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Cannabis Strain Review: Sketch

For this Sketch strain review, gourmet smoker Hans Plomp takes you on a journey along the borders between the cannabis traditions of our planet. In Sketch, the best of two worlds meet – here, one and one amounts to much more than just two…

Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Sketch Strain Review: Power With A Twist

A brief glance at the background of this Sketch strain offers interesting insights. Its classic White Widow genetics embody a whole lot of oomph, but the Thai and Afghan descent of The One counters that with a pleasantly light and clear twist. Add to this the sweet and fruity flavours carried by this flower, and you know you have some pretty special weed on your hands. Packing all of that goodness into a single strain took some work, though: enthusiasts from all over the world brought their cannabis discoveries together to create this beauty.

World Class Weed

It’s no coincidence that in the sixties, Hippies mainly travelled to countries where weed and hash have been used for millennia. These early drug tourists crossed Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, and other exotic destinations. They returned from their journeys with the most wonderful results, including this Sketch strain here.

Sketch cannabis strain seed

Reaping The Rewards

Tragically, the overland journey from Istanbul to India is virtually impossible to make these days. By overland, I mean actually travelling through the land, where you meet people along the way and learn about their culture; their food, drinks, intoxicants, and magic herbs. As hard as the trip is today, we still reap the rewards of the contacts made by travelling stoners well over half a century ago.

The explorers of old used to bring revolutionary new products along when they returned from their voyages, like coffee, tea, tobacco, cocoa, coca, or potatoes, to name but a few. In a similar vein, the pilgrims following the ‘hippie trail’ came home carrying weed and hashish. Today, we know Afghan, ‘paak’ from Pakistan, Lebanon, Menali, and Nepalese temple balls… A world of delights bears silent testimony to their efforts.

Cultural Cross-Pollination

Today, I’m sampling this Sketch strain, offspring of proud Thai and Afghani traditions. This is a fine example of how cooperation between different cultures can bring about something wonderful. For centuries, Afghani and Thai people had been growing their own brands of cannabis. They probably knew little of each other’s existence, because they lived thousands of kilometres apart. In Afghanistan, Hippies got a taste of exquisite local hash; in Thailand, they ‘discovered’ the subtle Thai weed strains. That’s how these two cultures met. It’s also why you and I get to enjoy the superhigh children born out of crossbreeds between these different strains.

Sketch strain bud

Personally, I can’t help but smile whenever I meet a couple of mixed skin clours; especially when they have some beautiful “double blood” children with them. Well, the same holds true for this weed here. Cannabis is a force that unites people and cultures. Coffeeshops have more mixed clienteles – or more ‘inclusive’ as we say these days – than your average pub. If only politicians would smoke more weed: surely they would recognise the cultural cross-pollination powered by cannabis.

Growing Your Own Sketch Strain

Whoever is not yet convinced of the benefits of globalisation should definitely give this Sketch strain a try. You could do it directly, by smoking it, but this world-class strain promises many benefits to growers, too. She is easily tempted to producing above-average harvests, under various conditions. That’s what you get when you pick a cosmopolitan lady with roots in about any type of soil the world can offer.

sketch cannabis lineage

A Clear High For Long Evenings

Sketch, child of different cultures (as most cannabis is these days), carries a light flavour that masks a powerful, clear high you’ll feel for a long time. It’s also a great weed to fuel relaxed discussions lasting through the night. A true politician’s cannabis strain, if you ask me…

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