Coffeeshop Etiquette: How To Behave In Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Although the majority of the information below should be common sense; it can’t hurt to update our knowledge on coffeeshop etiquette from time to time. In other words, how to behave in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam? What are definite DOs and the absolute DON’Ts when it comes to acceptable behavior in Amsterdam’s coffeeshop culture? Let’s find out and make your visit as well as the budtender’s job as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Coffeeshop Etiquette 101: Always Be Kind

This should not come as a surprise to you, but budtenders in Amsterdam coffeeshops are just regular people doing their job. So, we advise you to treat them the way you would like to be treated at your workplace. It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. Make eye-contact and say ‘hello’ when you come in – and stay friendly during your purchase.

Sure, coffeeshop staff can be rude at times – as some customers are too. Dealing with great pressure all day to keep lines from building up onto the street, coffeeshop bud tenders do not have an easy job. Let’s give them the respect they deserve, so you and customers coming after you, can receive the service you deserve.

Follow Staff Instructions

All Amsterdam coffeeshops have house-rules, like any other company does. These are initially meant to maintain a welcoming and safe environment for both staff members and visitors. Besides, these house-rules make sure all coffeeshops are compliant with the strict Dutch laws regarding this business.

coffeeshop etiquette
Coffeeshop employees (or ‘budtenders’) are just regular people on the job

For example, it is not allowed to have alcohol on the premises of a licensed coffeeshop. Another rule, for safety in this case, is that most coffeeshops do not condone headwear. So you will be asked to remove your cap, beanie or other headwear upon entering many coffeeshops.

Logically, if staff members – from budtenders to hospitality employees – provide guidance, please follow the given instructions. It’s all for your safety and for the safety of our staff members, as well as to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors and the city council. We value and respect the people we work and live with; we’re simply asking you to do the same.



Coronavirus Measures And Coffeeshop Etiquette

Recently, the general rules of conduct have changed due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Obviously, national and local safety measures impact coffeeshop etiquette, too. After all, coffeeshop staff want nothing more than keep you, themselves and their loved ones safe. As the situation evolves, we try to keep you up to speed on the additional rules in Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Examples of measures that may or may not be implemented are the wearing of face masks and the closing of smoke lounges, for instance. Of course, nationwide rules such as social ditancing and coughing into one’s elbow apply anywhere, including coffeeshops. You can still count on our Neighbourhood Hosts to provide guidance, but knowing what the current rules are sure helps keep you and everyone else safe. You can check the latest updates at coffeeshop websites, the Dutch National Health Institute RIVM, or the latest updates in the blogs of Coffeeshop Info Centre.

coffeeshop etiquette
Always follow staff instructions: they’re here for your safety!

Try To Focus

Visiting Amsterdam can be quite an adventure. Especially if it’s your first time in town. So we understand if you’re not fully focused all the time.

Though we still ask you to keep in mind that it is important for the bud tenders that you at least pay attention during your visit to the coffeeshop.

Do not pick up your phone or start looking out the window when you’re up at the bar. All strains available can be seen on the menu and further information can be asked. Which brings us to the next and last point of attention:

Ask Your Questions

Whatever it is you might be overthinking, if you have any questions: ask! The budtenders at Amsterdam coffeeshops should be trained to advise you on the best matching cannabis strain(s) for your personal needs and desires. Furthermore, they’re there to serve and make sure you have a comfortable experience in the coffeeshop. A good coffeeshop will also offer information on responsible cannabis use, to make sure you ‘get smart, before you get high‘.

Enjoy Your Visit!

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