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Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap: Protect and Refresh Your Skin

Nowadays cannabis is much more than a joint or a smoke-filled bong. The herb has been discovered in numerous new ways over the last few years. Bringing us healthcare and skincare products infused with CBD and Hemp Oil. Like our new handmade Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap, a cleansing and protecting piece of aromatic wellness.

Cannabis Skin Care

There is much more to weed than getting high. Since discovering the therapeutical benefits of cannabis in the form of Hemp Oil and CBD, it has been our mission to explore these to the fullest. With that, we started developing a range of products that would not only exceed our expectations, but would actually make a difference for consumers too.

Now we offer products as our White Choco Body & Hand Cream with 50mg CBD on our website and in stores. And although we’re on the brink of releasing even more innovative CBD skincare products; for us this adventure started with our luxurious, handmade Hemp Oil Soap infusions.

Hemp Oil Soap

Every soapbar you see on is handmade and carefully infused with Hemp Oil for a healthy effect on the skin. Hemp Oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin against free radicals. Besides that, our Hemp Oil infusions appear to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, according to their users. Though the Hemp Oil is not the only beneficial ingredient in our Hemp Oil Soap creations.

Another compelling reason to give our handmade Hemp Oil Soap a chance is glycerin. Glycerin has the amazing ability to draw much needed moisture to the skins surface. Commercial soap producers usually remove the glycerin from the soap and sell it separately. Where we rather choose to leave it in the soap and offer you the best soap money can buy.

Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap

The newest addition to this range of luxury soap bars is the Grape Ape variation. Where the aromas and essential oils in – for example – our Alegria variation are better suited to chill the skin after sunburn in the summer. And to even out and lighten irregular skin pigmentation. Our new Grape Ape variation has other qualities.

Being infused with a beautiful French Wine and Grape-seed oil, our Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap contains high levels of Linoleic fatty acid and Vitamin E. Therefore it works as a natural skin protector, anti-oxidant and moisturizer for the skin.

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Discover our newest Hemp Oil Infusion: Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap

Furthermore, grape-seed oil contains the potent antioxidants proanthocyanidins. Meaning Grape Ape Hemp Oil Soap lessens free-radical damage to the skin, the biggest cause for skin aging. There are indications that it could also speed up the healing process of superficial wounds on the skin. Given the fact that this oil also has highly regenerative and restructuring properties. And although it is light in texture, it immediately penetrates the skin to reach where it is needed.

This handmade Hemp Oil Soap gently cleanses, refreshes and protects the skin. While treating you to the subtle aromas of red and black fruit. With slightly peppery, licorice-like notes and vanilla undertones – much like the popular ‘Grape Ape’ cannabis strain.

Suitable for all skin types, the Grape Ape Hemp Oil soap has mildly astringent qualities thanks to the addition of the wine. This means it helps tighten and tone the skin. Making it better suitable against acne and other skin problems.

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