Introducing Nibameca’s White Choco Grow Guide

Meet Codename: Nibameca, the amateur expert behind our new White Choco Grow Guide. See how knowledge, passion and dedication can make the most out of our world-famous White Choco Cannabis Seeds!


Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we like a little proof of the pudding when it comes to the quality of our cannabis seeds. That’s why we love to team up with real-life growers who can demonstrate the genetic power they can generate from our Seed Packs. Since there are as many grow techniques as there are growers, we’re happy to start off a new grower’s blog with a fresh set of green thumbs.

This introduction is the beginning of a new cannabis adventure. This new project, codenamed Nibameca, will demonstrate how passion, hands-on knowledge and some high tech gear can make the most out of our world-renowned White Choco cannabis seeds.

White Choco Cannabis Seed by Amsterdam Genetics
Great Grows Start With Great Seeds

Codename: Nibameca

Sadly, Dutch law is still pretty strict when it comes to growing cannabis at home, so we’re working with a suitably mysterious codename here. Though Nibameca sounds arguably less poetic than our grower Sista Mary, we can crack part of the code to give you a subtle hint. The ‘MeCa’ from Nibameca is for Medicinal Cannabis, because weed’s  many medical application are a unifying theme in this grower’s background.

A Family Affair

This grower’s link with the green gold was an early association. Call it a coincidence if you will, but it all started out with an Amsterdam connection. Nibameca had a relative in our capital with medical credentials, who was willing to share both the tasty and the healthy aspects of cannabis. Trips to the cannabis museum soon followed, as did Amsterdam weekend stay overs with a fast-expanding group of friends. Back home, Mom and Dad Nibameca were very open-minded and tolerant towards cannabis. This prevented the fondness for weed from becoming taboo, allowing liberal yet responsible experimenting. Let’s be honest: don’t we all want parents like these?

Nibameca guest grower white choco

After becoming familiar with the taste of cannabis, the urge to grow crops came naturally. Our youthful grower started to devour any publication on the subject he could get his hands on. Growing attempts soon followed, using just about any genetics and techniques you can think of. Grow matches with his Amsterdam relatives allowed his knowledge and experience to thrive even more than his actual plants.

White Choco Sisters Growing - Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Strains

Not For Profit

Now, almost twenty years later, Codename: Nibameca has just about seen and grown it all. Although he smokes cannabis only occasionally these days, he always finds grateful recipients for his harvests. He’s definitely not growing for profit, but purely for passion – and to keep improving himself of course. The grower’s virus still has a firm hold on him. Nibameca admits he regularly drives his wife crazy by burning the midnight oil over cannabis literature, or by returning home with yet another piece of fancy grow equipment.

So Nibameca is certainly not in this for the money. He prefers to make friends and relatives happy with his buds; mostly for medical purposes. A close friend has been baking pastry out of his harvests for years. It is used to counter severe cluster headaches among other ailments, Obviously, that’s pretty good motivation to grow the best crops he can find. All the more reason to get growing with Amsterdam Genetics seeds then!

White Choco Grow Guide

In the grow that we are about to cover, our White Choco genetics will be treated to some pretty fancy technology. A shiny new hydroponics system is ready and waiting for the germinated seeds. This will take place in a grow tent for climate control and added protection. The whole operation hinges on a sustainable and low-energy approach.  Electric pumping systems are obsolete because of gravity-regulated irrigation. LED lighting, self-aerating pots and air trimming technology converge in a closed-off system. That will cut environmental impact as well as saving power costs and any possible heat signatures emanated by the grow setup. As you can see, Nibameca may not be a professional. Still, he is certainly a top ranking amateur willing to make a green commitment…

Two Man Gig

As you will understand, Codename: Nibameca can’t wait to get busy with our White Choco seeds. They’re germinating as we speak. They will be bursting from their grow plugs soon as the first pictures start to trickle in. Incidentally, the photography adds another nice piece of family power to the mix: Nibameca is actually a two-man gig run by two brothers. One controls the grow, while the other captures it all on film. It just goes to show that Amsterdam Genetics isn’t the only example of a genetic predisposition for quality…

Next On The White Choco Grow Guide

If you want a sneak peek, check the Nibameca Insta for a quick glimpse and summaries of previous adventures. We will soon be reporting on this entire grow in full colour for you. Stay tuned and keep up with our White Choco Grow Guide for all the latest updates. Nibameca: best of luck with the start of your grow, and please be kind to our White Choco genetics!

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