how to avoid getting caught growing your own cannabis

How NOT To Get Caught Growing Your Own Cannabis

Growing cannabis is fairly easy, as we’ve covered in some previously published articles. Though there is one little disadvantage about it: it is illegal in most parts of the world. Knowing most growers don’t give a damn about this prohibition, we still like to advise you to be careful. So even if we don’t condone illegal cultivation of cannabis, these are some tips to stay under the radar if you DO decide to grow your own weed:

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is a very rewarding experience, as most growers will tell you. Besides the fact that it helps you keep the financial impact of your consumption to a minimum. It is a therapeutic and interesting process to learn from. And if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a nice harvest of well cured cannabis to consume in one way or another.

Though unfortunately, growing cannabis is illegal in most parts of the world. Although thousands of growers decide to ignore this law on a daily basis. And even though we have to advice you to follow the law, this doesn’t mean we want you to get caught if you don’t. So this is how NOT to get caught growing your own cannabis:

Keep It To Yourself

To some, this might come as a surprise. Though the majority of growers who’re caught, often have themselves to thank for it. At least in The Netherlands, it appears most caught growers are snitched on by someone they know. So if you’re growing illegally, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut! Even towards your partner, in case the relation ends prematurely. You wouldn’t be the first victim of a jealous boy- or girlfriend.

girl cannabis grower silent don't tell
It’s hard to keep quiet about something you’re proud of – though it’s better not to tell anyone about your grow. [Photo by Maria Krisanova on Unsplash]

Unless you’re collaborating on a grow with someone, there’s no need to tell anyone about your indoor garden. Don’t draw attention carrying big bags of weed around either. Keep it on the low and fill up a small baggy if you’re going out for a smoke session. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to get caught walking around with a large amount of cannabis – as it would spark interest with the police, to see where you got it from.

Keep Indoor Growing, Indoors

Logically, smell, light and sound disturbance are some of the most common reasons for growers to get caught. Noisy neighbors seem to be on the lookout for discrepancies, so always look at your grow from their perspective. If you think about it, it’s weird to see a house where the curtains are always closed; or where you see a big bundle of light coming from at certain hours during the night.

To keep your grow on the low, it is advisable to use an air filter. These carbon filters usually last around three to four grows and filter the smell from the air in the grow room. Even if you got used to the scent and don’t smell it (anymore), you can be sure of the fact that your neighbors still do smell your grow.

Careful With Supplies

A risky element of caring for your plants, is getting your supplies from the store to the grow room. Walking around with big bags of substrate, lights and a tent will raise suspicion with some of your neighbors. Especially if you don’t grow any other plants in your garden or windowsill. An easy way of covering this part, is to also grow other plants besides your cannabis plant.

It is also advisable to carry in suspicious products like bags of substrate and lights, in plain and discrete packaging. Obviously, it is smart to choose a time of day of which you know that not a lot of people are out and about to avoid getting spotted.

Stay On Guard

Growing cannabis is a little bit like boxing: after a couple of successful rounds you might be prone to let your guard down a little. Though the risks remain the same. Even if you’ve proven to be a good grower, you can still get caught. So always stay on guard and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

grow cabinet cannabis combs g-tools
Check your growing equipment from time to time, to see if it’s still functioning and discreet. [Image: CNNBS G-Kit by G-Tools]

Also, check the grow room from time to time and be sure all equipment works like it should. Be careful letting strangers into your house and even with people you know, make sure they cannot spot your grow facilities when you give them a tour. In some cases, you might even have to break down the tent to not get caught growing weed.

Use LED’s or Isolate

Don’t expect helicopters to fly over your house with infrared or thermal cameras to spot a small grow tent. Though it is possible that you’re visited with an handheld infrared camera if someone tips your grow. By analyzing the warmest places in a house or building, the police can easily track down the source of that weed smell the neighbors told them about.

thermal camera
Using LED’s will decrease the risk of getting caught with thermal cameras.

Keeping the environmental temperature to a minimum is one of the most obvious reasons why a growing body of growers chooses LED lights. As opposed to the warmer HPS lights that were often used, LED’s keep your grow room cool and are harder to detect with heat sensitive cameras. Of course, you can also use a special anti-detection foil on the inside of the grow room. This often doubles as a mirror and intensifies the light coming off your source.

Equally important: watch where you let the air out. As the air filter will suck hot air from the grow room and has to let it out. The smartest thing is to let the air outlet come out in a room within your home / building. Using a small grow cabinet / tent, you can easily let the air come out in the room where the tent is. With bigger grows, it’s advisable to use a separate, isolated room to let the air in.

Chill And Keep It Small

Lastly, it is important to keep it cool; and we’re not only talking about the temperature in your grow room. As long as you keep it small and don’t overdo it, your grow will not be detected. And if it is detected, the Dutch can always claim they thought they could grow 5 plants according to the ‘tolerance policy’. Read this article to learn more about that topic.

NOTE: This article is for educational purposes only. The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs to countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.