420 in Amsterdam

Happy 420 To You!!!

It’s April 20 today, and you know what that means… On behalf of the whole Amsterdam Genetics crew: HAPPY 420 EVERYONE!!!

This Four-Twenty Thing

Every year, cannabis lovers all over the planet celebrate this special day. Since 4-20 is a springtime event, there’s usually lots of outdoor festivities going on. Who can deny that a bit of baking in the spring sunshine – pun intended – is something we look forward to all winter long? In case you’re wondering just what this whole four-twenty thing is about, you can get the lowdown-and-dirty by reading up here. If you’re already familiar with this weedilicious holiday, then read on quickly – you’re in for a 420 treat!

Amsterdam Genetics 420 celebration
Let’s Get This Party Started!

420 2020

As you know, everything is different this year. As with nearly all other events, 420 2020 has been eclipsed by the unfolding COVID-19 drama playing out across the globe. Here in Amsterdam, though, we’ve decided not to let pandemics spoil the party. That’s why we launched our Special 420 Deal 3=2 this month. For any two Seeds Packs you purchase online, we throw in the third FOR FREE! Cause for a celebration? Wait until you see all the fresh green goodness we have in store for you…

Six New Strains To Mark The Occasion

To mark this year’s 420 Day, we’re launching six all-new strains from our online store. Feast your eyes on our new cannabis innovations here:

Every single one of these great new seeds is superexclusive – and they’re all packed with prime genetics promising bountiful harvests!

Get your 420 party started in style by getting a quick introduction that will get your grower’s appetite going. Or pop right over to the store and drool over all the full details. You’ll see what we mean when we say that we’re not letting anything spoil our 2020 420…

Party for four twenty
Celebrate 420 Indoors…


Expert’s Tip: Set Up Your Own Online 420 Celebration!

We’re closing off with a little insider’s tip here. If you’re forced into lockdown and still want to celebrate that special 420 feeling, then why not celebrate online? Get your Skype, Hangouts, Facetime or Zoom going and invite your usual smoking buddies to hook up. Make sure to put on your sunglasses, break out the party hats, have some snacks and drinks ready and there you go! Share those good vibrations by starting a simultaneous online rolling session, get comfortable and puff away together. Let’s show the world that nothing can stop the global cannabis community from spreading that ganja love…

No matter where and how you celebrate your 420 this year, have a great one out there. Make sure you’re high & dry on this festive day and stay on the safe side – we’ll be out in the sunshine together next year!


Have A Good One! – The Amsterdam genetics Team