easy guide: how to grow cannabis indoors

Easy Guide: How To Grow Cannabis Indoors?

If you smoke weed on a daily basis, the costs of your herb can get pretty high. While the one getting high should be you! The best way to avoid high costs for your daily cannabis needs though, is to grow your own weed. Despite the fact that it can seem difficult, in theory everyone could grow their own. This is what you need to know if you want to grow cannabis indoors:

What Do I Need To Grow Weed?

Growing cannabis is fairly easy and above all fun and therapeutic. As you will experience yourself, taking these tips into account. Though it does require some basics to make sure your cannabis seeds grow into big, beautiful and potent cannabis plants. We explain everything in this blog: ‘Growing Cannabis For The First Time: What Do I Need?‘. But basically you’re going to need:

  • Cannabis Seeds;
  • Light;
  • Water;
  • Air and
  • Patience.

To find out what we exactly mean by those points, check out the previously mentioned blog. Make sure you have everything you need from that list before you start, too. Because in this article we’re explaining how to g(r)o(w) from there.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

All good grows start with good cannabis seeds. Although you can also choose to grow from clones; growing from cannabis seeds is often the better option, as we’ve explained here. With cannabis seeds, the first thing you have to do to start cultivating your own cannabis is germinating the seeds.

germinate cannabis seeds
The first step to growing your own weed, is germinating your cannabis seeds.

There are numerous ways to germinate cannabis seeds. In our article ‘How To: Germinate Cannabis Seeds‘ we highlight the three most common germination-methods. With our personal favorite being the most natural one: simply sticking the seeds in the ground. Prepare yourself and read all about it before you start, to grant your seeds the fair start they deserve in life. After your weed seeds have germinated, your seedlings will slowly enter the ‘vegetative’ or ‘growing’ phase.

Vegging Cannabis Plants

During the growing phase, or vegetative phase, cannabis plants develop themselves from a small seedling to a real plant. Node for node, your green girls will grow in height and create several branches that will eventually host their trichome loaded buds.

In this period, cannabis plants require 18 hours of light a day (and 6 hours of darkness) and a temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Obviously, cannabis plants need water – like all other plants – to survive. Most growers also start giving their plants fertilizers to boost their development. We advise you to go organic, if you choose to use fertilizers.

vegging cannabis plant
Cannabis plants require a few weeks to develop from seedlings into ‘teenagers’ ready to carry their buds.

The vegging phase is also the perfect moment in the grow cycle to start training your plants, if that is your plan. Possibly try topping your weed plants to increase the number of main┬ábuds on it. Or apply a LST (low-stress training) if you’re afraid of your feminized cannabis seeds turning hermaphrodite.

Photoperiod cannabis plants will stay in this vegetative phase as long as you keep the light-regime 18/6. In comparison to autoflowering cannabis strains, which will start their next life’s phase 2-3 weeks after germination. Regardless of the hours of light (or darkness) a day. Some consider this a negative thing. Though we’d like to beg the differ with these 5 reasons why you should consider growing autoflowers.

Cannabis Flowering Phase

After switching your light regime from 18/6 to 12/12 – even parts of day and night – your weed plants will need a few days to adjust. Within a week, you can expect to start seeing the first signs of flowering. As explained in this article, that depends on wether the plants turn out to be female, male or maybe even hermaphrodites. Keep a close eye, as even with feminized cannabis seeds you risk running into herma’s in the grow room.

From here, you will also have to change the feeding to specialized formulas for the flowering phase. Like with humans, plants need more (and different) nutrients when they reach adulthood.

flowering cannabis bud on stem
Flowering cannabis plants look amazing!

Some growers try to make sure the main buds get enough energy by ‘lollipopping’ the cannabis plant. With this technique, you remove the lower branches that do not get enough light to develop into healthy buds. To make sure this ‘lost energy’ is used right, for the development of big and potent cannabis flowers higher up in the plant. During this phase, it can also be helpful to remove a small number of the big fan leafs of the plant. As they too require more energy than they yield.

Harvest, Dry and Curing Weed

Depending on the specific strain you grow, cannabis plants flower anywhere between 6-18 weeks before they’re ready to harvest. Though in most cases, weed plants require an average of 8-12 weeks of flowering before you can whip out the scissors to harvest. To be 100% sure if and when you can harvest your weed, have a good look at the trichomes. If about 70% appears to be milky instead of transparent – with some amber spots – you’ve reached the THC-peak in the plant. For many growers, this is the ideal time to harvest their plants.

Though simply cutting down the plant is not going to cut it. Especially if your goal is good smelling, tasty and potent cannabis to smoke. In that case, you’ll need to properly dry and more importantly cure your cannabis to perfection.

harvest weed picture indoor grow
After harvesting your weed, make sure you dry it properly before storage.

First, cut down the branches and hang them upside down in a dark and cool place to dry. After 7-14 days you’ll be able to ‘snap’ a bud of a branch to check if the plant material is dry enough to start curing. If the little stem of the bud bends instead of snapping, it is not dry yet. If it does ‘snap’, you can trim the sugar leafs off the buds. Do not throw these away, as sugar leafs are loaded with THC-packed trichomes and can be used for a number of things.

After trimming, store your cannabis buds in (preferably) glass jars to cure. Curing is an essential process in preserving your weed’s taste and potency and should never be skipped. Let the jars burp every day for 10 days, working down from 10 minutes a day to 1 on the last to ensure your weed is dry enough to smoke – but not dried out. Find all ins and outs on drying and curing here.


Now that you’ve cultivated, harvested and cured your cannabis – it’s time to consume your homegrown. Do you prefer to smoke your weed pure – one of the most popular consumption methods – or rather throw it in a vaporizer? Whatever you like, we’re sure you will enjoy it more with your homegrown. So what’s keeping you?
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