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Help Us Win The 2020 Amsterdam Jack Herer Cup!

Truth be told, we have received our fair share of awards over the past decades. Our fabled genetics have won us the hearts and minds of cannabis lovers all over the world, and even though that is our main goal, winning some shiny awards is a nice added benefit. In fact, all these past prizes have left us hungry for more… That’s why we need your help to vote, and take us to the top tiers of the very special 2020 edition Jack Herer Cup awards!

The 2020 Jack Herer Cup Ceremony

As if this year hasn’t been exceptional enough already, the 2020 Jack Herer Cup will be different from any previous editions. Originally planned as a full-blown live ceremony in a downtown Amsterdam venue, the pandemic forced the organizers to change their plans. To make sure that these highly anticipated Cannabis Olympics can proceed safely and responsibly, this year’s ceremony will be held online. Don’t worry though, as you’ll still be able to attend via a live streaming connection on December 12, 2020. The only real difference this year is the inconvenience of having to roll up your own smokes while you enjoy the show…

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The Great Man himself

The Legend Of Jack Herer

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a quick lowdown on the origins of the Jack Herer Cup. Jack Herer, who sadly passed away in 2010, was a true cannabis legalization pioneer and a weed legend still sorely missed a decade after departing for the Great Smoke Session In The Sky. He is perhaps most famous for his acclaimed book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which is currently in its twelfth edition after three decades of continuous reprints. Today, annual Jack Herer Cup events honour his memory in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Jamaica, and beyond. Quite the legacy, don’t you agree?

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This Year’s Amsterdam Genetics Entries

Sure enough, Amsterdam Genetics has a few heavyweight competitors to enter the race for the Jack Herer Cup. This year’s entries include monster hits across several categories. We’ve got everything from pre-rolled Block Hash joints to CBD Gummies, scrumptious sativa and haze strains – the works! Here’s a shortlist of our nominees for your convenience:

  • Best Haze Flower: Blue Tangie Haze (Boerejongens)
  • Best Edible: Spacetry
  • Best sativa Flower: Super Silver haze
  • Best Import Hash: Tangerine G13 Block
  • Best Pre-rolls: White Choco Block Joint & Super Silver Haze Block Joint
  • Best CBD Product: CBD Gummies & CBD Tablets

… and last but not least:

  • Best Coffeeshop: Boerejongens Sloterdijk

Fill Your Stamp Card And Get That Free Goodie Bag

If all those ganja delights aren’t enough to get you voting, we have just the thing to make it even more tempting. All coffeeshops participating this year have special stamp cards waiting for you to pick up. The first 100 people to visit ten of these coffeeshops win a fully stuffed goodie bag, plus a limited High Roller Judge Badge to show off your expertise!

jack herer cup

Voting Is Easy, So Get Your Votes Out Today!

This year’s online edition of the Jack Herer Cup comes with another big advantage: voting is super easy! All you need to do is head over to the Jack Herer Cup website and pick your personal favourites. We know you’ve heard this before this year, but here too, Every Vote Counts. So make good use of your democratic rights and help us win a bunch of nice, gleaming trophies! Time to showcase your exquisite connoisseur’s taste and leave your mark on the apex of the Dutch cannabis scene, y’all!

On behalf of the whole Amsterdam Genetics crew, we thank you for investing a few minutes of your valuable time. Remember that the verdict of the people is what drives us to keep developing new cannabis delights. By voting, you’re helping us grow for all you growers and smokers out there!

Tangerine G13 Cannabis Strain as grown from Amsterdam Genetics Seeds

Tangerine G13

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