Menu Coffeeshop DNA (Amsterdam South)

What’s in stock at your favourite coffeeshop? This is the most recent menu available for Coffeeshop DNA, located on the Achillesstraat 104, in the Southern part of Amsterdam. Find weekly updates on their available indica- and sativa-dominant weed, hash and spacecakes below.

Coffeeshop DNA

You can find Coffeeshop DNA on the Achillesstraat 104 in the Southern part of Amsterdam. A relatively small but cosy coffeeshop, with some of the best cannabis in the city. As seen on the menu below, Coffeeshop DNA offers a wide range of top quality cannabis, pre-rolled joints, hash (including Amsterdam Genetics’ Hash Blocks) and isolator. Pick your favourite, like our own Lemon IceAmazing Haze or AK-020 or let one of the skilled budtenders advise you on Amsterdam Genetics’ HOME GROWN Selection!


menu Coffeeshop DNA