How To Make Your Own Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Crossing your own cannabis strains to create new weed varieties is easy. As we’ve previously explained in this blog, it is pretty simple to produce your own regular cannabis seeds. Making your own feminized seeds though, requires a little more effort. But don’t worry, as this article will clear the matter and provide you with the knowledge you need, to grow your own feminized cannabis seeds at home:

Buying cannabis can be very expensive. Hence why thousands of consumers worldwide decide to grow their own cannabis, against all odds. To do so, there are a few things you need. Like we covered before, this includes light, water and patience. Though more importantly is the starting material for your grow: cannabis seeds.

Crossing Weed Strains

Cannabis seeds can be purchased from breeders like us – Amsterdam Genetics – but can also be made at home. By crossing female cannabis plants with male cannabis plants, as explained here, the female cannabis plant is fertilized and will start to produce seeds in her flowers.

make your own cannabis seeds
Female Cannabis Flowers will produce seeds when they are fertilized with (male) pollen.

In this case, the female cannabis plant will produce ‘regular cannabis seeds’. Seeds that will grow either male or female cannabis plants. As the female seed principle carries two X chromosomes (XX) and the male pollen carries an X and Y chromosome (XY); the male plant decides the offspring’s gender. Naturally, the mother plant will always give her baby-seed an X, while the male either passes on the X (to create a female seed) or Y chromosome (creating male offspring).

Feminizing Cannabis Seeds

If you want to grow solely feminized cannabis seeds though, we’ll have to cheat nature’s way. With the main focus on the pollen. After all, it’s the pollen that determines the gender. So to be sure you get only female plants from your seeds, you cannot use regular pollen. Instead, you need pollen from a female plant – carrying two X chromosomes.

Pollen can be extracted from female plants thanks to colloidal silver water. A chemical that forces the female plant to produce pollen-releasing male flowers. The pollen from female cannabis plants treated with colloidal silver will always carry two X chromosomes; guaranteeing female offspring when used to fertilize another female plant with.

Selecting Plants To Cross

To feminize cannabis seeds, you’ll need a strong female plant to treat with the colloidal silver. For this, you are best off using plants grown out of regular seeds – as opposed to feminized seeds. Obviously, you’ll need another female plant to fertilize. This too, is preferably grown out of regular cannabis seeds and not feminized ones.

For the best results, it is advised to use to genetically different plants to cross with. This increases your chance to create a stable F1 – which will produce more or less identical growing plants. Furthermore, it is believed these F1 crosses have a better growth thanks to their hybrid genes.

Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The needed colloidal silver can be purchased fairly easy online. Got it? Then you can start by spraying the selected female with the substance, every day from the first day of the flowering stage. Continue the treatment until you see the first male flowers, also known as ‘balls’. It usually takes up to two weeks for this process to be completed. If you’re unsure, use this article to learn everything about recognizing male, female and even hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

pollinating fertilization female cannabis plant male pollen
Simply use a paint brush to pollinate your female cannabis plant, with the collected female pollen. [Image: Gracie Malley / Cannabis Now]

After a while, the male flowers will release their pollen. Collect this and use it to fertilize (one or more buds on) the other female plant with, as explained in this previously published blog: ‘How To Easily Breed Seeds And Create New Cannabis Strains‘. Beware though, the female plant treated with colloidal silver is not smokeable anymore. DO NOT CONSUME THIS and make sure the treatment is done in a separate room from any other females you might want to consume later.

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[Opening image: Esteban Lopez / Flickr]