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Free Cannabis Seed(s) With Every Online Seed Order

Getting good cannabis seeds is the first step to a good harvest. Knowing this starting material can be one of the more expensive investments for your grow – we decided to make every investment in good cannabis seeds worth even more!

Grow Your Own

As far as we know, growing your own is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to obtain cannabis to consume. To be able to grow your own, the only costs you have to cover are for the substrate like soil or coco, fertilizers and boosters if you use ’em at all, much needed water and electricity if you’re growing indoors. Oh, and last but not least, you’re going to need some high quality cannabis seeds to grow your own weed.

The latter can be one of the bigger investments for the whole grow though. As seed prices range from a couple of euro’s for a single seed – to hundreds for the more exotic strains available on the cannabis seed market today. Thankfully, we at Amsterdam Genetics are now giving away FREE CANNABIS SEEDS with every online order. Making every investment in good cannabis seeds worth even more!

Free Cannabis Seeds

That’s right! From now on we’ll include free weed seeds, chosen by us, with every seed order on our website. The free cannabis seeds are selected by Amsterdam Genetics to offer a cool surprise when you open the parcel at home. But above all to help you discover all of our strains without having to spend another dime on seeds.

How much free weed seeds you’ll receive with your order, depends on what you spend on your seed order. This can be as little as only 1 Free Seed with €25,-. To a staggering 30 Free Seeds with seed orders over €450,-. To see how many Free Seeds you’ll receive with your order, see the tabel on our homepage or here.

Order Now

Each seed order you place on amsterdamgenetics.com will include one or more free weed seeds depending on the amount spent. Wether you order Amnesia Haze, Kosher Choco Kush or an autoflower like Blue Amnesia. Or one of our prizewinning strains like White Choco or Tangerine G13. Order now and start discovering our full range of high quality cannabis seeds today.