boerejongens halloween experience

Come Get Your Boerejongens Halloween Experience

From Thursday October 29 till Monday November 2, we have a very special Fright Hospital Labs Halloween experience waiting for you at the Boerejongens Flagship Coffeeshop. If you’re planning to get your green groceries done this week, you’re about to get spooked. Of course, we’ve made sure it’s all fully coronaproof. Prepare for some Trick or Weed at the 2020 Boerejongens Halloween Experience!

An Amsterdam Halloween Experience

To get you into that Halloween mood, we’ve set up a fully immersive and totally terrifying experience for you. The theme is Fright Hospital Labs. Expect blood-spattered scenes full of screams, moans, toe-tagged corpses on hospital beds and creaky old wheelchairs straight out of horror movies. Since the corona measures have forced us to work on a takeaway basis this year, we’re making sure you get freaked out even before you get through the queue outside the shop…

Horrors Await…

Of course, things only get scarier once you make it inside. The Boerejongens crew are replaced by Fright Hospital Labs staff in surgical gowns, ready to take your organs – sorry, we meant orders. Instead of the normal Boerejongens and Amsterdam Genetics items on display, the store is lined with weird organs preserved in jars, used medical equipment, and lots of gory special touches. If you’re lucky, staff on call may find you your favourite weed or hash in the middle of all this mess. Guess you’ll just have come by and find out for yourself – if you’ve got the guts, that is!

Get Your Fully Coronaproof Halloween Experience

boerejongens halloween experienceAnd yes, of course we’ll be making sure it’s all fully coronaproof and in line with the latest COVID-19 measures in place. We’ve almost grown used with the New Normal and our dedicated hosts are on call to see to your safety and our own. Do remember that Boerejongens is working with adjusted opening hours as part of these safety measures, so don’t be late or you’ll miss out. For once, there’s really no excuse to stay in, so come on over and enjoy the show while you’re waiting to pick up your Halloweed supplies this weekend.

 Limited Edition Halloween Spacetry

No special celebration is complete without a special release. That’s why we dare you – double-dare you in fact – to come and taste our Limited Edition Halloween Spacetry. Inside these patisserie-level edibles, you’ll find lemon cheesecake, crunchy almond pastry, lemon curd, and citrus marmalade, all tied together by a White Choco ganache with mascarpone. Trust us: this one is so delicious, it’s scary. This exclusive cannabis pastry edible is a once in a lifetime release, so you’d better grab a bite while you can.

And Get A Halloween Goodie With Your Spacetry

True in form to the Halloween trick or treat theme, we have special Fright Hospital Labs goodies to give away with each Limited Edition Spacetry. We’re not telling you what the goodies are, but we can assure you that even in 2020, you’ll get your fair shot at some Trick Or Weed action. If you make it to the counter without wetting your pants, that is.

spacetry halloween experience
Your Halloween Spacetry – doctor’s orders!


So there you have it. There’s plenty of reasons to visit your preferred Amsterdam coffeeshop any time of year, but this Halloween Experience is just too good to miss. We’re all set to give you peeps the creeps at the Boerejongens Flagship Coffeeshop. You’ll find it at Humberweg 2, right around the corner from Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station.

See you there if you dare!



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