Coffeeshop Sloterdijk In Race For ‘Interior Design Of The Year’

Boerejongens Coffeeshops has been raising the bar on the phenomenon ‘coffeeshop’ for over a decade. Guaranteeing top shelf quality, sold at affordable prices, by knowledgeable staff. Though the new Coffeeshop Sloterdijk (Betty Boop powered by Boerejongens) takes the cake when it comes to modernizing the Dutch coffeeshop-concept. All thanks to the interior design by MeesVisser, now nominated for a prestigious architecture award.

Coffeeshop Culture

Historically, coffeeshops are dark and smokey establishments. With dirty floors, writings on the wall and carved up tables – you know the stereotype. This has a lot to do with the very beginning of the coffeeshop concept. As back in the days, before the ‘Tolerance Policy’ we wrote about in this blog, selling cannabis was not yet tolerated. In other words, teahouses and ‘coffeeshops’ had to be sneaky about their practices. Furthermore, the establishments were often filled with the more ‘rebellious’, hippy type of people.

While the herb is more and more accepted and openly consumed by different layers of society. Cannabis use has slowly emerged from this dark space over the past few decades. Undoubtedly, this change in cannabis culture stimulates a change in the way coffeeshops present themselves and their products. As they want to attract that broad audience, from the legal youth in search of fun to seniors seeking a strain to ease their pain.

Modern Design

To ensure everyone feels welcome, Boerejongens and Betty Boop hired the professional architects from MeesVisser to design the interior for the newest store: Coffeeshop Sloterdijk (Boerejongens powered by Betty Boop). Resulting in a modern interpretation of elements seen in classic pharmacies. The rich and shiny interior forms a ‘huge contrast with the rawness of the building and its surroundings’, according to The main platform for Dutch architects.

interior design boerejongens Sloterdijk nominated for architecture awards

As a part of this platform’s Architectenweb Awards 2019, Boerejongens’ interior design received a nomination for ‘Interior of the Year 2019’. A professional jury tasked with judging over 40 submissions, selected Coffeeshop Sloterdijk along with four other interior designs as possible winners.

Social Relevance

Firstly, the judges praise the architects’ taste in handling the building – originating from the reconstruction period after the second world war. Including marble, oak and copper to bring more class to the design. More importantly, they also see the social relevance of this design. With the openness and chique appearance, the architects help to take the concept ‘coffeeshop’ out from the shade.

Considering that’s one of the main goals for the Boerejongens; it is extra special to know the store got nominated for this reason. Apart from the ‘Interior of the Year’-award, Architectenweb will hand out awards for six categories. Respectively ‘Residential building of the Year’, ‘Office building of the Year’, ‘Care building of the Year’, ‘Schoolbuilding of the Year’, ‘Public building of the Year’ and last but not least ‘Architect of the Year’. The award ceremony is on Thursday 31 October from 19:00 at ‘Broeinest‘ in Amsterdam.