Autoflower, Feminised & Regular Cannabis Seeds

What's the difference?

Medicinal Seeds

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, non-dependent on hours of daylight to start flowering, are becoming more popular; amongst growers across the globe as genetics stabilize, yields increase and new varieties emerge.

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Feminised Seeds

Feminised Seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds offer growers a very good chance of producing a healthy female plant. As male cannabis plants are of little use to hobby growers we highly recommend buying these seeds.

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Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds

Our range of regular cannabis seeds available from Amsterdam Genetic Seeds have an extremely good rate of germination and growth. Experienced growers can expect nothing but high quality cannabis seeds.

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This is how our seeds are packaged

Seed Packets

Step 1.

What's included inside our seed packets.


Step 2.

Dispatched to you direct from Amsterdam.

Safe Packaging

Step 3.

Safely and Discretely packaged.


Step 4.

Until it arrives safely at the given address.

Professional Quality Packaging

Every one of our cannabis seeds has been packaged and stored under the strictest conditions. Securely in their air tight container with an air drying desiccant your seeds are packed inside a cardboard box. This ensures your seeds not only stay dry but also protected from the light. Included inside is our care and grow guide and complimentary mini matches. We highly recommend storing your seeds as per our instructions below once you remove them from the packet.

Receiving your cannabis by mail

We take the upmost care to ensure your seed order reaches you in the same condition in which it left us in Amsterdam. Orders dispatched from our office in Amsterdam for delivery to customers by mail will be packaged in a bubble wrapped envelope (20cm x 18cm) that fits through any normal post box. There is absolutely no visible sign or description on the packaging as to the contents of your order.

Now it's up to you

caring for your seeds

Coming soon on our blog we will be feature information from our growing community. Featuring top tips for getting the most from our products including help for novice grower. With the home grower quickly becoming one of latest hobbies all around the world. Amsterdam Genetics are experts in cannabis cultivation and cannabis seed genetics.

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