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Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds Save Time, Energy & Money

Have a quick look at our strongest and best fast flowering cannabis seeds to help you save time while you cut back on your energy bills for super-efficient next-level indoor growing!

High Speed Weed

Experienced indoor cannabis growers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their growing efficiency. Fast growing is one way to achieve this. The flowering phase of the cannabis cycle is usually the most time-consuming part of the overall growing process.

That is why smart gardeners try to keep flowering times down to the bare minimum to make the most out of every hour they spend on their efforts. Besides, speeding up your cannabis cycles means more potential harvests each year if you want to improve your turnover.

While time is always a precious resource, these days energy costs are a major factor to consider, too. After all, faster flowering means less time bathing in expensive light. Saving money is always nice, and you get the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint while you reduce the waiting time for your next harvest to the bare minimum – how sweet is that?

Our Best Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

If you are looking for high-speed marijuana strains, you’re sure to find them here. Don’t forget, however, to pair speed with your other preferences. Speeding your way through the flowering phase will not do much good if you end up with a stash of bud you don’t like that much. Try to combine fast flower properties with your favourite genetics, flavours, fragrances, and cerebral or bodily effects.

Although you have plenty of fast growing options available, we will make a rough distinction between our fastest indica, sativa, and ruderalis autoflowering strains below.

Quick Indica Seeds

Cannabis indica genetics evolved in areas and weather types that favoured rapid growth and flowering times. That makes indica hybrids an obvious choice when ordering fast flowering cannabis seeds.

Don’t assume that anything even remotely indica will automatically race its way through the cycle, though. If speed is what you need, try these high velocity seeds for your indoor grows:


As the name suggests, Skyrocket is our prime indica candidate for fast growing and flowering results. Promising delicious spicy diesel flavour and intense body stone effects at 20% THC and just 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, she offers copious harvest potential at 750 g/m² indoors.


Magic OG Kush

Our breeders managed to turbocharge the legendary OG Kush genetics with Green Magic X Hindu Kush creating a 19% THC fully feminized indica hybrid that takes only 8 or 9 weeks to form rich, resinous flower buds that could land you 500 g/m².

Magic OG Kush

Swift Sativa Strains

Experienced growers generally associate sativa strains with extended flowering times. The year-round warmth and humidity of their native habitat favoured extended flowering times, and even continued growth after the onset of the flowering phase.

Sativa genetics do add unique and highly prized effects to the high. This accounts for today’s modern sativa hybrid marijuana strains, some of which have excellent track records when it comes to quick flowering.

Try your hand at growing these sativa-dominated fast flowering cannabis strains and you’ll find out exactly what we mean!

Lemon Ice

There’s nothing glacial about Lemon Ice, our refreshingly upbeat feminized sativa classic with creativity-sparking brainbuzz highs. She finishes flowering in just 8 weeks, bursting into a forest of highly aromatic yellow-green buds as your reward.

Lemon Ice


Candyfloss cannabis seeds bring intensely sweet flavour and 70% sativa heritage to the mix. If you want to please your brain and taste buds pronto, she will get you up to 600 g/m² of prime quality sativa flower in just 9 weeks.


White Choco Haze

No matter whether you’re a true haze fanatic or a connoisseur with a predilection for chocolate, our  80% sativa, 100% feminized White Choco Haze seeds will not let you down. She takes only 9 weeks to finish flowering, producing fragrant harvests that could net you 550 g/m² of first-class Amsterdam haze happiness.

White Choco Haze

Our Fastest Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Modern autoflower strains offer a convenient and powerful combination of resilience, impact, and incredible ease of growing. The ruderalis genetics we’ve bred into our full range of feminized autoflowers boost both vegetative and flowering speed by default.

Autoflower strains tend to race through the growth phase in a matter of weeks before automatically switching to flower mode at breakneck speed. Combining these ruderalis perks with fast-paced indica properties in an indica auto hybrid seems the obvious choice for fast growing.

Choco Kush Autoflower

White Choco fragrance, solid kush indica quality, and high-velocity ruderalis genes make Choco Kush Auto a fine choice for fast flowering cannabis seeds with maximum ease of growing. This feminized auto strain yields up to 600 g/m² after only 8 to 9 weeks of fast-paced bud formation preceded by lightning-quick vegging.

choco kush autoflower

AK-020 Autoflower

AK-020 Autoflowering seeds are the feminized autoflower variant of a robust and potent Amsterdam classic with a delicate indica-sativa balance. That makes for strong growth at a great pace and loads of fat colas glittering with ripe trichomes by the time her 8 or 9 weeks of flowering are over.

AK 020 Autoflower

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds, Delivered Fast

Obviously, ordering fast marijuana seeds should be a quick delivery priority. Luckily, if you order yours before noon Amsterdam Time, we’ll ship them out on the very same day. That’s just another way to make sure your fast flowering cannabis seeds help you save time and money while still getting the finest quality seeds from the Dutch cannabis capital!

SkyrocketSkyrocket cannabis strain


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