Moak pancakes and cbd bars for Amsterdam

Caring For Healthcare Heroes With Moak

In these weird weeks when COVID-19 clouds the news and our daily lives, we’re all looking for some silver lining. Well, if you fancy some tasty positive vibes, check this out. We have a cheering Amsterdam initiative to lift your spirit and fuel your smile. The loveable local chefs at Moak Pancakes have got something good on the stove. They’re baking and delivering stacks of free American Pancakes to the healthcare professionals our city depends on right now. SupMedi is a fan, prompting the Amsterdam CBD manufacturers to chip in with a healthy batch of their own CBD Bars.

Moak, CBD And TLC

Moak’s loveable gesture soon snowballed into a huge pancake offensive once health professionals, the media and a small army of volunteers caught on. At first, the doors of the Amsterdam pancake imperium opened up to all the vital staff of the city’s healthcare sector. A quick stopover for a pile of pancakes and back to work was the basic idea. By now, however, hospitals, care facilities and ambulances are so busy dealing with the crisis that takeaway is no longer an option. So what do you do when you feel like splashing your dough around? You guessed it: that’s when you get a full-blown delivery service up and running from scratch! Now, volunteers are racing across town to keep all those hungry medics going. Moak cares for caregivers with pancakes, fruit juices, CBD bars and a healthy dose of Tender Lovin’ Care.

Blij met pancakes en CBD supmedi
Nurses Returning The <3

Let Your City’s Heart Show

When you see your hometown make an effort like that, you can’t help but wonder what you can contribute yourself. At SupMedi, they felt the exact same thing. Last week, they were supplying Volksbond Foundation with a van full of food and kombucha drinks for fellow citizens in vulnerable positions. This week, they sent a big fat load of CBD bars over to Moak. A quick healthy dessert to go with the pancakes, or a wholesome snack for halfway through the shift.

That’s how everyone can do something to help. Do you have anything good and tasty to share? Why don’t you join in! Sponsors and a host of volunteers allowed Moak to prolong their action, but they can still use your support. Let them know you’re here to help on Moak’s Instagram or send them a quick email. Every contribution counts, so let your Amsterdam City’s Heart show and tag along!

Proud Of Those Amsterdam Genes

So there you have it: a finger-licking delicious initiative straight from A-Town. We think that’s a great vibe to start the weekend on. Sure, everything is a bit weird, uncertain, and scary as we’re headed for the spring of 2020, but this just goes to show what we’re capable of as long as our Amsterdam genes are still in the right place. Meanwhile, the thank-yous and big-ups from doctors and nurses keep on coming. They’re now being joined by police officers and firefighters as they show their appreciation to the baking badasses at Moak. Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we wholeheartedly agree. This is exactly how we plant the tiny seeds of hope that will allow the city to blossom in the summer up ahead…

Citizens of Amsterdam, stay kind to each other, be safe, and show the world what your Amsterdam Genetics are capable of!