Tangerine G13 Hash

Cannabis Strain Review: Tangerine G13 Hash

Two great cannabis strains, the Sativa Tangerine and the Indica G13, make up the parentage of this gorgeous hashish, dubbed Tangerine G13 Hash to mark its ancestry. Allow me to light up and shed some light on the roots of this plant with this Tangerine G13 Hash Review


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Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Tangerine G13 Hash Review: Hop On A Flying Carpet

Soft and velvety, she slides her way inside (weed is feminine). This hash has a light and fruity flavour, but don’t be fooled: this is some potent stuff! The first effect is a warm welcome; I feel pleasantly relaxed as I start to ascend, drifting to a distant paradise on a comfy flying carpet. My head is clear, and the fingers of this rush reach down to the furthest corners of my body. I surrender and allow it to carry me off. Where will the journey take me this time? I let my associations run free. The first word that comes to mind is “Majoun”.

Moroccan Majoun

Majoun is a delicious dish that will get you high as a kite to boot. In Morocco, it is traditionally prepared using hashish, honey, dates, nuts, and herbs; all mixed with butter. It’s consumed for more than pleasure alone: majoun has medicinal properties too. Medicine men and women add other ingredients to the mix to alter its effects. This enables them to prepare treatments for all sorts of ailments, including mental problems.

Best Morroccan Hash at Amsterdam Genetics

Occasionally, they will spike their blend with opium or thorn apple to activate specific parts of the psyche. In the West, we take a different approach, prescribing tranquillizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants and more to suppress the troubles of the mind. With Majoun, you take the exact opposite direction: you actively aggravate the symptoms, albeit with a decidedly pleasant type of medicine. This way, you can let all the metal issues come out in full and have them run their course, while still feeling quite at ease because of the hashish. I can assure you from my personal experience that it works better than any pill or shot. If all goes well, you will find yourself lying around laughing at your own fears and crazes.

Laughing At Yourself

Now, laughing is a healthy habit by its own right. Still, if you can manage to laugh at your own mad quirks, it turn the act into a cleansing behaviour. Healing, even. This Tangerine G13 turned to hash makes it all but impossible to hide a satisfied smile. And yet, ‘high’ is more prominent than ‘stoned’ here. That leaves you with enough energy and mental keenness to chuckle gleefully at your own eccentricities. Or your eccentric ownness, for that matter. This state of mind is made possible by a fine genetic balance between Indica and Sativa. Laughing keeps you in good health: daring to look inside yourself makes you stronger. The tingling in my body and limbs provoked by this hash covers it all in a relish of pleasure.

Rhino-Free Highs On Tangerine G13 Hash

Majoun is also popular as a stimulant. In this case, certain species of lizards may be added to the ingredients, stirring feelings of lust as a result. Similar added ingredients include caterpillars, beetles and other creatures. It reminds me of traditional Chinese medicine, in which rhinoceros horns, tigers, and other animals are used for their alleged effects. These practices are thousands of years old, and I can’t imagine why anyone would pay handsomely for such things if they weren’t effective somehow. Still, my dear friends, this is no longer acceptable in our modern times! In our desire to improve ourselves, we are butchering our way through the animal kingdom to become stronger, healthier, or hornier. And I’m not even getting into coronaviruses here…

Best Tangerine G13 hash

My advice is simple. Switch to Majoun made of swell hashish like this Tangerine G13 here. Believe me, comrades: it will get you more potent and healthy, and you’ll have a wonderful high as a complementary bonus.

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