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Cannabis Strain Review: Fatkid’s Cake

So how do you go about giving a fair description of the new bad boy on the block? In this Fatkid’s Cake strain review, our very own gourmet smoker Hans Plomp bravely digs in. Pipe filled with the richest new Hash Block in town and mind filled with pleasant expectations, he takes his pen and tries to give you a personal taste.


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Fatkid’s Cake Strain Review

Man, I love this job: one big puff from a pipe full of pure Fatkid’s Cake hashish, and here I go. Hurray! Did you know, by the way, that our jubilant expression “Hurrah” or “Hurray” has its origins in ancient Egypt? It was used to hail Ra, the sun god: Hu-Ra.

Ahh, yes. I can feel the sun shining through inside too, now that this Fat Kid is taking effect. The colours shine even brighter and the trees are giving me a graceful wave as a bumblebee bumbles by.

Drifting Away

Yes, I know this feeling… “Lazy Sunday afternoon…close my eyes and drift away…”

For just a moment, my thoughts drift away towards all the singles locked away in home quarantine. A cheerful voice rings in my mind: “There’s a bright side to all those lonesome downlockers, though… If a man’s home is truly his castle, we’re all kings and nobles these days…”

Smoking Sixties

Enough of this stoned ranting, dear readers! It’s probably the Fatkid’s Cake talking. You know what strikes me as funny, though? These days, I often hear young people say how they would love to have lived in the Sixties. Well, hang on just a minute! I recall how in those same Sixties, Dutch writer and activist Simon Vinkenoog got arrested carrying a matchbox full of grass. He was sentences to three months in prison for that.

weed and hash in the sixties
Not Just Love, Peace, And Weed…

Generally speaking, there was hardly any cannabis to go around back in those days. Sure; every now and then, a couple of kilos made it into the port, mostly from Indonesia or from Ghana. For a few weeks, the entire scene would be puffing away like there was no tomorrow. Still, at best, the weed they smoked was of the type today’s coffeeshops wouldn’t dare charge more than a few euros for. The sheer diversity and amazing quality available today was simply unimaginable fifty years ago. Dutch Nederwiet weed was called ‘kale’ for a reason, you know…

A Tradition Of Hashish

And then came hashish! Red Lebanon, Pollem from Morocco, Black Afghan… now that was some good shit! Yes, indeed: the noble hashish has been called shit since before anyone can remember. To celebrate the long tradition leading to today’s Fatkid’s Cake Hash Block, here’s a few words on this shit.

What religions say about SHIT:

Calvinism: You are born full of shit.

Buddhism: Shit is but appearance.

Hinduism: You bring your shit from your past life.

Christianity: God will send some heavy shit soon.

Islam: If the shit hits the fan, it is because Allah wills it.

Judaism: Why do we always get all the shit?

New Age: Visualize a shitless situation.

Rastafarians: Let’s smoke this shit!

Fatkid’s Cake

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best hash in amsterdam
Serious piece of hash, that Fatkid’s Cake Block…