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Amsterdam Genetics represents over three decades of breeding and growing expertise built on the green foundations of our global cannabis capital. We keep developing the finest cannabis seeds that combine the best Amsterdam classics with the latest high rolling strains from across the world. We have a gourmet selection of seeds waiting for you, from our White Choco fan favourites and legends like Super Silver Haze or Lemon Haze to novel delights that will stun you by their effects, fragrance, flavour, and growing quality. Feel free to browse our unique selection of feminised, autoflower, regular, and CBD genetics and start growing the genuine taste of Amsterdam today.


Best Selling Strains, Smoking Supplies, CBD Supplements & Merchandise

In addition to our top selling cannabis strains, we have a full range of quality grower and smoking supplies, premium CBD supplements, and high-end Amsterdam Genetics merchandise. Represent your green hobby with slick fashion items, aim for perfect body balance with CBD Oil, Tablets, or Candy, and never run out of rolling papers again while you order your favourite seeds.

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Get a quick view of our top selling seeds and other bestsellers to find out what the global vanguard of cannabis sommeliers and horticulturalists are ordering today.

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We support our grower community with a comprehensive selection of cannabis blogs. Improve your techniques, your insights, and your harvest results with all the latest grow knowhow. Watch your knowledge and skills grow alongside your seeds and keep raising your cannabis game to the next level!

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