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Free Cannabis Seeds In Black Friday Weekend Deal

Enjoy this year’s Black Friday Weekend Deal on! Only during this weekend, you’ll receive a FREE pack of cannabis seeds for every pack of seeds you order on the website. Learn more about this unmissable deal below:

Free Cannabis Seeds

At Amsterdam Genetics we love to give away free seeds. We’ve been doing so for quite some time, as you can read here, and made hundreds of growers happy with this little ‘extra’. Because we include a blister with one or more free weed seeds with every seed order; depending on the amount spent on seeds on the website. Spending €25,- on seeds will get you one free seed, you’ll get three free cannabis seeds from €60,- and so on.

For a full overview of how much free seeds your order will get you, check the orange table below or see the blog: Free Cannabis Seed(s) With Every Seed Order for more information.

Buy One Get One Free

Now for Black Friday Weekend, we’re doing it bigger. As we’re doubling every seed order placed on So for every pack of seeds you order, you’ll receive an identical one for free until Monday, the 2nd of December! Including the Free Seeds you would already receive. Meaning that, for example:

1 x 3 Seeds becomes 2 x 3 Seeds + Free Seed
2 x 3 Seeds becomes 4 x 3 Seeds + Free Seed

1 x 5 Seeds becomes 2 x 5 Seeds + Free Seeds
2 x 5 Seeds becomes 4 x 5 Seeds + Free Seeds

1 x 10 Seeds becomes 2 x 10 Seeds + Free Seeds
2 x 10 Seeds becomes 4 x 10 Seeds + Free Seeds

Don’t miss out on this CRAZY Black Friday Deal and
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*Black Friday Promo on all cannabis seeds valid until 2-12-’19