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Hot News On This Year’s Jack Herer Cup Winners!

In a special online edition of this year’s Dutch Jack Herer Cup, Amsterdam Genetics once again scored across multiple categories. There were 1st and 2nd places for strains, edibles, and CBD innovations. Apart from the AG victories, the esteemed budtenders of Boerejongens won the  award for Best Coffeeshop 2020. It’s good to know that even in this completely bizarre year, some things just don’t change. Sit back for a quick recap of this year’s Jack Herer Cup champions!

Online Jack Herer Cup Awards

As announced, the entire ceremony took place without a live audience present. So instead, a livestream connection went up to share the December 12 event online. That sure felt different, but knowing the Jack Herer Cup organizers, we’re pretty confident that next year’s ceremony will more than make up for this in real life. For the moment, we’re just glad they came up with a corona-proof alternative. Thank you Jack Herer crew, because as they say, The Show Must Go On!

Prize-Winning Spacetry Edibles

Let’s start off with the tastiest entries that managed to secure awards. There were first as well as second prizes in Best Edibles for the acclaimed Spacetry pastry, entered by two different Amsterdam coffeeshops. The Spacetry Red Velvet cake came in second this year, submitted by Coffeeshopamsterdam.

spacetry red velvet jack herer cup

True to form, Boerejongens entered their own Spacetry flavour: the Traveller’s Cake, in this case. And sure enough, the jury picked both as winners, with Traveller’s Cake coming in first, followed on its heels by its Red Velvet competitor. A close finish, then, but if you’re familiar with Spacetry, you’ll probably see why it can be hard to choose.

travellers cake jack herer cup winner

Best CBD Category: CBD Gummies

Too bad the whole show had to go online this year, or you would have smelled the sweet scent of success drifting your way when 2020’s best CBD products were announced. Coming in second were our SupMedi CBD Gummies, which have indeed gone through the roof since these innovative little sweeties were released.

cbd gummies jack herer cup
Victory is sweet!

Second Place For Blue Tangie Haze

In the Best Haze category, the Jack Herer Cup jury were charmed by a new Amsterdam Genetics strain. Even though we have earned quite a reputation for breeding badass haze genetics, it´s always good to see we´ve still got the touch. This year, Our Blue Tangie Haze came out on top, securing second place in a cutthroat race with some great competition. This strain is not yet available for your homegrowing adventures, but after this Jack Herer Cup encouragement, they just might pop up in our seeds range sometime soon…

blue tangie haze amsterdam genetics

Boerejongens Finish First In Best Coffeeshop

The final winners to be announced at the digital Jack Herer Cup extravaganza is a long-time household name in Amsterdam. We congratulate Boerejongens for finishing first in the Best Coffeeshop category. A prestigious achievement for sure, and of course, we share a modest part of the glory due to all the Amsterdam Genetics gems the Boerejongens shops have been selling over the years. Well done Boere boys and girls: that’s a pretty epic achievement in what must have been the toughest year for Dutch coffeeshops in modern history!

boerejongens best coffeeshop amsterdam jack herer cupboerejongens cap

All things taken together, there were more than enough great winners to celebrate this year, even though the Jack Herer Cup just doesn’t feel the same without feeling the live vibes buzz in the air. Ah well; there’s always next year.

From Amsterdam Genetics, we extend warm congratulations for all 2020’s winners. Thank you Jack Herer Cup organizers for pulling it off despite all the obstacles. We’re sure that the 2021 edition will be back with a vengeance, celebrating Dutch cannabis culture in full force. No matter what, you can bet that our genetics will be comin’ out blastin’ in next year’s competition!



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