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‘High’ Fashion: The New Black Block Collection by AG

Here at Amsterdam Genetics we’ve always focused on high quality cannabis products like seeds, hemp oil soap and CBD products. With the new Black Block Collection by AG though, we decided to give a new meaning to the term ‘High Fashion’ and hold our apparel to the same quality standard as we do our seeds.

High Fashion

When we do something, we want to do it right. That is why our cannabis products are held to an extremely high quality standard; and found in some of the best coffeeshops in the Netherlands. With this quality in mind, it is obvious that our new clothing line had to be produced with the same love and care we put into our cannabis products. By that we mean Amsterdam Genetics’ premium quality seeds, weed and world renowned hash blocks known from coffeeshops as Boerejongens, Tweede Kamer and Blue Tomato.

Because of our approach, it didn’t take long for our designers to actually be inspired by these products and include them in their designs. So arose the all new weed and hash block-inspired ‘Black Block Collection by AG’.

The Black Block Collection by AG

The Black Block Collection by AG is a fully Amsterdam Genetics and cannabis inspired clothing line based on the latest fashion trends – including stylish long fit ‘Hoodies’ and vests under the name ‘Parka’. The collection is carefully made from high quality brushed fleece (63% cotton, 37% polyester) for that extra comfy feeling. Besides that, the full collection is 100% UNISEX. So you might want to get an extra hoodie for your better half if you want yours to stay yours 😉

WEED clothing

The Parka’s from our new Black Block collection are decorated with (the explanation to) terms like ‘WEED’, ‘DOPE’, ‘DRUGS’ and ‘SATIVA’ in clear white blocks. These controversial designs stimulate the normalization of cannabis and cannabis-related products. By wearing the new Black Block Parka’s you too contribute to the normalization of weed and cannabis related products.

black block collection by ag
Be the hero the world needs and start spreading the message.

Our Black Block collection Hoodies do not carry the lettered block-design, but rather a skull with Amsterdam Genetics logos in the ‘brain’; either mirrored on the front and back or simply on the chest of the sweater. The most complex design is the Heartbeat THC Skeleton. Showing a full skeleton running along a heartbeat which turns into the THC-molecule. These designs are less cannabis-minded, but still give a subtle hint towards weed with the Amsterdam Genetics logo and THC-molecule. Interested to see the rest?