skywalker saga strain review

Cannabis Strain Review: Skywalker Saga

With this Skywalker Saga strain review, veteran smoker Hans Plomp boldly dives into a weed variant of science fiction-like quality. Here, you’ll learn whether Skywalker Saga truly has The Force. Get ready to assess a new Homegrown cannabis strain that brings the stars within reach.


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Skywalker Saga Strain Review

A plant called Skywalker saga evokes some pretty strong associations. This is a shooting star for sure: this rocket fuel contains 22% THC! It is a crossbreed between Kosher Kush and OG 18 – quite an impressive pedigree. On the other hand, the Jedi who inspired the name of this Skywalker strain had some pretty famous parents too. From that perspective, Skywalker Saga sets some high expectations. We’ll find out soon enough whether this weed’s legendary background yields appropriately epic results.

skywalker saga strain review


I take a firm hit, and wonder what it’s like to wander out in space – actual skywalking, that is. As the Skywalker Saga washes over me with a smooth and playful fruity taste. Personally, I love the mild onset of the high this plant brings. Being hit over the head with a big green hammer is all well and good, but feeling the tingling sensation of the Skywalker effect build up slowly is a sensation to enjoy with full awareness. As I feel it creep over me, the transparency of its high takes me back to memories of decades back…

Skywalking And Moon Landings

I bet I must have felt as high and crystal clear as this weed makes me feel over fifty years ago, when first smoked Thai weed with some friends. We were watching television together, to witness the live broadcast of the first moon landing. We were high as a kite, and almost simultaneously we exclaimed: ”This isn’t real; this is not a live broadcast! This is all staged in some Hollywood studio..!”

Star Level Taste

Of course, I have never actually been to the moon myself, so I can’t say anything definitive about the veracity of our moonwalks. What I can claim for sure, though, is the fact that Skywalker Saga is giving me an extraterrestrially pleasant high. It starts with the lovely smooth flavour. A whole fruit basket full of citrus-like aromas comes skywalking my way as I open the baggy. Add a little flame and this bouquet explodes into a plethora of fruity tastes, with a trace of the kush genetics still present in the mix.

skywalker saga cannabis seeds

Sativa High With Plenty Of Force

The Skywalker Saga high reflects its indica-dominated makeup with strong sativa elements. The sensation is mild and friendly, but still as evident as a full-on hit from a powerful cannabis strain. This green surprise easily hurtles past the 20% THC content mark, and that amount of Force is exactly what I feel. The high aims for my head, which matches my expectations for a sativa lady. Still, my whole scalp notices that this is a feisty girl. Perhaps this weed’s character is more akin to charming power woman Rey Skywalker, and less to her Star Wars predecessors…

Seeing Straight Through The BS

Belgian author Henri Michaux once called hashish a spiritual tracking dog, sniffing right past any disguise. In our case, as we were slumped in front of the TV, we saw straight through the bullshit. From that moment on, I took all media with a big pinch of salt, thanks to cannabis.

When you’re high, you clearly feel what is true and what isn’t. You’ll manage even with your eyes shut – like a real Jedi Knight.

Many years later, doubts about the authenticity of those live moon landing images hit the mainstream. True or not, no people have set foot on the moon since then… I’ll leave the final verdict to you. In the meantime, I’ll just go on my own little space voyages from here. Since I get to enjoy treats like this Skywalker Saga strain here in Amsterdam, there’s no need to doubt my personal adventures.

skywalker saga strain review

Skywalker Saga Strain Review: The Best Place In The Cosmos

I don’t have the slightest ambition to hop on a space ship and shoot off into the stars. Us cannabists know a better way: toking on some Skywalker Saga will take you straight to the best place in the cosmos. What’s more, she’ll do it with taste, and with plenty of power. A sweet indica dominant hybrid with enough sativa left for a thorough;y enjoyable high. And the best thing is: that perfect spot in the cosmos is right here on earth. That is the awareness that cannabis brings: the magical powers of mother nature. Or should I call it The Force just this once..?

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