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Exclusive AG Lil Custom Sneakers

When you’re running a unique brand, with a unique work approach and unique cannabis strains for a unique audience, you want everything to be as custom as possible. Yes indeed, we love our custom genetics. What else do we like, you ask? Well, you can always cheer us up with a nice pair of sneakers… That’s why our hearts skipped a beat when Bram from Lil Custom showed us this pair of AG Air Force One Custom Sneakers!

Nike AF1 Amsterdam Genetics Custom Sneakers

Bram, owner and creatibe mastermind at Lil Custom, has a fair share of unique footwork to his name. As you walk around Amsterdam, you eye may get caught by some sneakers passing by that you’ve never seen before. If so, there’s a very real chance they come from Lil Custom. Once we figured that out at Amsterdam genetics, there was no need to think twice: we wanted a pair for ourselves! The result? Come see for yourself at the central display of Boerejongens Sloterdijk coffeeshop.

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Like what you see? Well, we’re instant fans, that’s for sure. Entering the shop, it’s hard to miss the seriously tightly designed pair of bespoke Air Force Ones beaming at you from within. There’s one downside, though. They’re custom sneakers – there’s not enough of them for all of us to wear…

Branded Down To The Seams

These Lil Custom AG Nike Air Force One1 are literally branded right down to the seams. Their classic white leather looks, with white outsoles and snowy white laces, gives central stage to Bram’s placement of the Amsterdam Genetics logo. Our famous triple-cross brand features prominently, overlapped by a golden Swoosh – Nike hallmark number one. It’s a fine match for the golden gleam of the Boerejongens Flagship Store interior. It just adds that little bit of class and panache. The AG green and striking red of the logo’s cannabis seeds complete the design. It’s all 100% unique, and all masterfully done by hand. Now Boerejongens proudly displays a pair of sneakers that’s every bit as singular as the strains we create – and they’re just as tasty too, we dare add.

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Crisp Lil Custom Design

The sneakers feature supercrisp design, which fits in well with the Lil Custom style. “I love creating maximum effect with toned-down designs. I was given all the freedom I wanted here, so I could just work as I liked. It was a bit of a puzzle at first, but together with the folks at AG, we got a pretty neat result. I was lucky to have the strong imagery of the AG style and logo to work with – that was great starting material.”

Bram has been drawing and designing since he was a kid. He got in touch with custom sneakers more or less by accident. “I’ve been drawing comics for as long as I can remember. Later on, I switched to painting on canvas. And to be honest, I’ve always dreamed of launching my own fashion line. I stumbled upon customized sneaker design online, and once I saw that, I just had to try for myself.” It worked out right from the start. “I put on my first pair of customs one night as went to the pub, and people just kept walking up to me. That’s how the whole thing took off.”

As for us, we bumped into Lil Custom on his Instagram. Contacting Bram was easy, and now, you can come see the glorious result with your own eyes. When you check them out from up close, it’s hard to believe he did the whole thing by hand – but it’s all manual labour for sure. Bram: “”I prefer working with paint; special waterproof stuff that permeates the leather for lasting results. I do use markers for the fine details, because I want it to be crisp and clean.” Say no more, Bram: you nailed it.

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The Lil Custom and Amsterdam Genetics co-op only spurred his enthusiasm. The exposure is making waves, and new commissions keep rolling in. “I want to thank AG for this opportunity. Working together was more than just great fun: I do notice I get a lot of response from your fans on Insta and my YouTube channel.” On top of that, this joint venture was a premiere for Bram in a wholly different way: “I have to admit I’d never set foot inside a coffeeshop before.” That just goes to show there’s a first time for everything.

At any rate, Lil Custom has us convinced: we’re fans. And those custom sneakers, you wonder? Well, for now, they’re safely behind glass. All they needed was an official Amsterdam Genetics Sneaker Tag and there they are, ready to steal the show. Did you get a personal look yet? Come on, admit it: you wouldn’t mind adding a pair of those to your collection… Well, we’re not making any promises here, but be sure to keep a close eye on our blogs and Insta, because you never know where a unique pair of fancy custom sneakers might end up…


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