results.

blue amnesia haze review

Thus, conflict arose between the British, who occupied India, and the Americans with their sativa. Eventually, they made peace: the happy result is our present cornucopia of fabulous weed: a happy marriage forged between two former rivals.

A Broadly Rooted Family Tree

If you clamber down the trunk of this great family tree of weddings, you end up at a prodigy great-granddaughter such as this Blue Amnesia Haze. Interestingly, one could even portray the taste of her buds in terms of India-America oppositions. Carrying touches of spicy, fiery zest, she reminds of a well-balanced curry. Contrast is provided by a sweetness I associate with the unstoppable US urge of adding a spoonful of sugar to help anything go down. Both aspects are pleasant to the tongue, but their combination culminates in a surprisingly rich and complete flavour. A well-rounded bouquet, as a wine sommelier might put it.

blue amnesia haze review

Balance Defines My Blue Amnesia Haze Review

So balance, then. It appears to be the central defining feature of this  Blue Amnesia Haze review. There is equilibrium between sativa and indica; balance between soft sweetness and peppery power, and harmony between the varied ethnic backgrounds of the parent strains. This is weed that has lessons to teach to us humans.

So there you have it, my dear cannabist: crossing strains gets you much higher than crossing swords.


Blue Amnesia Haze

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