Making a Payment with Direct Bank Transfer

What is a Direct Bank Transfer?

An electronic payment made directly from your own bank account to ours. The payment is funded by cleared funds from your own account.

Is Direct Bank Transfer Safe?

Yes. Making a payment using this method is 100% safe, secure and discrete.

Do I need anything special to pay using Direct Bank Transfer?

To pay using this method you will require an internet or telephone banking service.

How long will my bank transfer take?

If you are transferring money to us from overseas, please allow 3-5 working days for your payment to show on our bank account. Once we receive your payment, we shall contact you letting you know your order is being processed.

What information do I need to pay with Direct Bank Transfer?

You will need the following information ready to make your payment to us:

  • Our full bank account name
  • Our bank account number
  • Our Swift / BIC Code
  • Full Address of our Bank is required when making international payments

Direct Bank Transfer is also known as:

  • BACS Payment
  • Bank Account Clearing System Payment
  • Wire Transfer
  • BT
  • IBAN Payment
  • Bankoverschrijving

Please carefully enter the information below when making your payment to us. International customers will also be required our bank account address.

Account Name: Masque B.V.
IBAN Number: NL20INGB0004914553
BIC/Swift Number: INGBNL2A

Our Bank Address

ING Bank
Breestraat 31
1941ED Beverwijk

You can find further information on our FAQ Page under Payment Help