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Cannabis Strain Review: Chocolato

In this strain review, our connoisseur Hans checks out the Chocolato strain, a softly sweet mix of White Choco and Gelato genetics. Get your own preview of this exclusive Amsterdam Genetics Homegrown cannabis here!
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Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. He lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Chocolato Strain Review

“This one packs a punch”: it’s the first thing to cross my mind as I take a plentiful puff of Chocolato. This is a real pick-me-up that triggers me to get up and running. It must be the delicate 60/40% indica – sativa ratio. The flavour is sweet and light; the effect touches the body first, before it reaches my mind. This is no-nonsense material. This is the kind of weed that easily lets you finish that jigsaw you had lying around on the shelf. Well, perhaps you’d rather get your Playstation going and play a game of Fifa, but at least you’ll have a minimal risk of scoring an own-goal.  The power of Chocolate is nothing to sneeze at, but it does leave you sharp and focused. A very agreeable combination for anyone interested in more than sagging away on the sofa, as tempting as that may sound at times…

amsterdam genetics Chocolato strain
Amsterdam X USA: White Choco X Chocolato

A Clear High

A nice and crystal-clear high like this Chocolato brings opens up a whole range of possibilities. There are plenty of smokers out there who know exactly what effects they look for in their weed, and for those connoisseurs, this strain is absolutely worth a try. Are you looking for a smoke that leaves you knocked out on the couch after three hits? Then perhaps this sophisticated strain is not your cup of tea.

Nonetheless, strains that taste as wonderful as this Chocolato, with highs one might call ‘lucid’, are a great gift for active stoners. Or for creative tokers for that matter; personally, I can say that my writing really kicks off after a few tugs of this delightful little plant. Isn’t it wonderful how these magical plants can propel the mind to new insights and perspectives while you just stay put behind your writing desk? It’s a bit like the enriching effect of distant travels, only without the aviation tax, the CO2 emissions and the annoying flight attendants.  Oh, and it tastes a bit like chocolate too! Hoe awesome can one wish one’s holiday-in-a-baggy to be?

Backyard Mini Holiday

In fact, this Chocolato is the ideal solution for our current epoch of lockdowns and confinement. We all want to take a little break, but all the holiday destinations are blinking red and orange these days. So how great is the option of growing your own miniature holiday in your backyard? You only have a small balcony facing north, you say? Well. that’s where the Dutch have the real home advantage during travel bans: there’s always a coffeeshop full of treats nearby. If only our national politicians would recognise the benefits our beloved cannabis can offer.I’m sure they wouldn’t be as fussy over toleration and permits as they are now…

chocolato strain review
No need to pack that suitcase this year…

I Do Solemnly Declare…

It’s worlds apart from the words of professor Leon Schwartzenberg, the former French Health Minister. At the second Paris Cannabis Convention (1994) he noted: “We conclude that the ban on cannabis causes great damage; particularly due to the tens of thousands of incarcerations resulting from repression. I do solemnly declare that I use cannabis. […] I therefore demand that I be arrested. If not, then anyone presently held on cannabis charged must be released immediately.”

As you may have guessed, nobody was released – Schwartzenberg was relieved of his ministerial duties…

chocolato strain amsterdam genetics
Some Homegrown Chocolato, Anyone?

Chocolato Strain: Perfect For Politicians?

Well, my dear fellow readers and fellow smokers: we don’t need to be ministers to pass judgement on cannabis, now do we? Nor do we need to hold public office to influence our cannabis opinions. Take this effervescent Chocolato strain for example, winding its way through my cortex. This little lady doesn’t keep me under her thumb, as many other strains with comparable THC levels tend to do. Quite the contrary, in fact: she fires up my creativity and entrepreneurial drive! Could it be the overseas influence of the fabled Gelato genetics from this crossbreed? Or am I feeling the sweet temptations of my dear own Amsterdam White Choco infusing me with mild euphoria? Who can tell? No matter what, though, one thing is for sure. This combination of sweet vanilla aromas and gentle effects could bring new insights to conservative government officials around the world. That would be highly practical – it would be fitting if they could just skip their summer leave for once this year.

CHOCOLATO cannabis strain

Grow Your Own Chocolato!


CHOCOLATO cannabis strain


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