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Choose Your Perfect Cannabis Strains

Every person is unique, and the same applies to all marijuana strains in the world. We all have our individual preferences and favourites when it comes to cannabis seeds. Picking weed is a matter of taste, and we all know pot is a tasty subject. So how do you choose the best matching cannabis strains? This blog helps growers decide.

Picking Strains: Spoiled For Choice

There’s a perfect cannabis match waiting for everyone, no matter your taste or growing goals. So how do growers choose their best matching cannabis strains when ordering seeds the smart way? Someone looking for strong medicinal effects will pick different cannabis strains than growers aiming for relaxing, happy, or creative genetics. Beginners and experienced growers decide differently, too. Below, we’ve listed some grower types and added tips to help them pick the best matching cannabis strains.

Which Cannabis Strains Do Active People Choose?

To anyone who prefers an active lifestyle and days filled with busy schedules, we recommend our most uplifting genetics. Do you love to spend time exploring, hiking, or cycling outdoors, pounding away at the gym, visiting festivals, doing some home improvement, cleaning up, or any of a million other activities? If so, our more sativa-dominant strains are probably worth a try.

Our haze ganja seeds in particular pack an activating, uplifting headbuzz that stimulates the mind and keeps the feet moving. Our top favourites here are Super Silver Haze, a refreshing Amsterdam Evergreen with up to 25% THC; and Amazing Haze, with an enervating mental boost and the taste of sweet caramel.

Creative And Artistic Growers

There’s plenty of growers out there aiming to crank up their creative capacity with their chosen weed strains. Heavily sedative strains are not the best choice here, as these are prone to keep even the greatest creative geniuses glued to the couch. Luckily, our collection has plenty of cannabis seeds packed with all you need to feed the mind with new impulses, free associations, and original ideas.

We advise all artists, designers, writers and other makers, as well as any amateur creative growers, to choose a cannabis strain such as Chocolato. This tasty strain combines full mental creativity with a carefree and slightly floaty body sensation.

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Plenty Of Strains To Choose For Medicinal Cannabis Growers

People have been growing cannabis for its medicinal applications for centuries. In fact, there are too many medical options to just link this grow goal to any single personality type. Luckily, we don’t need to, because we have more than enough blogs to help any grower pick matching cannabis strains for:

Check out our strain blogs to pick your best match in medicinal cannabis strains.

Socialites Choose Happy Cannabis Strains

For many people, cannabis is a social phenomenon, meant to enjoy in the company of friends. That is why growers often choose cannabis strains that can boost the mood and atmosphere by promoting good conversation and happy vibes. Well, it’s time to start smiling, as we have more than enough strains to pick if happiness is the prime concern!

Our Lemon Ice seeds are known to pack a cheerful, relaxed effect, due in part to the freshly sweet fruit flavour of aromatic pick-me-up limonene. Still, the considerable sativa content of this merry lady remains the chief happy trigger. The resulting high activates the mind and keeps people talking for hours, sharing the cheer out among the crowd.

Try our Candyfloss seeds to watch how one strains sweeps all negative vibes out the window in one fell swoop! This sugar-sweet sativa melts away stress and unease like snow in summer, swapping them for a clear and friendly high that is downright euphoric.

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Strains To Choose For Stressed-Out Cannabis Growers

Stress doesn’t have to be a medical issue. In fact, plenty of people choose a cannabis strain to chase out a healthy dose of job stress after a hard day’s work and start afresh the next day. No matter what, cannabis growers looking to ditch some stress, lose a bit of tension, and relax to the max have enough strains to choose from in our catalogue.

Defusing physical body stress often works best if you pick cannabis strains like Blue Magic, a real beauty queen with a deeply relaxing bodybuzz inside. She works her way down to the deep muscle fibres, making her a great match for athletes – because you can bet your muscles get stressed out by a punishing gym workout!

Gourmet Picks

We know, we know: there’s no accounting for taste. And yet, anyone trying to pick cannabis seeds based on taste and scent preferences is bound to feel like a kid in a candy store checking out our strains. These selections are all about the terpenes a strain contains. These aromatic compounds add more to cannabis strains than flavour alone, though: people also choose them for the subtle effects they can add to a high.

Anyone with a sweet tooth hits the sweet spot with delights like Candyfloss or Fatkid’s Cake. You’ll taste fruit and citrus tones in strains like Strawberry Glue or Lemon Haze. Anyone with a linking for spicy hotness ought to explore our high-caryophyllene seeds, such as our AK-OG Kush, for instance.

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Of course, you could also go next level as you choose a cannabis taste experience, because we have some strains with complex bouquets that even connoisseur will find memorable. Our Choco Cheesecake is a fine example, with diesel fumes meeting chocolate and even cheese aromas. How about a touch of pepper, some fuel, and bit of a sour pickle? We dare you to try and unravel the taste profile of our Spicebomb seeds!

For your convenience, we state the unique aromas you can expect in all our different strains, allowing you to pick your perfect cannabis match as a matter of taste.

Helping Cannabis Rookies Choose Strains

We’ve made sure that growers with little or no experience can pick suitable cannabis strains in our online store, too. True rookies will find ultimate growing ease in our autoflower seeds collection. These cannabis strains were specifically designed to choose their own perfect time to flower, leaving the greenest of growers with a lot less to worry about.

Our seeds catalogue also states the level of growing difficulty for all seeds. That helps anyone pick the cannabis strains that match their level of experience and expertise. On top of that, we have our expanding collection of Grow Blogs full of advice, tricks, and tips for advanced and novice growers. We have something for all shapes and sizes, no matter what you love to grow.

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An Amsterdam Genetics Strain For Everyone

So now you’ve seen for yourself: no matter what your personality, taste, preference, and level of experience, you can always choose seeds that meet your needs in our online cannabis catalogue. Take your time to look around and read our blogs and strain info at your leisure. Once you’ve managed to choose your perfect cannabis strain, ordering online is your best guarantee to grow that green match made in heaven!


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