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CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café Outdoor Terrace Open!

After months of social distancing and restraint, Amsterdam is gradually opening up again. Even though smoking cannabis in coffeeshops is still off-limits, one social smoking venue is reopening. What’s more, this smoker’s terrace is out in the fresh air and summer sunshine! If you have never tried the CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café, then this is your perfect time to discover it. Sit down, try the menu, and enjoy your cannabis moment in the sun!

Three Long Months Of No Fun

It’s been a spring season unlike any other here in Amsterdam. In between al the panic, confusion and anxiety caused by the coronavirus, the hotel and catering industry had a particularly rough time. Bars, pubs, and restaurants were ordered shut. Hotels were closed, if only because of the lack of tourists in the city. Even coffeeshops went off-grid for a night, before reopening the next day and finding themselves in a new reality defined by social distancing. No more sitting down and chilling. No more smoking with friends; even going out for a coffee or a cold beer were off-limits. Even though everyone saw the threat posed by the virus, it seemed as if fun had been forbidden overnight. Fortunately, we’ve moved on since March, and June opens up new perspectives as measures are eased.

smoke weed outdoor terrace coffeeshop amsterdam
Right In The Heart Of Town

The CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café Outdoor Terrace Awaits!

As outdoor terraces are figuring out how to manage keeping customers 1.5 metres apart, one very special Amsterdam terrace is ready to make fun-loving smokers happy again. As you may or may not know, CoffeeshopAmsterdam has been running a successful café, complete with street-level outdoor terrace. Here, you can enjoy special foods and drinks, including a fine selection of CBD-infused beverages and snacks. You can also relax and soak up some sunshine as you roll and smoke your very own Amsterdam spliff in the open air. Here, watching the people go by and just kicking back can keep you occupied all day, which is just as well if you want to try all the great items included on the menu…

Smoking Weed Outside, Downtown? Really?!!

Yes. Really. In contrast to other terraces and beer gardens around the city, you can sit down and smoke all the weed you like here. In fact, the CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café is right next door to CoffeeshopAmsterdam. That means you can order a coffee or a cold one, walk over to the shop, buy your cannabis, and walk back out. Your drink will be served by the time you have your first joint blazing. Sound to good to be true? Well, what are you waiting for? Come and give the only fully catered outdoor smoker’s terrace in town a try!

Extensive Menu And Selected CBD Specials

The menu at CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café has something delicious for any taste, including yours. Come try a broad range of spirits, cocktails and local craft beers. If you’re in for something milder, then why not enjoy a fruity juice, a smoothie, or a freshly drawn milkshake? Of course, the coffee served is top of the bill – they have Coffee in their name for a reason.

Inside The CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café

CBD Delights

If you’re really in the mood for something special, however, you should try the amazing CBD delicacies that make this place unique. CBD Coffee gets you a soothing little extra, and there’s a gourmet range of CBD edibles, health bars, and Kombucha or Ice Tea soft drinks for the designated drivers. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, ask for one of the CBD Cocktails. Tired of mojitos? Try a mohighto. You’ll be looking after your health while relishing a fine cocktail – could it get any better?

CoffeshopAmsterdam: Café And Smoking Venue Rolled Into One

Yes, in fact it can get even better. How, you ask? Easy. Add yourself to the mix. Just have a seat at the CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café and relax as you enjoy the best of both worlds. Coffeeshop and café, smoking venue and pub, literally all rolled into one. Of course, everything is in place to offer you a safe and hygienic environment to chill in. Come on over and catch some fresh air. The most smoker-friendly outdoor terrace in town is waiting for you!

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