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Meet Hans Plomp, Our Blogging Cannabis Connoisseur

Sometimes, you bump into someone who turns out to be the perfect match for your situation. Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we got just that feeling when we met Hans Plomp. This seasoned author and home-grown authority on cannabis culture will be writing a new series of blogs to review our strains. Here’s a quick introduction to get your appetite going…

Who’s Hans?

We had to conduct this first interview by phone – social distancing is still in effect. Nonetheless, Hans comes across as an intriguing character from square one. He’s been around for quite a while. His personal tale is closely entwined with the history of Amsterdam and the birth of cannabis culture. All that first-hand experience has resulted in an oeuvre filled with poems and prose. Most of his writings deal with life as Hans sees it, and much of it connects to psychoactive substances such as cannabis. This personal treasure trove of knowledge is bound to make a fine contribution to Amsterdam Genetics’ expanding share of the blogosphere.

Hans Plomp writing
Our Connoisseur In Action.

Writer At Heart

Hans spent his early years in Amsterdam while the city bubbled with the revolutionary vibes of the Sixties. Against this energetic backdrop, he walked many different paths. Hans was  a Dutch language teacher, a youth gang member, and a part of the Provo political movement, among many other roles. First and foremost, though, he has always been a writer at heart. He admits he took many years before he started to understand who he really was. His novels and poems reflect that long road: from dark and brooding literature to more avant-garde poems and his famous work ‘Uit Je Bol’ (‘Out Of Your Mind’ in English), which is still recommended Dutch reading on narcotics today.

Positive Spirit

Overall, Hans is a more positive spirit today than he was years ago. After suffering a mental breakdown, he got back on his feet and decided that there was a bigger world out here waiting for him. He travelled the globe to feed his curiosity, discovering foreign cultures, exotic philosophies, ancient customs, and forgotten lore along the way. Much of the knowledge he found was ritual in nature, and closely related to the world’s many traditional uses of narcotics. Gradually, Hans familiarized himself with all he could learn about this planet’s long drug-fuelled history.

The Living History Of Cannabis

Running parallel to Hans’ unceasing love for writing, narcotics run through his life course as a defining thread. Now well into his seventies, Hans still enjoys a good spliff on a daily basis. He literally knows his stuff, having been part of multiple national cannabis juries. Of course, cannabis today is unlike the grass his contemporaries smoked back in the Sixties. Interestingly, Hans’ perspective on weed has evolved along with his sociocultural understanding of the herb. That is why his strain reviews will adopt unexpected viewpoints. Cannabis has a living history; it connects to visual art, personal experience, music, worldwide (counter-) culture, and much more besides. These connections will make our new strain reviews unique, embedding cannabis in the broader context that it deserves.

global cannabis culture
Grass Culture Is A Worldwide Phenomenon.


After travelling the globe, Hans presently lives at Ruigoord, an iconic Dutch cultural sanctuary for freethinkers and the unorthodox. He calls it ‘Paradise’. Here, he resides at a pivotal point of a new era. He sees change, new generations, and fresh cultural impulses come and go. Ruigoord and its unique social buzz keeps feeding his optimism and inspiration at the same time. Hans is in his element here: fertile soil to nourish the inspiring blogs he is about to write for Amsterdam Genetics!

Stay tuned as Hans sinks his teeth into our first cannabis strain next week…