FREE WEED at The Renewed Smoke Sessions by Amsterdam Genetics

You might grew up to believe that there’s no such thing as ‘free’, especially when it comes to weed. We at Amsterdam Genetics beg to differ though. As we offer our prime quality hash and weed completely FREE OF CHARGE at our designated product testing events known as ‘Smoke Sessions’. Now bigger and better than ever!

Cannabis Testing

Quality does not come easy. Before an Amsterdam Genetics product is released onto the market, we have to make sure it measures up to our high standards. And those of our customers of course. This is noticeable in both our weed and hash-products found in several coffeeshops – as we take great care in developing high quality starting material for these popular products: our premium cannabis seeds. But also in our prime quality Smoking Gear, with our rolling papers being some of the best in Amsterdam.

To really make sure we’re on the right path though, we try to gather as much feedback as we possibly can about our products. And to do that, we need YOU to share your expertise. This allows us to easily research our product’s impact on the customer. As well as receive instant feedback on it’s taste, effect and consistency. So we can keep developing our products and hold them to higher standards every time.

Educative Smoke Sessions

Our product testing events, now known as ‘Smoke Sessions’, are not just designed for that sole purpose though. We try to both receive the information we’re looking for about our products; as well as educate cannabis consumers on the plant, final product and different forms of cannabis consumption. As we feel that it is our responsibility in the community, and we want to ensure everyone enjoys his/her (first) experience with cannabis.

Participants are therefore invited to try Storz & Bickel’s ‘VOLCANO’ vaporizer during the session. After all, vaporizing is one of the healthier options to consume weed. Provided with an XXL-vaporizer bag, known as the CANNACONDA, this will definitely be an experience to remember. Of course you’re also welcome to try the offered products using your preferred consumption-method… You can even bring your own bong if you’d like!

Cannabis Community

Amsterdam Genetics’ Smoke Sessions are hosted by the skilled and charming ‘THCommelier’ Tony Balboa. He will guide both novices and more experienced consumers through the experience, all the while keeping the information interesting – and ensuring there’s a smile on each participant’s face.

After all, the Smoke Sessions by Amsterdam Genetics also present the perfect opportunity to socialize with like-minded people from the cannabis community. Who knows, you might even make new friends!

Coffeeshopamsterdam Café

The location to this spectacle is the basement of Coffeeshopamsterdam Café on the Singel 8 in Amsterdam’s city center.  A well-conditioned space, big enough to fit up to 15 people in one Smoke Session. Coffeeshopamsterdam Café is the latest hotspot in Amsterdam and offers the best coffee, tea and most delicious milkshakes in town. Of course they also offer a variety of snacks for when the munchies strike. Like an amazing cheesecake, delicious nachos or tasty toasties.

Smoke Sessions are held at Coffeeshopamsterdam Café

Coffeeshopamsterdam Café is what they call a ‘smokers-friendly bar’. One of the few places in Amsterdam where you can have an alcoholic drink and smoke pure cannabis at the same time. Although there is no cannabis sold at the café, with Coffeeshopamsterdam right around the corner you’re always close to getting the finest Weed, Hash and Edibles the city has to offer!

Though you won’t have to worry about that during the Smoke Session; as all cannabis products are offered for FREE. At the moment we present our much discussed ‘Home Grown Selection’ (HG) at the Smoke Sessions, alongside tasty Amsterdam Genetics Hash Blocks. You can thank us later by writing us a cool review on Google, Facebook, Yelp and whatever other social media channel you can think of!

Sign Up and Enjoy

Starting the 1st of April 2019, the Smoke Sessions will be held twice a week. Once on Tuesday afternoon and once on Wednesday afternoon. We brought this back from four sessions per week, to two in total, to give more attention to the visitors and the products displayed. Entrance to the sessions is still free to anyone over 18 years of age, after registering for one of the time-slots available through the following link:

 Reserve your place now as spaces are limited

*Please be reminded that any drinks or snacks are not paid for by us, nor are they offered for free during the Sessions.