The ‘Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam’: Highlight Your Trip

‘There’s more to Amsterdam than Nutella Crepes and Kebab’, say Alexandra Gudowski and Rachael Teo; organizers of the ‘Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam’. A fun and original walking food tour, covering a well-curated collection of Amsterdam’s eat-ssentials and international dishes.

Amsterdam’s Best Tour-Gurus

They focus on fun loving foodies and hungry cannabis-enthusiasts with this newly laid-out tour now. Although together they have already led thousands of satisfied visitors through the city of Amsterdam. This resulted in both their individual companies (Brews & Tales Amsterdam Craft Beer Tours and Who Is Amsterdam Tours) being listed as Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Things To Do In Amsterdam 2019’.

Because of this awarded experience, they know it takes more than a few nice snacks to provide an experience to the public. That’s why the specially selected cuisines featured in the tour all reveal a slice of Amsterdam’s rich culture and history. ‘Combined with witty, clever commentary and funky storytelling, guests get to enjoy the flavors and the story of Amsterdam behind each dish’, according to the organization.

munchies food tour amsterdam
Discover Amsterdam’s ‘eat-ssentials’ with the ‘Munchies Food Tour’

Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam

Munchies Food Tour also feeds visitors tidbits about Amsterdam’s cannabis culture, coffeeshop etiquette and the effects of cannabis use – together with our very own Coffeeshop Information Center Amsterdam. Adding an interactive and educational segment to this food and fun-filled tour.

In between the food tastings, guests are treated to a coffee break *wink wink* at one of our finest establishments. Though it is encouraged to visit a coffeeshop before the walk if you smoke. As having the munchies could come in very handy during the tour.

To ensure every participants’ safety, the tour guides will not be smoking during the entire experience. Guests who would like to enjoy cannabis during the tour are strongly advised and encouraged to do so responsibly.

munchies food tour Amsterdam
‘Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam’ is the perfect experience for fun and food loving cannabis enthusiasts.

Best Munchies In Amsterdam

Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam runs from Wednesday until Saturday and starts at (the appropriate time of) 4:20pm. Each tour lasts around 3 hours and includes 9 food tastings and 2 drinks from 8 ‘highly acclaimed local restaurants and eateries.’ Ranging anywhere from quintessential Dutch to international dishes.

Although being ‘high’ is not mandatory in order to enjoy the tour, Munchies Tour Amsterdam still wants to ensure you are if you want to be. Therefore a ‘coffee break’ at one of our finest coffeeshops is provided during the tour.

Munchies Food Tour Amsterdam fits max. 10 Guests per walk and costs €79,- per person. With food and drinks provided during the experience, of course, it is advised to bring:

  • Your “screw the diet!” appetite
  • The laughter you’re afraid to let out in front of crowds
  • Good sense
  • Some water, if you wish
  • Weather-appropriate gear

Use code ‘AmsterdamGenetics‘ to receive a 10% DISCOUNT if you book before the 15th of November. Who are you going to invite?


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